Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Mariah Carey Addicted To Lean?


Just about every rapper from the south brags about sippin’ slow, but now one of pop’s biggest names is allegedly a lean addict as well.

Word is Mariah Carey has developed a habit of sippin’ codeine cough syrup after her team warned her not to in fear of this happening.

Star Magazine reports:

Star has learned that Mariah Carey has been turning to codenine cough syrup to shore up her cherished five-octave vocal range, the faltering of which was made painfully clear by leaked isolated vocals of her performance of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” during the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

Understandably, Mariah consulted throat experts, who recommended total voice rest. The problem: Mariah is a chatty diva and couldn’t bear not talking to her kids or refraining from ordering her staff around. So her voice got worse, and she begged doctors for syrup scrip.
“Mariah’s team was adamantly against it, worried she’d develop a problem,” says a close insider of the singer.

“Needless to say just days after receiving a prescription Mariah had her people call a doctor to say she lost her prescription and needed another one. The truth is, she didn’t lose her prescription. She’d already drank all the syrup and wanted more!””

Is Nick Cannon driving Carey to get dranked out? #ThataintKoolAidupinmycup.