Hip-Hop Rumors: Fight At Chamillionaire Party? Jaz-O Calls Jay…Wow! Shyne Returns? illseed Disses Luda!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS I just want to say thanks to everybody that has hit me with their rumors, gossip and viewings. Also, thanks to the […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I just want to say thanks to everybody that has hit me with their rumors, gossip and viewings. Also, thanks to the people that send commentary or feedback.

I don’t have a lot to for my “two cents,” but if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!


Thanks a lot! The rumors are crackin’…


This is crazy, but my homey Amsterdam hit me up on this one. I’m not even going to try to recount what I didn’t see. Check out what he had to say:

What’s up illseed? My name’s Amsterdam and I’m one third of an Oregon-based group called Top Shelf. Young Buck is touring with the Outlawz through Oregon right now and was in Bend, OR last night. My boy owns a store called Showcase Hats & Apparel, where Young Buck was scheduled to do an in-store meet and greet from 5-6 PM yesterday evening before the concert got started. He shows up with the Outlawz around 5:30 (who were not promoted on the flyer but gracious enough to show up and be friendly with everyone there). There were probably 50 kids or so waiting outside in line and a few of us inside chilling waiting for Buck. Very small gathering all things considered.

My boy had put on a random Buck mixtape (I never got a look at it, not sure what it is) and Buck was laughing cause he said he hadn’t heard the final versions of a couple of the songs that were playing. So Buck signs autographs for all the people in line and was real cool about everything. He was upstairs taking a few pics with fans when out of the blue, a new song on the mixtape starts and I hear 50 Cent’s voice. I laugh and glance around the room, where I see a couple members of Buck’s entourage whispering to each other. Not even 30 seconds later Buck walks down the stairs and announces, “Stay up folks, I’m out.” Bounced around 6:15 or so. He was clearly agitated that a 50 Cent song had come on while he was in the building and left in a rush.

I feel bad for rappers that have beef with other big name rappers, because their music is always on. I’d like to beef with somebody that fell off or is way underground. That way, we can just ignore them easily.


Waaaaay back in Jan. of 2007, AllHipHop did an interview on a rapper name Narcicyst (click here to read that interview by Chris Sweeny) Narcicyst is an Iraqi MC that is now in the Middle East after going to college in Canada. Now, I am getting word that this dude has taken total offense from Busta’s new song “Arab Money” to the point where he’s recorded a diss record. Now, I know rap beef isn’t what it was, but I wouldn’t want a beef with Busta, because he is known to spazz a bit. Still, as an Arab, he’s taken exception to the record, which is hugely popular. Hmmm…apparently, Narc has been in talks with other Arab rappers on this. Stay tuned.

You know, I want to bring this up since we are talking about Busta. Where do you rank him in Hip-Hop? In terms of spittin…there are VERY, VERY few people that can see Bussa Bus. I think he needs a lil more credit. Click here for his new song “Blown,” because even the autotune isn’t irritating on this song.


My pretend wife Kelly Rowland is rumored to have a major shocker to announce at the top of the new year. Apparently, she is looking to break away from manager Mr. Matthew Knowles. The rumor is, Mr. Knowles has put all of his energon cubes into Beyonce and really hasn’t focused on her much. Beyonce is a juggernaut! The thing is, I know a lot of people that feel Solange’s CD is better than B’s. I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t heard either. Still, Kelly is a huge star overseas and she seems to think that her success stateside should be bigger as well. Now, here is the kicker…Kelly MIGHT get Simon from “American Idol” to manage her career. Rumors! Rumors! Rumors! So, with that said, I think Kelly should let me manage her instead and I would promote her all she wants right here on the rumors page. I’m throwing my fitted in the mix!


Remember that situation with Lyfe Jennings? A restraining order from his “wife.” A gun fired. An accident. All sorts of chaos! Well, I am hearing that a lot has changed with him and his fiancé, which I thought was already his wife. Apparently, she has withdrawn her restraining order despite the craziness and gone on and gotten engaged to Lyfe…for LIFE in marriage. Congrats to the couple. Love conquers all…even a gun.


Here is a letter from none other than Deelishus (real name London Charles) in response to the rumors surrounding her alleged wedding break up and a purported 4-some with Allen Iverson.

