Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Unk’s Beef With Joe Budden! R.I.P. Sho Nuff! Dead Man Stands For 3-Day Wake!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YO! THE GAME TO DISS JAY-Z – FOR REAL?   I don’t know that this is true, but the sources are talking within the Black Wall Street Org. […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.




I don’t know that this is true, but the sources are talking

within the Black Wall Street Org. I am now hearing that The Game might

actually, really dis Jay-Z on record. Like, he might make a song and stick with

it. I wonder why? Obviously, it could be to promote his new album, but could it

be something else. Now, from what I heard the “Superman” song, which was

produced by Just Blaze, was something that ultimately referenced Jay-Z and

Kingdom come on the subliminal tip. There was no mention of Beyonce in my rumor, but they are such a cool couple, I figured Game would think twice if he saw Jigga so happy and moving on with his adult life.





Also, as you know, a clean version of The Game’s album hit

the net recently and has the Net up in a tizzy over it. I love this song with

Rae and Game personally, among others. But, from what I have been told, there

are tons of Game songs floating around. Also, I heard there have been several

version of the album. In particular, I heard The Game has a song with Big Daddy

Kane, KRS-One and Dougie Fresh that was sliced from the album. Not sure why

though. I’d like to have that, either way. Leak that, BWS!





Shout out to my man Kavio from Golddigga Ent, who gave me

the run down of the Rock The Bells show down in Mountain View, CA

on Saturday. Method Man and Redman found out that stagediving just doesn’t work

everywhere you go. I heard Mef and Red stage dives at least 3 times, per 30

minute set…and they both fell at least once. Still I heard the guys really did

their thing at the show. Good for them.


We have a bigger dedication coming, but damn. Died at the age of 56.He’s a legend though. R.I.P. Julius Carry ‘AKA’ SHO NUFF.





You know I have to take my cues from you all when it comes

to these boy/girl band/ pop acts. If they aren’t doing something dumb, I don’t know

who they are. Straight up. But, I heard that Laurie Ann Gibson threw a party the

other night at Guest House in NYC and it got quite wild, says Mocha from Smart

Sexy Rich & Crazy! The party was to celebrate Making The Band. At the party

somebody disrespected Dawn from Danity Kane. Then, we are told that Q from Day

26 goes from man with sensitivity to thug in 6 seconds, beating the guy’s ass.

He allegedly threw him on a table and tried to pound the man out! Don’t

disrespect his girl, I repeat do not disrespect his girl. Other guests were Jon

B., Slim Thug, Teyana Taylor, the boys from Making The Band, Willie, Robert,

Mike, DJ Clue, and Aubrey from Danity Kane. Nobody even knows what the dude

said to get such a thrashing!

Shelz has something to say …


Last night was free night in the

A.  Nelly had something at the Tabernacle in conjunction with AT&T

and Samsung.  Bun B was over at Center Stage doing his thing in

conjunction with Scion.  And Lloyd was ….. well……. somewhere

else.  Anyway, checking for pics of the two events, I come across this.

‘Preciate it Eskay. I

was happier than R. Kelly in a pediatrician’s office when I saw this

picture from Nelly’s show.  What?  My boys?  All together and smiling? 

Wooo Whoooo…..But it got sweeter peeps.  Yes it did. I caught this shot from Bun B’s show straight from Kaos.Hellz

yeah.  Two shows in one night?  This isn’t lets go hang out and catch

up.  Nooooo…… This my friends is lets let everybody in the A know

we’re good and about to do some thangs. To this I say, I can sleep

peacefully tonight as all will soon be right in my personal hip hop

universe.  Am I d!ck riding? Yezzzzzzir!Fem Movement Making it Happen.So

the ladies of the FEM movement (Lady of Rage, Babs Bunny and Lady Luck)

seem to be backing their words up with some real action.  There are

some vids floating around of them in the studio with a few of the male

features on the project (Cuban Link, Gillie, Lord Tariq and others) and

the first music video shoot was this past Sunday at Harlem Lanes. I

haven’t seen the likes of Rah Digga or Amil in the house yet, but folks

are saying they are going to be giving an extra push to this project. I

wish the chicas well especially considering we are getting straight

crickets from most of the chicks in the industry these days.Rappers Tired of Being Police Targets?  Want to Move to Canada?  Maybe not.Canada

already has a rapper and his name is Belly.  He’s won some awards,

toured with Snoop and made a decent living for himself.  So what does

he get in return? An early afternoon visit from Ottowa’s guns and gangs

unit and they brought friends which included the tactical squad, a K-9

unit and some other folks called the OPP group.  All for one dude? 

Belly claims they broke his doors, smashed his windows and made a

general mess of his house.  What did they find; 3 BB guns. One of his

neighbors reported she wasn’t shocked the cops came a –

knocking because his blinds are always drawn and she doesnt like all

the activity at the house.  Whoa. Don’t need much for a warrant in

Ottowa?  Maybe my friends up north can help me with this one.Please Let the Dead RestSo

some guy named Dustorm raps and he has an album coming out.  Not all

that exciting.  But what is interesting about this dudes marketing

scheme is his bringing to light his past job as a ghost writer. Not

only is it mentioned but the fact that he penned several songs for a

“very famous, now deceased rapper” seems to be the lynchpin of his

press.  It’s taken to the point where the PR wizards handling him write

if you hear him rap you will know who he was ghosting for.  Is this how

you plan to sell?  Do I win a prize if I guess right? I mean seriously,

why would you bring this up if dude is dead?  Considering he’s coming

out of NYC you know where folks minds are going.  He might need to

re-think his ploy.  You know how folks can get about their favorite

rapper.Random Stuff….Diddy gets yet another reality show as does DMX.  Do you think this might be a reason to not get his ish together?  I mean how boring would it be for reality show junkies to watch him clean his act up?Is fifty dodging the arson investigators?  They say they can’t get him to meet with them. I say I’m sure he has a lot less free time than his baby moma.I know he didn’t just blow his nose with a hundred dollar bill.  And why did they turn the camera off before we got to see him fish that snotty bill out of the trash can? Gotta love SBILLSEED’S QUICKIES


I am hearing that the man named Banks might be leaving the

G-Unit. As I told you, Banks was allegedly looking to go to Def Jam, but that

could just mean a new label home. We know that Interscope is in some kind of



I don’t believe this soon-to-be married couple is breaking

up, but people are saying there is trouble with Young Dro and Fantasia.


Is Nas now the Black president rapper? He and Young Jeezy

have a song called “My President Is Black.” I am doing a song called “My

President is Wack” and its already a hit.


YO. Do you all remember when NAs and Jeezy almost had beef?


Rumor has it Foxy Brown is all set to make her comeback with

a new “official” version of Black Roses, which came out earlier this year.


I heard that Cassidy might have a couple bars going to Clive

Davis and J Records since they dropped him. I also heard some of the boy’s new

material and its fire.


Amerie is hard at work on her comeback album, I am hearing.






This is the OMG version. Peep the pic:



Well, nobody can say that he didn’t get his final wish. A

young man’s dying wish was to remain standing – even after he was dead.

OM-GOTDAMN. By way of a unique embalming treatment, Angel Pantoja Medina was

dead but standing in a corner at his mama house during a three-day wake.  Family members visited and kissed him on the

cheek even though he had passed on into heaven.



The weird thing is, dude’s death is a mystery. He was found

dead under a bridge. Police are looking into what killed him.





What in 21 Jump

Street is going on? Look at this!



Looks like Unk felt some kind of way when Budden said, “Dancin

became cool again then came walk it out/ but I ain’t know what the f*ck n***as

was talkin’ bout.”






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