Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre Bumps 50 Cent? 50 Disses Jay? Kanye Vs 50 Cent Part 2? Jay-Z To Sign 50?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! DRE DAY IS COMING AGAIN Hip-Hop is so different now than it was when Dre’s last CD came out. This was 1999, people! But, the truth […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Hip-Hop is so different now than it was when Dre’s last CD came out. This was 1999, people! But, the truth is we are patiently waiting, like a dope song from 50 Cent! Anyway, from what I am hearing Dr. Dre is going to drop his first single in November and then the album in December. Does that mean 50 Cent is going to get shuffled or something? Anyway, still no mention of Eminem. Bishop Lamont seems to be in great standing still and not facing the Jimmy Iovine chopping block.


I don’t know for sure, but I am hearing 50 Cent might actually get pushed UP. Why? Dr. Dre! From what I heard, this is going to be 50 Cent’s mass exodus out of the music game. He’s reportedly going to drop one more joint, a greatest hits package. But, I heard Dre isn’t coming off that December date and he owns the month. We’ll see.


The rumors are true!


You may have read that Busta had some issues with immigrations in the UK. Well, he cleared that up, but the good thing is the UK flew Luda in to replace Busta. THEN Busta got in there and so, London had both artists! That’s great! I’m not sure how it all went down, but I really think it’s great! Busta did miss a lot of press that awaited his presence. Good deal.


Jay-Z is reportedly looking to sign Janet Jackson and 50 Cent to his new super label. I just don’t see this happening. I feel like 50 Cent is feeling that he can do his own thing his own way. Now, Beyonce that’s another story. I’d say Jay would sign his wife. Janet? That’s up for grabs, because she could probably benefit greatly from the Live Nation business model. We’ll see. I think some slightly younger talent would work better. But younger artists don’t fill stadiums like B, Jay, J and 50.


Lisa Left Eye Lopes has a new album coming out and it’s called Eye-Legacy! From what I am seeing, this puppy drops this November. I heard it has Tupac Shakur, Lil Mama, Chamillionaire, Missy Elliott, TLC, Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, Free, Bobby Valentino, and Left Eye’s sister, Reigndrop Lopes on it. Not a great time to release an album from an artist that cannot promote it, but it’s LISA. I love her so I will promote it.

TEVIN CAMPBELL RETURNS!He looks like he’s enjoying life.


Click here to get the acapella version of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.” If you send me some remixes that I can get to easy (like YouTube or something), maybe I will put them in the Producers section.

Michael Jackson is telling people he is going to make an album better than Thriller. Whatever dude.

Quincy Jones has reportedly turned Michael down. He’s not interested in doing another Thriller. He is interesting in working on a new compilation album with new talent.

Jay-Z is reportedly trying to do a remix to “Swagga Like Us” with Jeezy, Andre 3000, Nas and 50?

Rumors are floating that Rihanna and Chris Brown are over. I hope Brown boy doesn’t mess this up.

Washington Mutual (WaMu) is GONE. That’s Bush. You go and vote for Bush3 if you want to.Click here to see Barack Obama dance on Soul Train back in the day!



George Fox University is a university. A university is an institution of higher learning. However, GFU might be a school of lower learning. Why? The small institution is in Oregon and was founded by Quakers. But, that’s not why it may be an institution of lower education. A group of students decided to let the campus know where they stand on Barack Obama specifically and Black people in general. The students staged a mock lynching of Barack by using a cardboard figure of his likeness. A sign on the “Barack” said, “Act Six reject.” Act Six is a scholarship program that offers low-income and/or minority students scholarships to colleges in the Northwest region of the United States.

It’s wild how Barack has to act like there is no racism and cannot really address it so that it doesn’t inflame White people. BUT, I can address it! Re-read my editorial, “THEY LIVE!”

One finger on Barack and…WE RIDING!


Imagine getting arrested for drunk driving and you want to get back at the cops. You have nothing…then you think. I DO HAVE A WEAPON… YOU FART. You fart at the cops…and they charge you with battery. LMAO…click here to read the entire crazy story “Arrested For Farting At A Cop!!”

Here is one more Man Rapes A Women In A Coma!


This was in the rumors earlier this year, but this was an Epic Fail before there was an Epic Fail.

NEW G-DEP! “Stay Up”


50 says It’s not the Clothes who made the man it’s… Beyonce?

50 Cent has been quoted saying Beyonce is who made Jay-Z such a hot commodity in the entertainment industry! Check this out:

“I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce’. The G-Unit rapper has also disputed reports that Jay-Z is worth an estimated $1 billion, but is adamant he’s not jealous of his fortune. He adds, “I don’t believe he’s worth that much! It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not in a race.”

Now 50 tell us something we don’t know! I’ve been saying this since the duo emerged… but of course when I said it, ‘I was Hating’!

Moving along… Speaking of Jay he was featured in the current issue of Time Out New York for a feature in which they interview 40 New Yorkers. During the interview he got candid about one of his favorite New York moments, which was the Diana Ross Concert in Central Park! You’ve got to read this:

Jay-Z: Yeah, I had hormones. I thought she was fantastic. Her hair was blowing. The rain was hitting her face, and her outfit was, well—It was working for me. And she really braved it out, still trying to go in a torrential rainstorm. I don’t know who said “run,” but everyone started running. I don’t even know—me and my friend. I don’t know what two guys were doing at a Diana Ross concert, but [Laughs] anyway, I think we was already in the city, okay? We slid, got up and kept running to the train.

