Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z & Fat Joe Friends? Timberlake and Rihanna? Cassie Settles Diddy?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE “How are you gonna get the moon off you?” There was a big deal made over Kimbo Slice losing last night, but all I saw […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE

“How are you gonna get the moon off you?”

There was a big deal made over Kimbo Slice losing last night, but all I saw was a fighter smothered by a big fat dude. Come on now. Kimbo didn’t lose and that dude didn’t win. He just basically used his overweight body to pin Kimbo. FAIL!


The iconic hip hop band was on CNN and spoke about them being labeled sell outs for mainstream gigs, such as being the house band on the Jimmy Fallon show. ?uestlove quelled those rumors as nonsense and insisted that the band is merely being business savy, cashing those late night checks, as well as enjoying keeping fans guessing.

Here is what Questo said to CNN:

“I don’t know if selling out is even a factor in 2009. There’s being responsible, and there’s being businessmen,” he said. “My definition of selling out is when your products start sounding crappy and when you phone it in from home. But I don’t think there’s anything compromised or rushed or ill-timed or misthought about our career decision. As long as the music’s funky and true, and our art is still represented, I don’t see that at all.”


Michael Jackson allegedly told Rabbi Shmuley that his potential romance with Madonna failed after she insisted he escort her to a cross dressing strip bar, to which he declined. Later at dinner, Madge told a star struck child who had approached her and Michaels table to “shut up and get away from them” Michael allegedly responded “you shut up” and from then on dubbed the pop queen a mean witch. You know Michael loved the kids!


***Derrion’s Family needs help with funeral***

As the family struggles with the preparations of burying their child, Derrion’s family has reached out to those who have been so sympathetic for some help in burying the fallen teen. The mother and grandfather have called for an end to the pointless violence in our community, which also claimed their loved ones life. The family has set up ways for those who have expressed their interest in donating to this family to help them get through these turbulent times.

Via Paypal (Send Money)

email: derrionjalbert@yahoo.com

Via Mail:

Derrion Albert Memorial Fund

10126 S. Aberdeen Street

Chicago, IL 60643

No amount is too small. Please donate what you can and continue to keep this family in your prayers.


Do you all remember the other Dr. Dre? The dude that was with Ed Lover for several years until they broke up as a duo? Well, nobody has heard from Dre in years. In wondering what he was up to, a reader hit me up and told me that he was selling off all his stuff. Platinum plaques. YO! MTV Raps jackets. Autographed pics and all that. Click here to go to the sale. Is it possible that things have gotten bad for Dre? Very possible since we are all feeling the sting of the economy.

Man, Dre even had his own sneaker! Here is the vid!


I don’t know who told me this, but Raekwon is reportedly working on his next album.

Floyd Mayweather and Chilli are dating (again)? That’s nice. I mean, I hope this doesn’t mess up her reality show.

Looks like Nike has signed Vick to a new endorsement deal.

It was nice of T-Pain to apologize to Jay-Z again.

Click here, because I have taken Al Sharpton’s girl!

Young Dice has changed his name to just “Dice” and he is about to drop a mixtape.

Snoop is supposedly looking at signing his first big time act-former Jay-Z nemesis and Oasis guitarist, Noel Gallagher.*

Click here for some “bad girl” fashion with the likes of Rihanna and Cassie!

AllHipHop.com is doing the Social Lounge with Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga, Raekwon, Saigon, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Ras Baraka and others on October 17 in Newark, NJ. Don’t mess this up. Click here to get your ticket.

Khloe and Lamar may have had a ceremony but they aren’t officially married. That pesky prenump is holding up the actually marriage.


WHAT IS GOING ON? Lmao! YO! They have a bunch of sex offenders in the state of Georgia, Marietta to be exact. Well these convicted pervs have no where to live, because of the housing restrictions. So, their probation officer told them to go live behind an office building behind an office park. What is going on? I don’t even know what to make of it. Here is what AOL news made of it all.

