Hip Hop Rumors: Is Wiz Khalifa Ready To Be A Single Man?


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This one may come as a shock, considering how crazy in love they seem to be, but word is Wiz Khalifa is ready to be a free man and Amber ain’t haven’ it.

A source shared with MediaTakeout a few details of what’s been going on within the marriage:

“The insider told MediaTakeOut.com that during his tour, Wiz has gotten accustomed to sleeping with GROUPIES – and he’s ready to be single again. The snitch told MediaTakeOut.com, “Don’t get me wrong, Wiz loves her and she’s a cool [girl]. But he needs to be single right now.”

So why is it MESSY??? Well the insider told us that Amber has been PRETTY OPEN WITH WIZ during their many arguments – that if he leaves, she’s getting the most VICIOUS LAWYER IN THE WORLD – and is gonna hit him for the MAXIMUM CHILD SUPPORT that she can get.”

Mmmph. This is one we’re keeping an eye on. SMH.