Hip-Hop Rumors: Def Jam Layoffs? Strip Club DJ’s? Bootleggers Get Busted!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. DEF JAM LAYOFFS   Uh Oh! Bad rumor alert! There is bad news on the horizon…that Def Jam is about to do a massive round of layoffs […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Uh Oh! Bad rumor alert! There is bad news on the horizon…that Def Jam is about to do a massive round of layoffs very soon. I hope they can at least let people enjoy the Christmas Holiday and get through New Years. To  to be perfectly honest, I have been hearing some other, way bigger rumors about Def Jam that may actually impact the whole music industry. I know in the internet nation, its not really common to hold on to something, but I’m going to do just that. Why? I’m hoping this one isn’t true.




Check out this rumor that I actually lost in the flood of junk mail!


Peace Illseed. This is Marchitect from Delaware. I’m up here in Pittsburgh Pa taking in the sites, and handling some biz, when I go to a place called Cheerleaders (club/ strip club)  where Jazzy Jeff was spinning. Brother, let me tell you … first of all Pittsburgh’s, Dj Bonics killed the tables. Then they bring out the p### star Gina Lynn as the featured dancer. Then Jeff goes on and spins and just kills it. I heard it’s the most successful night the club has ever had. 20 dollars a head 200 dollars a bottle, and people in there just loving it. The rapper Skills from Virginia was with Jeff, hyping up the crowd. Turns out Jeff passed out a Michael Jackson mix, on cdr to a few heads, and now every one in Pittsburgh wants that thing! They really made an impression on everyone out here, and im sure the next one will be even better. Oh by the way, they packed the house and it was maybe 8 degrees out!



Wow….Jeff and Skillz…parties in strip clubs. I wonder how much that pays?





You didn’t think Hollywood was going to forget that lil’ Wolverine leak last year, did ya?


A man named Gilberto Sanchez, 47, was arrested in New York yesterday. FBI agents descended on dude and charged him with leaking “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” before the official release of the film. The Feds are saying that other people may actually be arrested along with Sanchez. Nobody knows, but he may or may not be THE original leak of the movie.  Here is the formal info:


On or about March 31, 2009, in Los Angeles County, within the Central District of California, and elsewhere, defendant GILBERTO SANCHEZ, also known as (“aka”) “theSkilled1,” aka “SkillfulGil,” aka “Skillz101,” and aka “SkillyGilly,” did willfully infringe the copyright of a copyrighted work by the distribution of a work being prepared for commercial distribution, by making the motion picture “X-Men Origins:Wolverine” available on www.Megaupload.com, a computer network accessible to members of the public, when he knew and should have known that the work was intended for commercial distribution.


Not worth all that drama, Skilly Gilly!




While we are on the topic of super heroes. Peep the official trailer for Iron Man 2!


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I have to give a lil pre-fail mention to Terrance Howard.  I like dude…BUT,  they say he wanted more money for his role in Iron Man 2. The producers were like…NO WAY and got Don Cheatle. OUCH. Here is the real fail of the day.




My girl LaTesha send this over from the good people over at Yahoo.com. This is listed as one of their dumbest acts of the year.


Anthony Armatys is a fool. The dude now faces about sic years in jail. Dude accepted a job in 2002 for a telecommunications manufacturer. Well, he never went to the job, because he declined it. Well, the company had already processed his paperwork and everything and started to pay him as they would if he were an employee making SIX FIGURES. Well, good old Armatys  just started letting the money roll  in and he didn’t say a single word…for five years. After five years, this dude decides to make an early withdrawal from his 401k…uhhhhhhh…YOU DON’T WORK THERE, DUMMY! How are you going gonna pull money from a 401K at a place you don’t work? You know where this is going. The company, Avaya, noticed that dude wasn’t supposed to be getting money in the first place and he was arrested. Now he owes them the full $470,995.53. FAIL – FAIL – FAIL!




Just so you all know, I am working on the year in review for AllHipHop so my rumors may be a lil shakey for a few. So, email me your fails of the year, your fools of the year, epic wins, best of whatever you can think of and lets get it going!




Here is some stuff from CHANCE.




posted Mos Def’s tribute to MJ yesterday but THIS S**T RIGHT HERE…is

what I’ve been waiting on ever since Michael passed.  Chris Brown

performed at the Nokia Theater in New York Tuesday night and took some

time to pay homage to the King…of all the people who’ve paid tribute

I knew Breezy was going to kill it:

And in more CB news Natalie Nunn from The Bad Girls Club

told Angela Yee of Shade45 that she and Chris did do the do and if he

keeps denying it and calling her crazy she’ll release the naked

pictures she has of him.

GOOD HAIR???Remember

Sara Stokes from Diddy’s “Da Band”.  Well aside from stabbing her

husband she’s been up to a few different things including trying to

launch a solo career and modeling weaves for The Weave Shop.  No word

on how big of a check she’s receiving but nowadays any work is good. 

Oh yea and that’s Risky from The Real & Chance show next to

her…she’s also a spokesperson/model.Risky and Sara:


A while back I heard that Kanye didn’t allow Amber Rose to host

parties which is usually a pretty big source of income for celebrities

who don’t actually do anything.  Well I guess now that Kanye is

worrying about getting his own s**t straight she can do whatever she

wants.  She was at Love in DC the other night where she reportedly

received $20,000 and was flown in on a private jet just to host.  She

also hosted a party this past weekend in the Chi at the Zentra

nightclub.  Here’s some video from a party she hosted a few weeks ago. 

I’ve fallen for Miss. Rose based on her pictures but this is my first

time seeing her actually speak and I must say she definitely seems down

to earth and pretty street…I like…except for the stog:-In DC:

In Chicago:


looks like the “kids” issue is pushing Hip-Hop’s golden couple further

and further apart.  In a recent interview with Neon, a German magazine,

Beyonce said “I want children – not now, later. He’s quite not aware of

that fact yet”.  It also appears that Jay is expecting too much from

her.  She said sometimes she likes to hang around the house in sweats

but Jay feels like “women go to the toilet with heels on”.“Gotta keep it fresh girl/ even when we sexin/ or don’t be mad at him when it’s on to the next one” -Jay-ZThey were both at the Robin Thicke album release party but no pictures together:

THE VIEWI love The View … judge

me if you want…but I try to catch it as much as I can.  The other day

I was watching and to my surprise the Doggfather comes out to talk to

the ladies for a little while.  Snoop definitely has the ability to

fit in anywhere…the definition of charisma:Snoop

had a release party the night before and even though he was 2 hours

late hitting the stage (3:00 am) after smoking a “very sweet smelling

substance” he tore it down.  Lil Kim was there and according to the NY

Post “her outfit left little to the imagination”

I’M JUST SAYIN’Shout out to all the international readers especially Natalija in Germany.Whitney

Houston says although her daughter looks just like her she’s more

outspoken and takes after Bobby Brown personality wise…not sure if

that’s good.The Guinness Book Of World Records has dubbed Samuel L Jackson The highest grossing male actor of the DECADE.

EMI, the label, is suing Vimeo for hosting videos of people singing songs from their artist…smh.

Make sure you come out to my Toy/Coat drive in BK today…click here for info.Ron Artest has written an open letter to Tiger Woods telling him to hold his head and comparing Tigers situation to his own…check it out here.  And a tabloid is saying he smashed Jessica Simpson.Ray-J’s VH1 show beat Diddy’s by about 200,000 viewers…congrats.Madame Tussauds in New York immortalized Diddy by unveiling his wax statue yesterday:



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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