Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kim Kardashian Trying To Buy Beyonce’s Favor?


According to the National Inquirer or Enquirer – whatever its called -Kim K. is trying to buy Beyonce’s love – through Baby Blue Ivy! Now, you may recall Jay-Z and B took the haughty route with Kimmie as Kanye’s babe. But, basically Kim is getting in there. She recently spent $5,000 on a diamond studded baby bracelet that was rumored to be engraved “Love Auntie Kim.” They are saying that Kim may have overplayed her hand and Beyonce is giving her the side-eye now. Blue Ivy is older than Kim and Kanye’s relationship! They did reveal that Kim and B have gotten along based on their personalities getting along. But not, based on choices and lifestyles, which is why they have kept her at bay. They are NOT friends, says sources. Kim may have set herself back.