Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd Mayweather Un-Retires? Cam’ron Returns This Fall? Lil’ Wayne & Solange?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE RETURN OF FLOYD MAYWEATHER!   We all knew this wasn’t going to last for very long, but here we are. I am hearing that Floyd Mayweather will […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.




We all knew this wasn’t going to last for very long, but

here we are. I am hearing that Floyd Mayweather will

make good on his new name, Money Mayweather. I don’t

know if you all know, but “Money” retired and did a good job holding out, but

some events happened in boxing that are rumored to making that flip. First,

Oscar De La Hoya has seen some big fights fall through for him recently. He’s

been left without a suitable opponent that can also create and “event.” Before

he and Floyd fought, De La Hoya had the upper hand in the negotiations, but

those days are apparently OVER. I heard that Floyd is going to get $70 million

to return and there will be some sort of equitable split from that point on.

Can you believe it? Sure you can. We all knew that money would bring “Money”

back out and about. This fight should be fairly epic based on the hype alone.

Now if the heavyweight division could get it together….





I am not certain where this came from, but I heard that DJ Vlad is considering suing somebody else if they lay a hand

on him. As you know, Vlad is suing the Rick Ross for

$4 million for beating him up after he allegedly asked about being a

correctional officer. I am not sure who did what, but somebody told me that Vlad might be in a beef with somebody else. From what I

heard, Vlad makes no mistake about it, put hands on

him and he’s going to do what he had to do with the proper authorities. He’s

not a thug, but a normal citizen. Why do adult people have to beat each other

up for simple, things anyway? All you have to do is walk away, say no comment

or write a diss record. Anyway, some are calling him

a snitch, but if he’s not a thug, can he be a snitch? I don’t know the rules.

I’m a stupid rumor guy.







I told you guys that Cam’ron was

coming out this summer, but for some reason I was off. Or maybe Cam decided to hold off. On the flippers side, I’m

hearing that he’s about to set it off all over again this fall – fourth

quarter. That’s right, kids, Killa Season is back in

full effect. This November right in the nick of time for

Thanksgiving so don’t make him a turkey! Cop that!





A friend of mine claims they recently saw Chris Brown and Dollicia Bryan at a trendy LA bar together but no trace of Rihanna. This looked like a planned date to my source because

both of them were dressed up and came in together and left together. They were

both nice and even let my friend take pictures of them (which I have, but

haven’t uploaded). When asked were dating, neither one of them said anything

and allegedly left together. I don’t know if this means anything, because Brown

Man is very private and definitely doesn’t allow people in his space. I heard

that Chris and Dollicia met on set of his “With

You” video and Chris has been trying to keep their friendly relationship

out of the media. Perhaps this is to keep any wild speculation at bay?

Certainly, he wouldn’t mess up what he had with “umbrella girl” Rihanna. Nothing Chris Brown does can escape the media so

we’ll see. Fame sucks!





People were saying that LL Cool J’s marriage was on the rocks or

something, but LL says that we must be on rocks. In fact, he is reportedly

buying his wife a new rock. He and Simone recently celebrated 13 years of

wedding bliss. He said, “I promise you, I’m not breaking up. Kill that

rumor. To be honest with you, I’m getting my wedding ring upgraded. I’m getting

it hooked up… She’s going to get hers upgraded too.” I have heard

positive things about the new LL album. HOLLA.





People jumped to conclusions with Yung Joc

being a so-called deadbeat dad, but is he really?? Here

is the AHH story on it, but I will summarize below.


Yung Joc’s baby’s mother called

him a dead beat daddy – GASP. That is one way to get people’s attention. But

now, how true is that assertion? Joc says that he

actually does care for the kid and she is bugging over a couple days of

lateness. The baby momma creating drama says that Joc

had to catch up on back payments of about $2,000 monthly and I even saw her

crying the blues about how bad it was for her. I felt bad for her too. But Joc said there are times when she is tripping if he is late

two days. She even made these claims. Sigh. So, when Joc

is due on the 1st and she gets it the 3rd, she bugs out

and runs to the media crying. The broad just lied on the man and dragged his

already messed up name in the mud. I’m kidding, but she is a wack woman for that. Joc even

claims he lost sponsorship money over her recent lies. I don’t know with who, but he needs to take him money and give it directly to

the kid, not the middle woman.


Listen to Yung Joc on The Ryan Cameron Show







Man, I tell you. There is too many

people passing away. They are all VIPs too. Whether it is

Bernie Mac or Styles father. Yesterday, I believe strongly that I was

mistaken in saying that Sheek’s dad died recently. It

was Styles’ father. So RIP to his father and all the people that recently lost

a loved one. Jerry Wexler passed away last week at the age of 91. He was the

man that coined the term R&B and was down with Ray Charles and Aretha

Franklin. To say “down” is really oversimplifying who he was to

much. Do me a fav and look him up.





This was already featured on AHH a few months ago, but

thought I would bring it back with a new angle. Making Mya

cry!? Not COOL!





Recently, Bow Wow challenged The Game to a tourney of Madden

and the Game happily accepted…but left some dubious terms that involve Ciara. Look at it below.


Here is Wow Bow’s challenge in the first place:




this new Ice Cube out – “Believe It Or Not.”


you want to download it, click here.


I heard that The Game might have signed some group from in

the South. More on that later.


