Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Yeezy World Peace WACK?!

Hip-Hop Rumors: KANYE’S A WACK DJ?!

Kanye West made his stateside DJ debut as DJ Yeezy World Peace last night at the pre-grand opening of 1 OAK at the Mirage in Vegas. Kanye manned the DJ booth for 3 hours and spun a combination of Bon Jovi, Bobby Brown, and Michael Jackson, as well as an array of his own hits including “N*ggas in Paris” (which he played five times!!), ‘‘Golddigger” and “Good Life”.

Unfortunately, not everyone thought DJ Yeezy World Peace did a good job behind the 1’s and 2’s. Several fans in attendance tweeted their dislike for Kanye’s DJ skills, calling him “the worst DJ of all-time” and an “awful DJ”. Check out the tweets below.

Guess you can’t please them all!