…nope, still Deelishis and Orlando. We won’t wither, but we shall weather the storm! A.I. and myself are friends and like any other celebrity male figure who I’ve met in the industry and have become an aquaintance of, of course we hang out and like friends do, laugh, kick it and keep it moving. It is a shame that two adults of the opposite sex cannot be friends without someone assuming bullsh*t. This is just one of many rumors that many celebs have heard or dealt with about themselves and I know I shouldn’t be moved by it, but he has a family and so do I, and they don’t appreciate having to hear bullsh*t every 5 seconds just because some blogger, onlooker or just a flatout HATER is being nosey, messy or having a bad day! Grow Up!!! One day all that BAD karma is gonna come back to bite you in the ass! God Bless You, and may you continue to live your life, and stop being overly involved in others.

To my real ones out there, I love you and please continue to pray for myself and Orlando,

Love London

Shout out to Necole Bitchie.


Times are rough and there is nothing realer than that. This recession is making things tight here. Anyway, I got a rumor that T-Mo Goodie of the Goodie Mob now works at a gas station in or around ATL. I’m not even trying to clown. I know a lot of rappers that are dead broke trying to be “too big” to work and can’t afford rent. I heard that T-Mo has grinding on his music thing still and gives people his music as they come through. His new single is called “Bounce Wit Dis.” I went to his myspace to hear it and I really like it. So, click here to listen to it and the other songs too: http://www.myspace.com/tmo2thefullest

I miss Goodie Mob…”Cell Therapy” was one of the illest songs of the 90s.

This was the South too. What happened these sort of rappers from the Dirty?


Well, Jim Jones has been doing his thing for a minute. I heard a few things out of a couple recent outing from him. This first one started after his acclaimed play. I heard that Jim seeks to retool his image a bit and that was reflected in the play. I think he is married and definitely know that he’s got a baby now to take care off. His recent show was with a live band – a definite different look. Also, rumor has it, Jim has signed a very talented artist named Star, who is a bangin’ singer. Previously, I had a rumor about Jim needing Max B, but it would seem that came from a Max B fan more than anything.


If you are in Houston and go to a spot called Flyrides, you are probably at a spot owned by Chamllioaire. Well, I am getting word that he had a party and CD signing for his latest mixtape called “Mixtape Messiah V.” I heard that several of H-Town’s finest came to support, including some cats from Rap-A-Lot. Well, what happened? Allegedly a fight breaks out between two girls and a spilled drink. Somehow, some way, the fight got to Mike Jones’ lil’ brother, who was allegedly picking people off. Anyway, I cant say who…but somebody’s chain and bracelet came undone. Then somebody else, picked it up to get it appraised. When they got it appraised, the jeweler reportedly said that the bracelet was completely fake and the chain/medallion was worth like $1,100. OUCH.


William Balfour allegedly killed the Hudson family members over jealousy over Julia Hudson. She started dating another man and he allegedly told her he’d merk the whole family if she did. SMH at this alleged heartbroken coward gangsta. Peep this one as an EZ Pass to hell. Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, 7, was also found shot to death (Oct. 27), as you know. But here is the BS. Investigators are leaking that the boy could have been straight up tortured before he was slain. They are saying that the the fingers on his right hand were broken or fractured and his other hand was mutilated to the point where the police thought it was cut off.


Why would illseed say, “f**k you. Luda?” you may ask.

Well, they didn’t invite me to be in the video, you will see below. Soooooooo…F**k you Luda!


I mentioned it earlier and I’m telling you again…DJ Khaled is the VP of Def Jam South.

If you want to peep a political remix of Lil Wayne’s “A-Milli,” click here.

You probably heard this too, but I am getting word that Bow Wow has quit rappin’ to act…why’d he do that song “Marco Polo” then?

Shout out to all the Grammy nominees, including the nominees are: Coldplay, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, and Radiohead. Overall, the year in music wasn’t so bad. Too bad Dre, Em and 50’s Three Headed Monster didn’t come in the 4th. Jay-Z too.

Hmmmm…I don’t know about this one, but I guess I will run it. A person told me that they were driving down 7th Ave & 49th in NYC and pulled up next to Diddy and Aubrey from Danity Kane inside his Maybach at a light at around 49th. Thoughts? I think Diddy values discretion a lil’ more than that…not sure.

Polow Da Don is now working out like a mad man and has reportedly obtained a personal trainer to keep him on point. I need to do that too. Shout out to Gyant.

