Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy’s Ex In Playboy? Ye’s New Jawn. Is Fredro Starr OK?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS A new Jay-Z song has leaked out. Click here to get it and offer your commentary on the music page…or here. I […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



A new Jay-Z song has leaked out. Click here to get it and offer your commentary on the music page…or here.

I like it…but wondering if this is another leak or a single.


SMH. I am not sure where I recently heard this, but all that fiasco about Jay-Z and Rihanna has turned out to be a big, fat lie. But, guess where the lie originated? Her own publicist has taken credit for creating the rumors. Peep this from Associated Content:

“Along with one of my partners, I then began to fabricate stories of Rihanna and Jay-Z, leaking false rumors to tabloids, working internet message boards, etc. We started to get an insane amount of media coverage very fast. There are so many things we did that people don’t even know about, not even Rihanna herself.”

“Like when the rumor surfaced that Jay-Z had a new love life and was cheating on Beyonce…that was just to get attention. Rihanna had nothing to do with ANY of that, nor did she know what we were doing.”

“Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in the world now, and look at how she stormed into the business!” Hay continues. “Not to take anything from her – she is a great artist – but every artist needs a launching pad and there is nothing better than a good scandal to get the public’s attention.”

Obviously, dude isn’t her PR agent now, but how crazy is it that they just make up lies to get people to buy in? SMH. I hope the ends and the means match up.


Remember that dude that did that song called “AY Bay Bay?” Yes! Hurricane Chris! He is about to come back out with a new song and album, I heard. Rumor has it, his first song is an ode to Halle Berry. The name of the song is called “She’s Fine,” I heard. Look out for it and pray there is no autotune or vocoder.


Adrienne Bailon has been made an offer to pose naked in Playboy magazine. Uh, they offered her 100,000 bucks to do the deed. That just doesn’t sound like enough money, does it? Experts suggest the move might be a good one for the aging Cheetah Girl, who might be in need of an image makeover. I think I heard the Cheetah Girls broke up so this might be right up her alley. No pun intended.


Former Danity Kane singer blonde Aubrey O’Day celebrated Thanksgiving in the most unique way. The day before the holiday, she posed nude for Playboy Magazine, reports say. On top of it all, she has reportedly gotten in the centerfold. Wow. That’s a big look for her, considering her downward spiral. The shoot reportedly took all day. (Oh, she was also Diddy’s rumored jumpoff and hence his ex-alleged-jumpoff.)

“Why not?”


I am way late on this one, but I happened to be reading Necole Bitchie’s site and came across this one.

i would hate to be in mary’s shoes right now but i have to tell someone what i witnesses yesterday. Yes, i am a female dancer at sin city cabaret in the bronx. However, i am not the entertainer that he was with when he entered the club last night. Kendu was sitting in v.i.p and tossing a few dollars at a duo onstage performing a sensual lesbian act. He got so close to see what was happening onstage and that is when i spotted his face. He was wearing a plaid kangol paper boy hat and a black cashmere sweater with jeans. At first i figured he was just there hanging out with some guys (foxy brown’s manager), but then i saw him cuddled up with a casually dressed stripper that works at the club. The were all coochie coo and layed out on the v.i.p. Couch. My friend, who is saved, said that is why i do not date men that go to church faithfully. Necole if you would have seen the foul sh!t he was up to you would have been mad for mary. I mad just thinking about it because i don’t want to hear another sad album full of crying and screaming of deceit. Lastly this is not the only saved husband that frequents the strip club….salt ,from sat-n-pepa, other half has been rubbed down too. Just ain’t right!!


Dr. Donda West may see justice. As you know she died from complication from plastic surgery and now they are looking at her nephew for answers to some lingering questions. Stephan Scoggins is a registered nurse that was supposed to be watching over Kanye’s mother. But dude decided to attend a baby shower. When Dr. West felt pain and a tightening sensation in her chest, she could not find Stephan. They called 911, but it was too late. The California Department of Consumer Affairs is looking to see if this nephew gave her too much Vicodin (a pain reliever). I’m not saying dude isn’t guilty, but it does seem like there is a witch-hunt of some sort.


I know somebody that knows somebody. This somebody happened to be in Los Angeles at the international airport and they came across one of my favorite rappers from one of the best groups ever – ONYX. The person saw Fredro Starr there and wasn’t sure if he was OK. They noticed that he was extremely thin and was wearing a coat that was half leather, half fur. To a fan, he refused a picture. That was probably wise of him. Now, the person I know suspected he might be on some “stuff,” but no true evidence was present to support that theory.


