LIL’ WAYNE WANTS HIS NIVEA!   Lil’ Wayne’s releasing his leaked Carter 3 songs in the form of “The Leak,” a mixtape CD. The album Carter 3 is coming out in 2008. I Can’t Feel My Face, the album with Juelz Santana – 2007. The word out there is he’s even got a rock band […]

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Lil’ Wayne’s releasing his leaked Carter 3 songs in the form of “The Leak,” a mixtape CD. The album Carter 3 is coming out in 2008. I Can’t Feel My Face, the album with Juelz Santana – 2007. The word out there is he’s even got a rock band called Bad Ass Grasshopper with will drop a single called “Rap, Rock, R&B” this year. In a recent video, Wayne made it clear that he’s not with any woman in particular—not even Superhead. But he also stated that he’s “waiting on Nivea” at the very end. The thing is, Nivea has a child and is married nowadays. Maybe Wayne’s daughter approves of Nivea? He said that’s the only way they can get in the door. I still think Superhead is out to conquer her some Lil’ Wayne. I have to give Wayne props—he’s on fire…no album out and no pun intended.  (I think this video is from a DVD called “Hood Hype.” Thanks for the info Dynasty!)




Both Russell and Kimora Lee have new relationships going on. But, if you thought there was going to be some yoga, tofu, kung-fu fights going on—NO. Djimon Hounsou (who starred in “Blood Diamond”) and Kimora Lee Simmons were seen in LA over the weekend and he was rocking a Phat Farm shirt. This wasn’t just any shirt…this was a Genesh t-shirt from Russell Simmons’ new Phat Farm Atman Collection. OHHHHHH! That means there is no beef. (Yeah right! I bet Suge wore Sean Jean once!) These rumors are crazy. Now, comes the irony. Russell Simmons did beef with Djimon in some ways, because Russell took exception to the images in “Blood Diamond.” Well, he was selling diamonds and didn’t want anybody messing up his good business. I’m not mad, but I am offended at a certain blog that calls the Def Jam founder, “Blood Diamond Russ.” It’s “hilarical,” but totally unfair, guys. Go Green or Go Home!




I heard two people went to the Pink Houses in East New York and got Foxy Brown’s stuff back in 20 minutes flat. I’m Bennett and I ain’t in it. It’s not a game. I like this new union between Foxy Brown and Black Hand though. If we could just get Black Roses out, I’m telling you the planets would go back in order. Seriously, I’m glad to see order restored in the streets for Fox. For those like me that knew nothing about the Pink Houses, here is some science. The Pink Houses are an East New York Housing Project. Wood sent me this article on the area.




The New York Post is reporting that Dame and his lovely wife Rachel were embroiled in a big fight recently. I’m not going to say this is factual, because it sounds like a big ol’ lie. But, the report says that Rach, a famous fashionista, was curled on a couch with another man and Dame went spazzola over it. Well, after he allegedly went off, she stayed out and he went to another club. Me? I’m tearing the club up like Three Six Mafia and nobody’s having anymore fun for the night. You know how we do! This incident allegedly happened at Socialista, a club Dame co-owns. “They got into a screaming match,” said a witness. Dame’s representatives shot down the rumor saying that all is well in paradise. I agree. Can I have some Pro Keds? LOL.




AHH friend and contributor Marty Caballero caught up with Skillz at the BK Hip-Hop Festival and got some info on that video with Freeway I told you about. I’m sort of glad to see rappers’ seizing the day and grabbing hold of fate. Here is what Skillz had to say:


“I just shot a video with Freeway Tuesday for “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know.” Real classic, black and white, ‘Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)’, 16 mm, dirty, we kept it real gritty. Shout out to my man Freeway. When I heard that beat, I was like ‘I gotta call Freeway.’ It sounded like  ‘What We Do is Wrong Pt. II.’ I was like, ‘This is his lane.’ I’m not dumb enough to think this n***as gonna hear this and not be like, ‘Freeway would have killed this.’ So I put him on, on some pride s**t, and you hear me 8 bars in and then Freeway comes in. But shout to Free. We actually got in the studio and wrote the record together. I wrote my rhymes, Freeway didn’t write s**t. He just went in [for] 8 bars, and every time I would spit my 8 bars he would come in on my heels. And I hadn’t had that competition in a while, like, ‘Woo! He just mashed it, I gotta go in!’ It was good competition and it came out on the record. Free’s my dude man, he’s a funny n***a. Funny n***a.”