Is this an old rumor? I heard Mac Minister got double life

in jail. Kids, don’t follow.


I am hearing that AllHipHop has

something coming that’s going to help all the refugees find a home. J


Oh…no…God. I am hearing that Pandora might shut down. That

would truly be tragic.


Rumor has it, Guru is doing a great

job on his own. He’s reportedly working on new music. But I heard that he’s

collaborating with his myspace friends, which is

cool. On the flip side, I heard that some are crying foul, because they didn’t

prizing from the last myspace contest.


I am hearing that that ill-fated Foxy Brown show is now on

the schedule in September. We’ll see!


Ya’ll better email me with what’s going on with rappers in

your area. I get bored and that’s good entertainment. AHHrumors@gmail.com


Why is Fox News trying to dig up dirt on Obama?

Why don’t they look into the coke past of another well-known president or the

cross-dressing ways of another or how about the womanizing ways of others?


On a similar note, I heard that George W. Bush is going to

initiate another war of some sorts before the November elections.


Solange reportedly has a new song

about smoking marijuana and sexing. Guess who she sings with? Lil Wayne duet.

The song is called “ChampagneChronicNightcap.”


Mario is about to break some hearts. I heard he got engaged

to his girilfriend.


Also, Rhianna and Lupe are

supposed to be modeling Kanye’s clothing line, says mediatakeout.





Jermaine DuPri’s

restaurant has supposedly closed his Café Dupri.

Rumor has it, several employees are more than heated.

No, this isn’t new or exclusive, but I missed it. They are saying that checks

from the restaurant have been bouncing for quite some time. I guess the bank

hasn’t been offering that overdraft feature. But, they are saying that the

restaurant didn’t work, because the workers may not have been working hard

enough. I don’t know about that, but “everything happens for a reason.”




Today’s Random Quotes are from KRS-One, who is talking about

pimpin’ Grandmaster Caz and

Freddie Foxxx. Interesting stuff

for the old heads.



“I see motherf***ers say they pimping,

you not pimping! All the chicks around you getting checks! That’s not how the

game go; I was around Grandmaster Caz

the other day. He had at least seven women all claiming to be his wife. I’m

looking at this sh*t [like] seven chicks, these are

grown ass women. These are not little girls man, these

are grown ass women. Some of them got kids by him, they working and sh*t, they doing their thing, seven of them. They telling me “I’m Grandmaster Caz’s

wife” with another female standing next to her saying the same thing. He got chicks, that’s Caz. That’s

some pimp sh*t.”


“I took Freddie Foxxx off the street. I met Foxxx

in a Bentley on Ninth Avenue

pimping these hoes. I said Foxxx

this is the Black woman, this is our Queen. You got to get off the f***ing corner and we started spitting rhymes from that moment.

That was years ago.”





Real talk, I don’t know what to think of this. I know one thing, there have to be aliens somewhere in the universe. Only

thing I want to know is how can WE deal with green aliens when we can’t deal

with Brown, Yellow, Black or White? Anyway, around 5:40 in the video, these

alien s#### fly around the way.





I’m feeling really light and R&B today folks, it’s been

a rough start to the week! Hope you enjoy, damned if you do, damned if you



Diva’s Unite, Beyonce, Mariah, Rihanna, Mary J and more record together!


It seems almost impossible to think of all this talent coming together on one

LP but it is so. Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus,

Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis,

LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood are coming together to create star-studded

single called ‘Just Stand Up’,’ benefiting the Stand Up to Cancer Campaign.

Sources say the song will be produced by power duo Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds and

Antonio ‘L.A.’

Reid, who will be working together for the first time in almost

20 years. The song will be available for purchase exclusively on iTunes on September 2, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

Aside from the unmistakable talent infused in the track it’s for a great cause!

Now roast on that!


Speaking of Beyonce…


We have been hearing about the reemergence of Destiny’s Child since they left

the scene in 2005, but now we have a little bit more confirmation from none

other than ‘Illseeds’ own Kelly Rowland. According to

The UK News edition of Yahoo.com Kelly hinted that the girls will re-unite

soon! Check this out:


Rowland has previously revealed the trio will make a stage a comeback

next year.

And now Rowland claims her former band mates, Beyonce

Knowles and Michelle Williams, are keen to produce some new tracks.

She says, ‘We’re so looking forward to working with each again and we

just need to find a time in our diaries when we can get into the studio


Interesting but with Beyonce’s new album on the merge

and talks of her being badgered to have a baby from Tina and Jay I don’t know

if this is really an option! But as always we’ll see!


R Kelly takes someone else to court for a change!


Yup you read it right R.Kelly is actually going to

court as a plaintiff instead of a defendant! It seems some club promoters

recently used Kelz images and names on a flyer for a

party that he was ‘supposed’ to promote! The parties he’s suing are Sugar

night club and promoters Toi Crawford and Shane

Mooney. I guess the party was 21 and up damn!


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


Wow my name is actually on the boards! I’ve come a long way 😉


Go Hard or Go Home!





Hip-Hop got a dose of reality when Sticky Fingaz of Onyx fought this dude in the boxing ring. Now,

back in the 90’s we all thought that Stick was supposed to plow through dude,

but that didn’t happen. Check it.





AHH was down in Houston

and talked to KM about ending the beef with Big Boi.

Here is more:




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