Hip-Hop Rumors: Game Disses Soulja Boy! Details On “Lil Kim”Party Death! Lloyd Banks To Def Jam?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! “LIL KIM” PARTY SUSPECT CAUGHT…EXCLUSIVE DETAILS So, there was a chick that was viciously beaten and killed. Her face has been totally revealed. She took a picture […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



So, there was a chick that was viciously beaten and killed. Her face has been totally revealed. She took a picture at the party. But, there is more to the sad story of Ingrid Rivera. As you know or should know, she was seen in the VIP section of Spotlight Live. But, Wednesday her body was found on the roof of the building in a shed – dead. She died of a blow to the back of her head. According to tmz, the picture was taken at about 1 am. Here are the exclusive details obtained by the illseed. The girl that was found was allegedly raped before (or after) she was murdered. As you know, she was reportedly drunk and taken away by security. Not sure who took her to the roof. But, she was allegedly violated up there. People are crazy these days.


I’ve been telling you of all the changes going on over at Interscope. A lot of the artists that seemed to be very promising are suddenly on shakey ground. Well, Lloyd Banks seemed to be an Interscope lifer, is looking for a change I am hearing. I heard that Banks, who is G-Unit’s capo, is trying to head over to Def Jam. That would be interesting, right? He’s got some adversaries over there, but some friends too like LL Cool J. I think recently we’ve seen Banks spitting fire so he deserves another outing with a budget.


Both Kelis and D’Angelo are looking to make a comeback in a really major way. Well, what do both Kelis and D’Angelo have in common? No, it’s not what you think. They are both working on comeback albums with Tone…Toni…Tony. The man’s name is Raphael Saadiq and he is reportedly been tapped to produce both comeback albums. Maybe Tone, Toni and Tony should tap him for their own comeback album.


Well, somebody in Philly definitely got at me over Miss Jones. It seems like Miss Jones may have lost her job in Philly, not because of her talent, but because she couldn’t seem to get long with anyone. That’s what I was told, at least. Rumor has it, her new team in Philly couldn’t take her attitude. Now somebody said to me that it was “rude and disrespectful,” but that’s me. From what I hear Michael Shawn still has a job on the weekend with 100.3 The Beat. Does the future see, “The Michael Shawn Morning Show?” The streets of Philadelphia are talking, but there is no confirmation on that.


DJ Envy chopped it up with Saigon the other day and there is still no drum roll moment. It’s still the whole “I gots options” thing. I know I’s have to be dotted and T’s have to be crossed, but dang at having my chromed out hover round by the time Greatest Story Never Told drops. He did say Interscope and Roc Nation are still on the short list but they’ve been on the short list…. Working on my patience people, working on it. Anyway, they re-hashed the Prodigy hit and run as well as the Buddens issue. But I do have a question. The freestyle he spit had some inclusions I don’t remember hearing from Saigon before; like hoes and b###### and ass and stuff…… Is this new? I thought dude was allergic to misogynistic lyrics. Someone school me.

[Illseed note: I’m telling you all, dude is going back to Mark Ronson like Amy Winehouse when she gets out of rehab!]

Here is the video:


A Jewish rapper has come out in hate of Barack Obama. Click here to hear the hater’s hate rap (or go to illseed.com)! Oh, and he disses Luda for good measure.


I heard Sparkdawg, artist of Scarface, is down with that new brand called Yums Clothing Co.

It would seem to be open season on Rick Ross. Click here to discover that rappers are dissing him, even though many support him.

Kwame Kilpatrick has been put in the clink. I think he needs to resign or something. Its just not looking too good at this point. Read the story here.

Rumor has it, Killer Mike and Big Boi have deaded their beef. That’s good! They are both too big for that.


Rosie Perez is hot, but she doesn’t really appreciate that from Kanye West:

“I’m a woman of a certain age and if you’re gonna mention me in a song, have a little respect. He mentions my breasts. When you walk down the street and you have 15-year-old boys.. and they’re like, ‘Yo, Rosie, D’s D’s, Rosie Perez,’ it’s no good.”