A funny what, Skillz? A funny “BROTHER?” I thought so!






“Metal confronts what we’d rather ignore.” I was watching a story on the heavy metal movement and they sounded just like rappers of today and those that defend Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is the new rock, getting blamed for all the ills of society. I remember back in the day, the rock acts were getting blamed for everything from the rise in Satanism, suicide, moral decline, sexism, violence and every other ailment dragging the world down.  So what do you think, is Hip-Hop the new metal? As one rocker said, “Either you feel it or you don’t.”




Who would have thought that Ben Chavis was a racist? If you think I mean that guy down with Russell and used to have the last name Muhammad, you are wrong. This guy is a principal out in Oakland and he’s causing an uproar. A grad student named Unity Lewis, 25, was visiting Chavis’ school and was called a “a f**king Black minority punk.” He also said that he was going to kick the grad student’s ass, and called him a “worthless piece of s**t.” Why? Unity was 15 minutes late. (Chavis himself claims to be of mixed heritage with Black and Native American.) There is more. He’s called his students “Darkies” and even reportedly called a PARENT of one of his student “a prostitute.” And Governor Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger called Chavis a “perfect example of great leadership.” Wow. Read the story here.




OH YEAH. As for Unity Lewis. You can’t have a name like that and not be a rapper. A friend of mine dropped the science on me about Unity Lewis. “He has always been one with a revolutionary mind and even in High School he and I put together an all black male assembly at our school (Fairfax Senior High) to attempt to clam down situations between rival gangs and growing problems between Blacks and Mexicans in our school and community. He is also a political rapper and the main driving force behind the group “The Napalm Clique.” Shout out to Stephan H for the info.




Thanks to all my editors. I don’t know if you know, but I have community editing like wikipedia. If I make an error, one of my good friends (community editors) hits me up and I change it. Critics be damned! (Shout out to Eric White!)


Shout out to Jimmy B and the PMC crew on Post road!


You know this, but Paris Hilton is out. I’m over her, but I am going to give a positive word about her. Now, I heard she is considering founding a halfway house for inmates to go after they get out of jail. This would help them transition into the “real world.”


Check it out: My boy Mark sent this to me. He said that Diddy, Nas, Suge Knight, Penélope Cruz and Erykah Badu all went to a concert for Prince. Neither Nas nor Badu would rock with the Purple Wonder. Nikka Costa did though! What happened to her?


I’m still mad at Tiger Wood for the Cablinasian comment, but I send my congrats to him Elin, and their baby Sam Alexis Woods. Welcome to the jungle! (Oh yeah, props to Tiger for his school out in Cali. I heard he’s doing some real good work out there with the kids.)


What does Blu Cantrell do for a living? The first person to answer that gets an email from me!


They are saying that WWE wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his son and hung himself to death in his weight room. I don’t think that he should rest in peace anymore if this is true. The son was only seven.  




This wasn’t all that eventful, but Kimbo is the winner over former world champ Ray Mercer. Mercer is 13 years older than Kimbo at 46 years old so I’m not mad at him. Anyway, Kimbo is the man.







New York, New York…big city of dance! I’m not mad at the new happy rap wave in Hip-Hop. Better to have fun than die, right? Anyway, I’m equally interested in the hate that has come out as a result. There is a rumor that Audi, one of the rappers on the song, was recently relieved of a pair of Jesus pieces in Harlem after a basketball tourney. See the love, the hate and the freshly dipped dancing. And stop allegedly robbing people, New Yawk.














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