Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Man’s Fraud Case Explodes! 50 Cent & Rocsi On BET! Swizz & Alicia May Have A Prob!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE   I appreciate all the love and respect that I have gotten in the last few days and week.  I want you all […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I appreciate all the love and respect that I have gotten in the last few days and week.  I want you all to hit me with whatever you see!






It really makes my live easier and also far more interesting. I like reading and hearing about other people’s accounts of what happened. Shout out to all of my regulars and alla that!


Email me rumors and sightings at AllHipHopRumors@gmail.com.




 I cannot say the label, but I can say that one of Hip-Hop’s most trusted and respected brand in Hip-Hop is quite possibly going to be going under soon. I am sure this will garner me death threats and everything I deserve, but I can’t say the name of the label. All I can admit is the brand has been around for years and years and keeps serving up dope rap. The only thing is, the sales don’t seem to match with the quality of the artist’s work. So, you can expect more people out there on the open market and this includes big wig execs!






The Game doesn’t stop does he? Oh, and neither does 50 Cent. Well, Game and 50 are at it again. The Compton rapper said the following:


“It’s just Hip-Hop and I think that he’s more bitter towards me then anyone else he’s had drama with because look what I did to his brand. I killed G Unit. I killed the clothes, I killed the brand, I killed Tony Yayo, Banks, and Buck at that time. Like I really f**ked up a lot of money for that dude. Not only for him but my label, Jimmy Iovine, who at this point, I’m apologetic to.” Click here for full story.


Now, from his R.E.D. Album, Game supposedly has a song called “Ricky.” Honestly, we don’t know what that song is, but I thought It may have something to do with MC Rick Ross. If you have any ideas on this, let me know.





So, yesterday BET’s ROCSI and 50 CENT mended their lives formally! Yesterday, the rapper appeared on BET for the first  of about three dates on the net work. But we all rmember the beef that Rocsi and Fif had. She said some things and 50 responded with some things…..no need to delve back into the details of the mess there. According to my Twitter fam, they were on there and everything was real cool…”they got along” as one person put it. Another person said Yayo and Banks were “cold” but 50 was “civil.” Viewers can catch 50 Cent co-hosting 106 & PARK again on, Monday, November 23Tuesday, November 24 at 6:00 p.m.* and





Here is some more 50 Cent for the stanleys of the world. But this is interesting content for anybody, since 50 Cent is explaining why he did that “Family Day” thing he did. 50 is just ruthless like Eazy E.





I looked on Mashonda’s Twitter and couldn’t find the specific tweet so maybe she deleted it, but Swizz and A. Keys may have actually done Mashonda a favor. Her career may get a jolt of energy now. According to the message from her, Mashonda says she is now getting hit up from A&Rs at labels that know she’s been hurt and know she has a story to tell. They want her to express that pain in her song…and you know what happens then…SCANDAL!!!!! We’ll see!




I have this filter thing going on. I basically filter out what I think are stupid rumors. I think I need to turn that filter off a bit! Because, when I heard that Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius were a rumored couple, I just said, “these internets have lost their minds.” But, there are some that charge they are a bit too close and have been seen in compromised positions. Pics that don’t look right. On the flip side, they are saying Jay-Z has already called for my dude Julius to be fired. But dude sometimes works for Jay too. Remember them fighting  off the papz in Africa? A recent trip to Berlin seemed to get the rumors jumping crazy again….hmmmmmmm…..


I don’t believe it.





Check this out. There  is about two damn minutes of pure instrumental, but after that, you get the interview with Gucci’s management.





So this is regarding a Gucci Mane Show Pittsburgh that has caused a tremendous amount of beef. Peep this…these are not my words, but the words of others that have a complaint. Like I said, they are talking about taking this to a new level of the game.