This definitely makes me feel like a sucker for even reporting on what girl Ye might be interested in. Dude is supposedly dating or befriending some chick named Sessilee Lopez. She also appeared in the video “Flashing Lights” music video earlier this year. Anyway, they met and connected instantaneously, they say, and have spent a lot of time together since. Only thing is, she has a boyfriend. When has that mattered in the weird world of entertainment? I’m sure she’ll dump dude in no time for a chance to mend that Heartbreak. Then there is always the shot that she’s a real chick and she’ll stick with her dude.


Whitney Houston inherited a cool million when her father, John, died in 2003. Well, how that money was dispersed has turned into a lawsuit. Whit’s stepmother, Barbara Houston, says that those funds should have paid off a condo where she and her spouse lived and she lives now. Whitney says no and now they have to see Judge Judy or something.



The one and only Travis Barker talking about what Thanksgiving means to him in light of his near death experience.

“I wanted to say thanks … and share my gratitude for everything I’ve been blessed with. Family, friends, and continued support from everyone. Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living. My best to everyone.”

Plies speaks some reality on the mic (click for the full interview):

“One thing I’ve always known about street n****s is that street n****s is never supposed to be professional, ever. They’re supposed to be ignorant all the time. I tried that way and it just didn’t work for me. I got a better understanding of what life is all about.”

Stat Quo on being signed by Dr. Dre and Eminem (click for full interview):

“In retrospect I never should’ve even signed to them. Let’s just be real about it. I got homeboys that are in the industry that were signed after me but they put out like two or three albums already.”

Danny Boy on working with Suge Knight (click for full interview):

“I wouldn’t record a record on his “rest in peace” album. I would be there to watch him go away but I won’t sing a song for him ever in life again, never, ever again.”


LOL! This dude is turning into some sort of character. I’m not sure what, but check out this footage of him on tour. I think this is Canada. Anyway, Joe gives the groupie girl a fake name.


Naomi Campbell maybe be getting engaged soon. I mean, it’s about time. She needs something!

Is it me or is something wrong with the promotion of Luda’s new CD?

Diddy sure has Barack fever. The mogul spent $750,000 on making his 007 audition tape.

Just so you know, the second anniversary of Sean Bell’s death recently passed. We haven’t forgotten the homey. Justice is on the way.

Jay-Z, Beyonce and Leona Lewis have been reportedly put down for the inaugural performance. Not sure what song Jay is going to do. Hopefully that “History” song.

Amy Winehouse’s husband has left the marriage, because he has admitted to introducing the her to the hard drugs on Earth.

It’s called Black Friday because the store’s bottom line is expected to be in the black. Translation: The store will make alot of money and make their budget and perhaps make enough to push them closer to their yearly budget. Makes sense!

Contrary to reports, the pregnant lady at the Wal-Mart didn’t have a miscarriage. There were several reports out of the New York area, but they were wrong.


Somebody arrest this crazy, deranged dad! This dude is psychotic, even though the baby seems to enjoy it!


There is only one Superman and this dude is NOT he. I believe you cannot fly.

Epic Fail 2: Giants receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg on Friday. He will miss at least 2 weeks of play.



Master P Talks BBT.

I enjoyed listening to him talk about carrying Bob Johnson’s torch and also his comments on style swapping. Do your thing P.

Welcome Back Bob Johnson.

Billionaire Bob, who sold BET to Viacom a few years ago, may be trying to get back into the TV game. According to Journal-isms, he has filed an application with the FCC for Urban Television LLC. However, his spokesperson said he is not interested in competing with BET or TV One. I’m not sure how he can start an urban network without competing with the two existing ones, but I wish him luck. Hopefully, with he and P Miller in the game, there may some expansion in what is currently provided to the urban market.

Nelly Likes TV Too.

Or I guess his customers at Sky Box do. TV’s in the p####? I wonder how long the wait is to pee. His non-rap ventures seem to be holding dude well. Brass Knuckles was probably more a labor of love than anything and I’m sure its alleged flop status hasn’t hurt his bottom line one bit.

Dana Dane Likes Books

What makes this different than all the other releases from rappers turned writers? It’s fiction. This isn’t some auto-biographical coffee table scandal. It’s a real life fiction novel. Dana Dane… Cinderfella Dana Dane that is, has a novel dropping early next year called Numbers. I couldn’t find any information on what the book is about, but I’m proud of anyone who can string 250 pages of story telling together. Believe me, its not as east as it sounds. Do your thing D.

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