Hip-Hop Rumors: Huge Jeezy Fight! Jay-Z vs Jaz-O Heats Up Again! No New Man For Lil’ Kim!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! REAL FAST… There was a rumor earlier in the day that stated there was a relationship between lawyer Londell McMillan and Lil’ Kim. That rumor isn’t […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



There was a rumor earlier in the day that stated there was a relationship between lawyer Londell McMillan and Lil’ Kim. That rumor isn’t true. I just wanted to let you know about that one. So, if you think there is some fact to it, you have bad info inside your head so get it out.


Well, the hate has bubbled over. For some reason, my site (illseed.com) has gotten shutdown. It’s no mystery that the site was hosted on wordpress. I’ve don’t nothing but offer entertaining content over there. AHA! But, fore some reason, they are claiming that there is a violation in the terms of use. I am working with wordpress to resolve the issue, but this is just a sign. A sign that I have to get a new solution. I’ve talked to some designers who are going to hook your boy up with a fresh design. “The Man” and the haters cannot stop me! LOL…I’m kidding and I’m serious at the same time. Stay tuned…the real illseed.com cometh!


Micheal Jackson has been a Godsend do some and..something else to others. Now. the son of an Arab monarch is suing the singer for $7 million because the KING of Pop didn’t deliver an album and an autobiography as promised. Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa is about to give MiJack WAR! MiJack says that $7 million was a GIFT. Oprah doesn’t give Gayle a cash gift like that. LOL. Court proceedings have already started.


These wildfires have forced Snoop Dogg and his fam to leave their California home. He’s removed his family and staff like the rest of the 26,000 people evacuated from their homes over the weekend. This blaze has taken under over 150 houses in the state. Snoop wasn’t actually at the home. I do believe he is on tour overseas.


Jaz-O is sending a female to get at Jay. I love the cameraman for his constant chatter. Check this out.

I think cats see some chinks in Jay-Z’s armor and are set to attack!


What you snotty-nosed punks know about this old song? Even Jaz-O is in there. LOL.


At first, when I saw Justin Timberlake Saturday Night…I thought, “Boy he’s daring and crazy…and more.” But, then I thought, “That boy thinks he’s slick!” He’s already touched Janet’s boobage and now he gets a free pass to grind up on Beyonce. Click here to see it. He’s a sly lil devil, that Justin is! “Free feels, free feels!!”

THE BREEDING GROUND – TUESDAY! For more info, go to the AllHipHop Page on the event, or check out the SOB’s informational site.If you are in New York / NJ and don’t go…you’re not Hip-Hop! Yeah, I said it! Asher Roth needs to come through too!HUGE FIGHT AT JEEZY CONCERT

Young Jeezy was live performing “My President” and suddenly a big brawl started in a Dallas club. Well, why’d it break out on the song dedicated to Barack Obama? SMH at “change.” Some things never change.

I don’t know who are how this is going to change, but IT HAS TO CHANGE. I am completely sick of this mess. Shout out to Young Jeezy for “My President.” Big man definitely beasted people…I gotta admit.


That lucky dude!

This is the Obama girl.


You may recall the intense battle, the uncounted votes and the big bucks waved in people’s faces. It seems like the owner is presently in jail and will be for a couple years. This was sent to me about the WSOHH contest.

As you probably are aware, nobody has gotten paid yet for the WSOHH battles that took place in New York on September 27th featuring Murda Mook vs. Young Hot, Lady Luck vs. Rece Steele and Ness vs. Mysonne. We just found out that WSOHH chairman Furqaan Clover was in jail 2 years for forgery. Furqaan is not this guy’s real name…

Here is the whole story from a person looking to recover money from the contest.

His real name is Franklin Clover and his known aliases are Bayshawn and Larry Jones. I guess the New Jersey Department of Corrections doesn’t know he goes by Furqaan now.

We don’t know if he took the money or if that money even existed in the first place. He said the money to pay the participants was in escrow, but I don’t think anyone ever saw proof of that. We never even knew where that money came from in the first place. He said the guaranteed money (which was $120,000 total) was donated but he never said by whom.

We don’t know where he is. Uneek (Luck and Mysonne’s manager) has heard from him several times. He keeps blaming the company he hired to do the text voting by saying they won’t release the results. But the president said that Furqaan never contacted him to get the results in the first place. At this point nobody knows what to believe doesn’t know what to believe. On Thursday he said he was going to release the money and he would call her back, but she hasn’t heard from him since. Uneek even called and left him a message saying she was pursuing litigation, but she still didn’t get a response. Everyone that participated in the battle has been trying to call him for weeks, but he doesn’t respond to anyone. The artists did what they were supposed to do by promoting the battle beforehand and showing up and fulfilling their end of the contract.

About 2 weeks after the battle he sent a text message to everyone saying that the results were in and that they need to meet in person at his lawyers office to fill out paperwork. Some of the participants drove up from Philly only to find out that they were not getting their checks that day and it was just to fill out the papers. That was the Friday before Columbus Day. He said since Monday was a holiday the money would be released on Tuesday, but obviously that never happened. We have since found out that the lawyer he had was just hired for that one day.

We also just heard that Furqaan did a battle in North Carolina last week and those people haven’t got paid either. Ness found out about that battle because some of the participants were from Philly.

As for the mess up with the voting. I have never heard an official result on how many text votes actually counted, but I am hearing rumors that the initial number was greatly embellished and this is one of his known tactics. He obviously made some money, but we don’t know how much because he was charging $20 at the door, $10 for the Pay-Per-View to watch the event online and $0.99 for each text vote.

All the text votes that he said didn’t count were not charged to people’s accounts (to my knowledge).

Here is a quote that you can use from Murda Mook… “This is ridiculous. We had a written agreement that stated if we performed we would be paid. Now after we did our part Furqaan, I mean Frank, isn’t giving us the money that we earned.”Furqaan Clover  was not available for comment.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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