Good Morning,




Please be advised that i spoke to Johnnie Cabbell regarding the Gucci Show in Pittsburgh and Gucci’s non-appearance and breach of contract on our two previous dates… Johnnie believes So Icey Ent. (Gucci or Ms. Debbie) WILL NOT reimburse us for lost promote expenses nor defer the back payment of this show to compensate for non-appearance and breach of contract …




My attorney advise that Gucci, Debbie & Johnnies conspiracy to defraud clients by booking shows while Gucci is on house-arrest or in rehab, failing to advise their clients of his confinement or status and knowing that Gucci would be unable to make any shows is a federal and state crime… The attorneys will contact the Pa. Attorney General and/or FBI for investigation against Gucci Mane, Debbie & Johnnie and then move  for TRO’s & Preliminary Injunctions to stop any Gucci Shows until he compensates prior clients (we will get the other clients involved with help from JB at Ozone Mag.)…




Johnnies Cabbell request that we wait until Friday, Nov. 13th before we make a decision (Gucci has yet another Court hearing)…I sending this email to advise everyone of this matter and get input.








1). On or about, June 24th, 2009, b. Marshall productions and associates contracted with Hitt Afta Hitt ent.  (Johnnie Cabbell) & So Icey ent. (R. Davis (Gucci Mane) & Debra Antney) to book a concert with rap artist Gucci Mane in Pittsburgh, Pa., show scheduled for August 22nd, 2009…. b. marshall productions & associates were required to send Cabbell & Antney $27,500.00 intial deposit split between Davis, Antney & Cabbell;




2). For promotion, production and preparation for the 8-22-09 show b. marshall productions and associates placed a $2,000 non-refundable deposit on their show venue, place a $2,500 sound equipment deposit, spent $4,500 in radio ads, paid $1,000 in fliers/posters, $2,000 street team, and $1500 non-refundable security deposit for a total production expense of $13,500.00;




3). On or about, July 15th, 2009, b. marshall productions and associates received word that artist Gucci Mane had committed a parole violation and had been returned to jail;




4). B. Marshall productions and associates then contacted Cabbell and Antney to learn the status of artist Gucci Mane and to insure that the 8-22-09 show date would proceed;




5). On or about, August 5th, 2009, Cabbell/Antney informed the parties that the Pittsburgh Show was in good standing and would proceed;




6). On or about, August 5th, 2009, Cabbell/Antney informed associate G.. Rowell that his show would proceed in Washington, DC and was in good standing;




7). B. Marshall productions and associates then purchased more TV ads promoting their 8-22-09 event based on Antney/Cabbell’s assurance letter;




8). On or about, August 20th, Antney told b. marshall productions that Gucci Mane would not show in Pittsburgh and they would reschedule the show….but that they would not return any lost promotion deposits or advertisement money;




9). On or about, Sept. 14th, 2009, Cabbell/Antney reissued b. marshall productions and associates a new contract and new show date for November 7th, 2009, Antney/Cabbell advised b. marshall productions and associates that artist Gucci Mane would make the new show date and that they would provide a video drop from Gucci Mane to promotion the event 30 days before the Nov. 7th show;




10). At no time would Cabbell/Antney explain Gucci Mane’s confinement or restriction or the length thereof and both were aware that Gucci Mane could not make the Pittsburgh or DC show dates when they issued the 8-05-09 letters;




11). On Sept. 18th, b. marshall productions contacted, via email, Davis/Cabbell/Antney requesting a video drop….they informed b. marshall productions that they had the script and would complete the video drop  before Oct 7th, 2009;




12). Between Oct. 1st and Oct. 22th, b. marshall productions contacted Cabbell/Antney for video drop to no avail;




13). On Oct. 22nd, Gucci Mane’s show with FAMU was cancelled because of non-appearance;




14). On. Oct. 31st, Gucci Mane’s show with NC A&T was cancelled do to non-appearance;




15). B. Marshall Productions and associates have learned that Gucci Mane is not permitted to leave the state of GA and was never able to make the 8-22-09  or 11-07-09 shows






16). B. Marshall Productions and associates have learned that Davis/Cabbell/Antney have continued to book shows, take money from other associates & clients, refuse to return deposits or lost promotion expenses, and reschedule show dates, although they are/were aware that Gucci Mane is not allowed to leave Georgia..thereby committing a  state and federal fraud..



