Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Fans Try To Dig Up Doe-B? Amber/Wiz Drama!

Doe-B x Wiz x Amber x Beef

What is going on in the world? They are saying that Doe B was resting in peace and some crazy fools tried to get into his grave. Now, the thing is, a lot of people think there was some “message” that they were trying to send. What was the message though? Nobody seems to really know. But don’t be quick to think it was some haters. There are some down there in Alabama that have been talking that it may have actually been some adorning fans that were severely misguided.

Is Amber Rose acting or not? Amber Rose and her personal life have dominated the headlines, but there is another mini story, according to Rhymes With Snitch. She was apparently going to co-star in the new TV show “Selfie,” it hasn’t yet materialized. Peep:

Back in August Amber Rose announced that she had snagged a recurring role on the new ABC sitcom Selfie [click here if you missed that].

Last night Selfie premiered but Amber was nowhere to be found…

A few weeks ago Amber posted a cast sheet from Selfie with her name on it and everything but last night it appeared Amber’s part had been left on the cutting room floor.

Did Hot 97’s Peter Rosenburg criss cross the line for ratings?

These are the Cliff Notes of what Rosenburg said about Wiz’s alleged cheating:

Rosenburg’s wife, Rosenburg and Amber Rose (That’s a lot of damn “roses”) are apparently super tight. The dude confirmed on the radio that Wiz did cheat. Amber and Wiz were having issues but she apparently believed they would work it out. While she was thinking that, Wiz seemingly moved onward. Amber caught Wiz with these twins canoodling in a crib he owns, but she has the keys to as well. She must have had the damn P.I.’s on him. He apparently had something with the twin chicks for quite some time. Amber gets a million bucks, per her pre nuptial agreement. Not a lot of money, but much more than I have.

Was Rosenberger out of line for exposing a man and wife’s private life or is it all good?


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