Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox In Dec? Nas Gives Fox Hell!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YOYOYOYOYO!!!!!!!   How is everybody? Cool? Good. Off to the rumors we go.   YESTERDAY –   Rumors are just that rumors. If you read the news, you […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



How is everybody?

Cool? Good. Off to the rumors we go.




Rumors are just that rumors. If you read the news, you

should know that Jimmy Iovine is still running Interscope records. On the flip

side, there are a lot of rumors going on over there. I’m hearing that a lot of

artists are on hold until Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent come out in the fourth

quarter. Check out the news section if you want to read about Dr. Dre coming

out in the fourth period. It’s a good look though. The other artists will

hopefully ride that “wave,” if you will. Also, Detox won’t be the West Coast

sort of album in that its going to have big Names like Nas and Jay-Z along with

cats like Snoop and Eminem (not that Em is West Coast, but you get it).




I don’t know if you know like I know, but I know that Beanie

Sigel is now home from his brief incarceration. You know, I can’t even recall

why he was in jail to begin with, but the poitive this is he is back and he is

focused on the important stuff like…Hip-Hop and his family. More on this later.





Max B Issues Official

Statement Regarding Shooting at Hot 97’s 

‘Who’s Next Concert’ at SOB’s


July 23, 2008- Max B

was looking forward to performing at the Hot 97’s ‘Who’s Next Concert’ on the

evening of Tuesday, July 22nd when a disruption occurred.  A group of individuals entered the club

shortly before Max B was scheduled to go on stage, one of whom shot a round

into the VIP section where Max and his entourage were seated. Max B was not

hit, and no serious injuries occurred among his guests. Max B would like to

extend his thanks to Hot 97, SOB’s, Gus Heningburg at Trevanna, Jerry Saluti,

and all the fans who came out in the hopes of seeing a great show.  He wants to stress to his fans that he was

focused on his job that evening, excited about performing as the headlining act

at Hot 97’s concert.


“I had no control

over it. I didn’t want any trouble.  I

never want any, but people despise me. They are jealous and envious, and

they’re gonna do whatever they can to stop my movement. S### is real,” Max

B stated.


Shortly after the shot

was fired, the club cleared out and police came to conduct an

investigation.  Max B claims not to know

the identity of the group of individuals who were responsible for the gunshot.

“I didn’t know the wannabe thugs who let off a round,” he said.  





On of my West Coast YGz hit me up and let me know a lil’

more on that supposed and alleged beef TK and Bugsy have over Angela Simmons. I

heard the real stuff started out, because Bugsy, who is down with Lil Wayne,

allegedly asked Angela if she could be in his rap video. It seemed that TK took

it some kind of way, perhaps thinking that Bugsy was trying to be slick.  Apparently, Angela was in a video for Lil Bow Wow

and he didn’t have flattering things to say about TK. I don’t think TK was cool

with some of the stuff he heard and related that to Bugsy – since Bugsy and Bow

Wow are cool.




Why all the hatred for terrorists these days? I kid. As you

know, Nas was in New York

yesterday and was protesting Fox News. I heard he said some cool stuff, but

what interested me was Nas made an attempt to be funny that didn’t go over with

some of the media. Nas tried to give or get a “terrorist fist bump” from a reporter

and the scribe opted not to give up the dap to the rapper. Another writer did though. Anyway, Fox reportedly took the 620k signed petition and said, “Shove it!” So Nas took the list to Colbert and Colbert took it! You can see the video below!LADY DRAMA RUNS AMOK!

Solange and Mario….. A Couple… Who are they Kidding! Im hearing whispers in the streets that Solange and Mario are slowly but surely creeping up to couple status! Hmmm… He never striked me as her type but I Hear that the two are really into each other and of course just like sis Beyonce and brother Jay they are trying to keep it on the low! Whatev I could care less any dude that has the ability to put up with a Knowles woman gets my cool points anyday 😉 Fabolous… Dad! Really Peep these brand new pics of rapper Fabolous and his son!  And for all you extra nosey peeps check out his baby’s mother as well! You know I got ya’ll! Not that bad right? Trouble in Paradise.. Day 26 Confronts Diddy! Looks like Day 26 is having some troubles with their label and boss Diddy. According to my sources Day 26 is upset about not receiving compensation for some shows they did during a tour! I hear that the group confronted Diddy about it and things got heated. I also hear that MTV cameras were there to catch all of it on tape for the new season of making the band! Which leads me to believe that this could all be for show. Which I’m hoping is the case but then again it wouldn’t be Bad Boy if it wasn’t! Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: Man why is it more harder to give up on your dreams than trying to make them a reality! Speaking of reality I hear Ushers BM Tameeka is trying to do a reality show…. Instead how about a reality check no one likes seeing you in pics let alone on someone’s TV! Get a clue!  Go hard or Go Home! 

M.O.P. + SESAME STREET = TO MUCH POSSEI don’t know if you saw this on illseed.com, but a lot of people did, because its all over the net now! Check out M.O.P. rapping with Ernie and Bert.





They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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