I have said this over and over and I am going to say it again. It is getting harder and harder to FIND and LOCATE some major Hip-Hop releases. Read what a reader friend of mine said:


I’ve seen Wale’s numbers for his new CD and heard about 50’s low expectations.  I live in Oklahoma City and here it’s near impossible to find either CD.  I still haven’t seen a Wale CD after visiting 5 different stores.  Plus, the Best Buy’s here still aren’t carrying 50’s new one.  I found a Target with about 8 of them.  I’m thinking that if Interscope wants these artists to do some numbers, they need to ship CD’s to some stores so we don’t have to get them digitally.



Thanks Adam!





Looks like Eminem is going to come out in December a few days before the Chrismas holiday. My bad..that’s something called “Refill,” a re-release with new tracks and old tracks from Relapse.


Waka Flocka Flame is all good and out of jail I guess. He is going to be giving away Turkeys for Thankgsiving to people along with Nicki Minaj.


Speaking of Nicki, it has been brought to my attention that some people may have taken something I said the wrong way. I wasn’t suggesting SHE leaked that Rihanna she wrote, I was just saying it leaked. Not that Nicki leaked it on purpose.


I was wrong too. Marlon Wayans gave C tha God the BIZNESS on Twitter! Oh, it was ugly!


Shout out to Toccara Jones.  She has a new boyfriend in Rasual Butler of the L.A. Clippers. But here is the thing, I thought she was still with that music industry dude. T has a reality show on the way…stay tuned for that. Is she on BET still?


Shout out to Gabrielle Union, who is on “Flash Forward” on ABC. I had no idea!


Fantasia is reportedly dating a married man and got his name tatted on her. Like, my filter is on again.




video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player







This dumb a$$ kid and his father must have a real messed up relationship, dude. His daddy killed him execution style…read up on it.


A Highland Park teenager was shot to death execution style after he confessed to inappropriately touching his 3-year-old half sister. Detroit police say Jamar Pinkney Sr. barged into Jamar Pinkney Jr.’s home, where he lived with his mother, and beat the boy before ordering him to strip naked. He then led the frightened 15-year-old out into a field where he shot him to death.


Lazette Cherry, Jamar’s mother said she was only trying to teach her son discipline when she called his father and told him what the boy had done. “I called and told his father this isn’t something you sweep under the rug,” Cherry said Wednesday.


Pinkney Sr., who was separated from Cherry and lived with the 3-year-old and her mother, rushed to the home with a gun.


“He started beating him right here,” Cherry said from her living room. “I said, ‘No, please stop!’ “ She said Pinkney Sr. marched the boy naked out of the house — in full view of neighbors — and ordered him on his knees.


“He got on his knees and begged, ‘No, Daddy! No!’ and he pulled the trigger,” Cherry said from her home on North Street in Highland Park. “There wasn’t nothing that my son wouldn’t do for his father. He loved his father so much.”


Jamar was shot once in the back of the head. Pinkney then calmly drove away. He was arrested 3 hours later and charged with one count of first-degree murder, three counts of felonious assault and one count of felony firearm.


Cherry said the 3-year-old’s mother took the girl to a hospital to be examined Sunday. She said Jamar told her he never raped the child and kept his clothes on.


A physical exam showed no evidence of sexual trauma.


Pinkney is being held without bond.





If you are into the grimey, ill Hip-Hop, read below!


What up ILLSEED! Thanks for doing what it is you do! I just wanted to throw some bay area love out there,,,Kool Herc was in Frisco on Sun @ The Green Festival. He showed up while Davey D, Dead Prez and Speech were speaking! Later that night @ 1015 Folsom was The Green Fest after party w/ DP and Speech performing, Davey D was djing and Ras Term’s was doing live art! It was a nice lil event! This might not be great gossip! But fools need to get behind being green or get left behind! Peace, J Riggs




I know I am late on these so sue me!



Drake and Nicki Minaj attended the GQMen Of The Year” – earlier this week.






They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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