Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Obama Ether Gucci Mane!?!


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“Gucci, I had to do it.”

There have been so many Gucci Mane rumors on the site that I haven’t been able to get a rumor in edge-wise. But, last week was the presidential debate where Obama leveled the playing field against Rommey. Some say he ethered the Mormon, but lets just say its equal for now. Well, I heard that somebody was a casualty of war on that great, presidential battle.

I heard that very night, Gucci Mane had a listening session for his new album, which I believe is called Trap God. Anyway, I was told that the crowd was very sparse and people simply didn’t show up.

Now, the real question is: did the hood (Atlanta music elite) go to see the debate or did they just not come out to support Gucci Mane?

Here are some of the recent rumors around Gucci Mane!

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