The Game has a new song called “Superman” and he says:

“F**k with my cash, I’m getting in ya a** like Beyonce’s thong.” (Not sure if this is somehow a slight to Hov, but it sounds odd. He definitely disses Soulja Boy by saying, “I ain’t no MF’in’ Soulja Boy!” But he does call himself the “New Jay Hova”…and Jay did call himself Superman on Kingdom Come. Click here to hear the song and the diss.)


A lot of people feel that Barack Obama should be our next president. I happen to be one of them. And there are others that feel that they have to stop him and the best way to do that is, not to vote, but to kill him. Wow. Well, a man named Raymond Hunter Geisel was arrested last week for threatening to kill Obama. He had weapons and military-style gear in his hotel rooms and his cars. Dude is only 22 too. Dude reportedly said, “If he gets elected, I’ll assassinate him myself.” He said the preceding comment to somebody in his bail bondsman class. Geisel also said that he wanted to body Bush so its not just Obama that he’s crazy for. Dude says he was kidding with some comments and didn’t say others. Nevertheless, police found his car and hotel laced with 9mm handgun, knives, armor-piercing bullets, body armor and a lot more. Barack, watch your back.

SIGNS PART II: Want to read about the made that traded in his life for a lifelong supply of fried chicken? You have to read this one. CLICK HERE.


[Illseed note: there are times when I don’t know what the hell Shelz is talking about til I do some research. Below you will find some of DJ Girl Talk’s work. What a name…LMAO! She can explain…]

So there is this DJ and his name is Girl Talk and he creates songs by piecing together very short snippets of other people’s ish. Think of it as a sound quilt if you will. Don’t ask how many songs are sampled in one of his creations. I’m sure you could play Name That Tune for days off one of his cuts. Why is this any of your concern? Because the light bulb just came on over a lot of folk’s heads today when the NY Times reported that Girl Talk has never received clearance for one sample and he has never been sued. Obscure artists rarely pull enough spotlight for people to care, but iTunes pulled one of his CD’s from the sales rotation for fear of legal reprisal and in my opinion because it was actually selling hence his removal from the obscurity safe zone. I’m sure many master holders are raising their eyebrows and plenty of JD’s are sharpening their pencils. But what if Girl Talk is sued and Girl Talk wins? What will that mean for the art of sampling and the ambiguous copyright laws that govern the art? I’m really going to enjoy watching this cat walk the razors edge. Not a rumor, but very interesting.

Here is another video to Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s”

He kinda rips it. I cannot tell a lie. If he wasn’t nice, he’d be a sign the world was coming to an end.


On reader I know wrote in and laid it down for Rick Ross:

What’s up Illseed. I visit allhiphop.com daily and love the entertaining rumors. However, I must speak on Mr. Ricky Ross. Now, first off….I’m no street n***a. However, I was born and raised in Miami Carol City. Like Trick Daddy said, Miami is so wild it is compared to people’s entire State. Now I had been heard rumors of Ross working as a CO in his younger days. However, I know street dudes how vouch for Ross that he has lived the life. There were projects in Carol City called the “Match boxes” where Ross hung at that used to be on 37ave and 199th street during his earlier days. Now supposedly he was hanging with the Boobie Boys (watch MiYayo the movie for details on them). Now I do not know if he was affiliated with them boys, but he was with them a lot. Now far as him being a CO, that s### is irrelevant. The thing is, coke is at abundance down here. I wouldn’t say he was a King Druglord and s###, but he touched the white before. You got to think…..keys are everywhere down here. S**t have the country is waiting on that work coming in from Miami ports. That’s why Ross emphasizes so much on drug kingpins down here, because there was a lot of millionaire coming out from that s**t down here. Look at it like this, down here in Miami: “If you touched it, you seen it….and if you Seen it (most cats from Miami have), you COULD have touched it”. Dade County Stand up.


Lil’ Cease has been a lot of things to a lot of people, but I think he might be ready for that Maino rematch. Check out this video! I’m hyped up!! I’m really mad that he misspelled “Physical” in the fitness. I know they want to make this a DVD out of this, but fix that.

I’m convinced!


Ne-Yo is that dude, but what’s good with these pics? He looks like he just had an E pill and…ummm..well, he’s got an album on the way. Nuff respect due!

Whenever pics like this surface, people say “Oh, he had bad management” or “The wrong people were around him.”

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK or maybe Saturday!

AND RIP TO INGRID RIVERA…she didn’t deserve that, no matter what.


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