Let me find out maybe that’s why he’s so sprung on B huh?

Amy Winehouse is at it again! As if it couldn’t get worse!

Illseed isn’t the only Amy Winehouse fan out there, I love her music as well! What I don’t like is her wild outlandish behavior. The Mirror a British tabloid for those who don’t know is reporting that Amy returned some designer clothes with vomit stains on them! Peep this:

She’s landed herself with a massive £25,000 bill after borrowing posh designer frocks – and returning them with her own unique calling card… splattered with vomit. Even worse, when the Back To Black singer finally returned the puke-stained outfits, her little deposits had green, furry mould growing on them. Revolting! Unsurprisingly, 25-year-old Amy has now been blacklisted by furious fashion PRs and shouldn’t expect any loans or freebies for a while.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any grimier… she outdoes herself once again! If she just drops another dope album all will be forgiven on my end! How bout you Ill?  [Illseed note: uhhh…I think so.]

Friday Funnies…

So folks I decided we all go through enough s**t during the week, why shouldn’t you be able to come to the rumors page and let it all hang out! So my first installment in my Fridays Funnies showcase is from Jamie Foxx’s stand up show Straight from the Foxxhole … Enjoy and hopefully it will help you get through your Friday at work 😉

Lady Drama’s Food For Thought…

So basically McCain can’t prepare for a debate and handle an economic crisis… but yet someone thought he could run a country… Damn and I thought the Bush camp was stupid!

Word is Beyonce has a $1 million wig collection! I don’t know about y’all ladies but that must be a hell of a lace front at that price!

Queen Latifah was spotted rolling in a hard top Rolls Royce with Obama stickers on it… Now that’s campaigning!

Love me or Leave me alone… or if you see me in Newark Airport on Sat. say what’s up cause I’m outta NJ and headed to LAX 😉


Plaxico Burress Administers the Rule of Thumb… Or is it the Other Way Around?

Back in the olden days, the rule of thumb was a suggestion that a man not beat his wife with anything thicker than his thumb. Maybe anything larger would leave evidence and we all know the wifey isn’t presentable with a knot on her head. But anywho, Mr. Burress has been suspended for one game next month for playing hookey from practice. Some have suggested his absence was due to family issues; primarily of the restraining order variety. The cops have been called to the abode more than once, but during one visit the po po was told that his wife was the aggressor. Hope him and the misses can get it together. He’s on my fantasy football roster.

Jay-Z Put in Time Out…

Time Out Mag has this interview of Hov floating around right now. It’s a real la-te-da kinda piece in which Jay speaks in French, talks about his favorite introspective actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and says going to Diana Ross’ concert in Central Park was one of his greatest experiences ever. But then the interviewer asks him about Nas. I really didn’t like this shot.

You’re the only rapper on this list. We were considering Nas but have this 13-year rule: People on this list had to have had an impact in the last 13 years. And Illmatic was 1994. Should we have included him?

Jay-Z: Ah, wow! [Laughs] That’s a tough question. [Pauses] Yeah, only because of the impact of that album, when it’s considered one of the best albums ever created, you have to document that.

Back handed way to get Hov to call Nas irrelevant? Maybe I’m just being pissy. But I read somewhere else, BET I think, that there is supposed to be a Swagga Like Us remix for Blueprint 3. There were some names tossed around like Jezzy, 50 and that irrelevant ass Nas. [Illseed note: I didn’t see anything wrong here, Shelz, but the interviewer was egging him on.]

Liza Rios Goes in on Fat Joe.

The widow of Pig Pun, Liza Rios, was interviewed by Forbez and I’d say a good half of her interview was her explaining what a shyster Fat Joe is. Ms. Rios suggested that Pun has only received one royalty check and that was after his death. She also said Fat Joe wants people to forget about Pun and his legacy and money from several sources that was supposed to be for Pun’s kids was never given to her. She just made Joey Crack sound really bad. And then at the end of the interview she said she totally had no issue with him. Hmmmm… I still can’t get over the fact that she was sitting next to Puns urn during the interview. Those things give me a serious case of the creepies. Rest in peace, Big P. [Ed. note: Joe Crack bigged up Pun when AHH interviewed him. BX!]

Just in Case You Were Worried.

Yesterday morning it did appear as if Busta Rhymes was going to be starring in the Hip-Hop version of The Terminal over in Great Brittan. He was being detained by the Queen’s po po because of his criminal record. However, sensible heads prevailed and Mr. Rhymes was granted entry into the city so he can perform at a charity concert. Maybe Russell Crowe wrote him a letter too.

What day is it folk? Friiii daaaay! Take me out with the fadaaaaaaa!


This is a powerful video. I’m glad to see the old school cats representing as leaders. Let’s get back to Hip-Hop!


Check out some of the pictures. Shout out to Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Michaela Angela Davis, Camp Lo, Q-Tip, Killer Mike and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson! Here are a few pics:


I’m not sure, but It seems like Killer Mike has been getting swagger jacked a lil’ bit. I won’t say cats straight bit, but it seems odd. See the images.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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