Also…sigh…Shyne is supposedly going to drop a new album called Godfather Resurrected. How is this for a better album title “Godfather, gets out of jail, gets life together and then gets to record CD”…?

I covered this WAY back! But…Rihanna and Chris Brown are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit for $1 million by a photographer that got beat down – allegedly – by their security detail. This happened in May – allegedly.

You want to see Prince, the purple one, perform with Q-Tip and DJ Scratch? Wow…click here.

Have the Free Masons hijacked Hip-Hop to achieve their maniacal goals? Click here for this one at illseed.com.


Jaz-O hearts Jay-Z (who Jaz calls “Big Lip Shawn) so much, he hates his freakin’ guts (mimyl.com):

“He’s a disgusting, greedy, cowardly, lying son of a b***h.” Tell em how ya really feel, Jaz!

Kanye…wow…dude is going full throttle with the “m#### f**ka please” comments:

“Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyonce is a f***ing living legend and that she is just as great, if not greater, than the artists that we had in the past…that she’s probably greater than Tina Turner.” Why throw Tina under a fake a** bus? Without Tina, ain’t no Beyonce! Period!

Shots fired? Brandy comments on RiRi and B:

“I love Rihanna’s style and Beyonce’s style but my style is very classy, very simple and fashion forward.” (Nah, Brandy’s not like Ray-J!)

I don’t know Bran Bran…this wasn’t the classiest move you made. Hot…but classy? NAH!


Speaking of classy and Brandy. Here is an update on Fredro Starr. He replies directly to the illseed rumors. Thanks, Onyx rules. I can’t wait for the Black Rock album.


I don’t know how true it is but word on the street up in Boston is that Benzino and Dave Mays are working on getting back The Source. I am not certain how this is possible considering there are new owners. Now, perhaps they are looking to buy it back. I know they are doing some other ventures and the word is, those other ventures will supposedly back their efforts. You know, this is purely rumor and frankly, I don’t think business works like that. Good luck to all and to all good luck.


Amy Winehouse can prepare for divorce, I’d say. Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake is finished. The dude is back in prison, because he wasn’t smart enough to comply with the terms of his bail. Guess how he messed up? He broke the conditions of bail by failing a drug test in rehab. He was about to get out of rehab in December and would be free. But, no…he busted out and tried to go see Amy or some mess. Anyway, between the two places, he must have scored some “smack” or “crack” Now he’s staring at a jail term that will take him clear to 2010.


How can a president be unprepared for war? I know he pardoned John Forte, but this is unacceptable!

Signs 2: A teacher sells ads on tests to cover costs..damn…click here for this one!



Before you get to the Colbert diss, I want to print what is allegedly Kanye’s response. Kanye West reportedly said, “I could end Steven Colbert’s career but I would never take food off another man’s plate.” (I don’t have the source on this one). Now, these two have something in common. They both dissed George Bush. Google that and you will KNOW, Ye can’t end Colbert’s career ever.

Now, here is what Cobert said to warrant such an absurd response from Yeezy.


In her school. Sheesh. Her daddy is Lil Wayne for

goodness sake. She had a party at a bowling alley and even T.I. showed

up. KEWL!


But the pressure is coming from all angles for me to keep it real.

Now, I am going to keep it real. What’s the big deal…REALLY? Beyonce is human like every other human – last time I checked at least. In this blog nation, it’s hard out here to be a celeb. Now, do you get why illseed ducks the fame at all costs? I’m not letting y’all destroy me.


Remember the man that was arrested in Dallas, TX for giving kids weed? The man was caught on tape after police investigated a burglary. Well…the man has been slapped up and will likely serve a term of up to seven years. Remember, the kids had both weed AND cocaine in their systems. You may not remember but AllHipHop’s own Jigsaw had to come to the rescue when they tried to suggest Hip-Hop was to blame. Check it out.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur on Fox News


I am all about being fair so here is a letter from a reader that I respect tremendously. I am going to print a portion of a letter that he sent me, as it pertains to G.W. Bush getting dissed at that Global Summit thing. Remember when the word leaders didn’t shake his hand? Here is what Majico said:


On the the song by Jasari , please inform my fellow readers that president bush already shook those leaders hands TWICE and but only for a leader who came late they wouldn’t have redid the handshakes for the third time. CNN even issued another clip correcting themselves I really respect you and your website and i will keep on viewing it but sometimes i just would like to give the other side of the story. as a respectable American I’m sure you can respect that thank you


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