Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Unit’s Next MC’s? DJ Khaled New Def Jam Pres? Ashanti Preg?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE NEXT WAVE OF G-UNIT? I am hearing that the next wave of G-Unit is on the way. New York has struggled as a Hip-Hop community. […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I am hearing that the next wave of G-Unit is on the way. New York has struggled as a Hip-Hop community. There hasn’t been a megastar since 50 Cent! Well, I am hearing from some really good sources that 50 Cent is about to strengthen the team home side. You know? It seems like every time he tried to venture in other regions, things didn’t work. Think The Game, Young Buck and even Hot Rod. Word from a very reliable source is that that Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murder just inked a deal with G-Unit Records. Be honest, that Roc deal isn’t panning out very well. Rumor has it Cory Gunz and Ransom will soon follow. Now, I reported on Ransom a ways back so we’ll see. Also, I highly recommend Uncle Murder change that name. It’s simply not going to work. This is sound advice!


It was only a matter of time. Now, surely this isn’t a replacement for the dearly departed Shakir Stewart. Shakir signed Rick Ross and Young Jeezy to Def Jam and they are two of the label’s biggest stars. Def Jam had to do something. I heard that DJ Khaled has been appointed the new President of Def Jam South to sign up all the ill Southern rap acts. The thing I don’t quite get I that the South is beyond a niche so they should drop the “South” and just make him “el presidente.”


The WWE might be on the ropes for saying “yappadooo,” a nonsensical sample from “Ante Up.” The Wrestling Giant requested and was granted an extension in responding to the lawsuit from M.O.P. Rapper/wrestler John Cena’s theme song contains the noise in question. The WWE has until Dec.15th to respond to the suit or tap out. Sorry, I had to.


All oldies: attention! My boy Jye hit me up and told me there are rumors coming out that there will be a remake of “Fame.” So far it appears to be an allstar line up; Charles S Dutton, Kelsey Grammar, etc. Here’s a twist though, Debbie Allen will be in the movie, but this time around she won’t be the ballet/dance teacher. She’ll play a principal and Bebe Neuwirth will play the dance teacher. Now, some may know Bebe from the TV sitcom Frasier, but here’s a tidbit for you she danced with the Princeton Ballet Company. She majored in dance at the Juilliard School so she’s no slouch. I just wonder if she will bring it like Debbie Allen did? Look for this joint in 2009.

Debbie Allen was a hot mama just like her sis. Click here if you want to live forever.


So, I got this letter. I really don’t like printing these intimate and detailed rumors, but I guess I figured I would run with it. Now, in no way am I validating or reporting anything as fact in this one. I know how these business-to-business beefs can get. But check it out.

Hey Guys

Global Music Group AL is fake and has signed Fatal from the Outlawz, Mark Morrison and Lil Mo under false pretenses. However I work for Susan Berg, and I will confirm that this company is not the same as Global Music Group NY. In fact Roland came to us about joining with us and we said no. If you research online Roland is the scam artist Davey Johnson who pretended to be the brother of Holly Johnson, a singer and conned everyone, it is all a scam. “Whiskey owner Mike Wilson serves as chief financial officer. Tony Cooper, officer of the Jada recording studio on Dauphin Street, is GMG’s studio director. And radio personality and DJ Rodney “Rodski” Toomer, a radio personality and DJ, is listed as director of A&R.” Roland is using hype to build his label, that is why he removed the death row section of the forum, it is why he does not give advances, it is why he did not even fly Mark over for the release party, it is why you have not heard Mark’s song on the radio at all, it is why DMX being signed was a rumor, he contacted DMX and put in a bid of 200k and 50k would go to RPG Radio which is Roland’s own fake company, Roland even committed insurance fraud to fund the label, there is so much more, that Big League post that was on this forum, that was a fake ID, and Susan’s team traced the IP, it went back to Mobile, AL, not New York where Big League is based, there studio is not theres, there was no BET, MTV, no artists at the release party because they all know, soon their Universal deal will be terminated, it is all a scam. Global Music Group NY is entering into legal action against this fraudulent company. If you guys could expose them, that would be great. [Editor’s note: this individual is doing the “exposing” by writing such a robust letter.]


Yesterday, I referenced a song called “Halle Berry” and Hurricane Chris is on the remix. Shout out to Supastar, the rapper on the song. Here is the controversy.

Here is some rumors on the song from a person that emailed me their feelings.

The song was sold without all legal owners of the song’s permission.

The original song that everyone knows, hit Billboard for 3 weeks, plays on radio still in TX, LA, ARK, OK is SupaSTAAR ft. Dorrough Music.

Dorrough Music is one of Dallas’ hottest unsigned artists and he is getting the raw end of the deal. He came in and made this song HOT and his connections with Texas DJ’s made this song one of the #1 club bangers in Texas. A lot of Texas’s most influential DJs who originally supported the record with Dorrough Music on it, refused to play the remix with SupaSTAAR ft. Hurricane Chris & Tum Tum (which barely played on radio after Play-N-Skillz tried to take over the situation). The majority of DJs in this region will never play the new version of Halle Berry because they know the truth of the situation.


If you didn’t know already, that song with Jay-Z and Santogold is the first single from the “Notorious” movie. The movie looks great!

Jaime Foxx’s wig got has been pushed back to April of 2009, just in time for spring.

The Ying Yang Twins has signed a $30 million deal with Deep Records…Deep Records? Do they have paper that long?

LA The Darkman isn’t sure why Jeezy said “F**k DJ Drama.” I think something was there, but they say they haven’t really pursued it. He said some of the CTE cats were bleeding after the Dirty Awards.

I always let you know when I hear something I don’t believe. I heard Ashanti is pregnant. I hear it but I don’t believe it.

Click here for the Talib Kweli video with Idle Warship.

Also heard Ron Brownz – the East Coast T-Pain – has reportedly signed to Universal Records.

President-elect Barack Obama formally announced Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as his pick for Secretary of State.They putting the no snitching laws to the test in Chi-town. Click here.


Jay-Z relishes his privacy, but how does that work being married to Beyonce.

“I don’t even like for people to know what my girl looks like and now I’m in a relationship with Michael Jackson!”

Pause. What Jay-Z meant is he is married to the biggest thing in music. Michael might be “prettier” than B though – PAUSE!


There is another reason why you should not go anywhere near drugs, kids. Fam, more than 4,500 people have been murdered in Mexico since early 2008. WOW. I might add that the United States has the most demand for cocaine in the world. Rap didn’t do that.


Nine decapitated bodies were found on Sunday in a vacant lot in the Mexican city of Tijuana close to the border with the United States, in the latest gruesome attack involving drug cartels, local officials said.

The crime is part of a turf war between rival cartels for control of Tijuana, across the border from the US city of San Diego, according to Jose Manuel Yepiz, attorney general for the state of Baja California.

Five other murders were committed in Tijuana since Saturday.

Mexico’s border region from Tijuana east to Ciudad Juarez across from El Paso, Texas has seen most of the drug cartel-related violence that has killed 350 people since early September.

The region hosts key supply routes to export drugs to the United States, the world’s biggest consumer of cocaine, which is exclusively produced in Latin America at a rate of 950 tonnes per year.


There is an Epic Fail of the Day somewhere in this video. I think he has to be the drunken 43-year-old.


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All the Bone Thugs together – WITH A FULL BAND? CHRISMAS CAROLS? Wow. Check this out!

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