It’s not the only place in Cobb County where offenders can live — there are hundreds of other sex offenders throughout the county living in compliance with the law. But Ahmed Holt, manager of the state’s sex offender administration unit, calls the camp a “last resort” for homeless offenders who can’t find another place to live that complies with the law.

This is just weird to me. I mean, they cant even monitor these freaks. Check it here.

Why does this dude have on a “Delaware” shirt though? LOL….T-Shirt Fail.


I don’t know what these people have going on in their minds to think of this mess, but…It sure is bizarre. And it sure is a fail. Human Poodle Aerobics? WHAT?

Spotted at Blogavelli.


This is pretty funny. Rumor has it, Jay-Z rolled up to a certain club in NYC and when he did, he accidentally rolled up into Fat Joe’s album release party or some event that Joe was having. At any rate, that didn’t stop Joe from thanking him! Lean back, Jigga!! Maybe they are just friends now….what do you think? Swizz was there too!


Look at Janet. Not black, but midnight blue is close enough. She’s a stunner!


I get so much Rihanna stuff, I am going numb to it. But this one was funny. She attended a wedding and apparently took a picture with a monk. COOL, DUDE!

Dr. Dre is getting mighty close to this evil woman!


Here is a video of him fresh out of a halfway house! At any rate, he is rumored to be getting a reality show. Wonder what that is going to be about? I’m sure hes going to address Hip-Hop in it…lol…

Click here for a movie that Ricky Ross is involved with.


Hey, this is Chance Encounters. Chance speaks for himself or his crew CDR or something like that. Checkhim out and I’ll be right back after he finishes.


The same guy who tweeted his attempt to have sex for 36 hours is saying he’s tired of all the beautiful groupies, group sex, and random hookups and he’s looking for a nice lil baby to settle down with.  He told Black Book magazine:

“Intimacy is more important to me than sleeping with hot

chicks. I don’t even know if I really savored every menage a trois I

had. I don’t want to do it all over again. Love is something I strongly

connect with, but it’s not something I’ve conquered.”

Kim Porter couldn’t do it maybe Cassie will make an honest man out of Puff.


Word is Money Mayweather is dating TLC’s Chili.  This rumor has been going around for a while now ever since Floyd bought her $5,000 worth of shoes (it aint trickin if you got her) but it’s resurfacing after the two were spotted at an event yesterday getting pretty friendly with one another.  Chilli is also working on a dating show for VH1 following in the footsteps of Flavor Flav, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Real & Chance, and Brett Michaels.



Farrah Franklin, formerly of Destiny’s Child way back when is currently working on a reality TV show.  I’m not sure what the premise is but the name of the show is Beauty: The Blessing & Curse.  I

thought it may be a dating show since she was also on a show called The

Millionaire Matchmaker where some old busted looking lady hooks up

millionaires but apparently not. Any LADIES interested in getting involved send your picture, resume and contact to Femaleboss818@gmail.com.



good to see rappers doing BIG things.  Jay-Z is crushing Elvis and

going on Oprah, Run DMC got a street named after than, and now the

first rapper to get a grammy Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince and his

better half Jada will be co-hosting the Nobel Peace Prize Concert this

year featuring Wyclef Jean, Toby Keith, Donna Summer, and more.  Thats definietly a good look.



there was a rumor going around that Lady GaGa was going to pull out of

the tour she has coming up with Kanye West in response to all the VMA

fallout.  MTO reported he was going to lose millions.  It doesnt look

like thats true since she seems to be ridin for the homey … she told

a Las Vegas radio station:

“it’s unfair to judge somebody on one mistake they’ve

made…everybody makes mistakes…He feels so f**king bad. He really

does.  I felt like that

moment kind of like really portrayed him in a way that he really isn’t.

It was just a random moment.”

She also went on to say ‘Ye was a

“good guy”.  So I guess the ex-Gay Tour is on.  Live Nation also said

it was still going down starting November 10th.I’M JUST SAYIN’

Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, Tyson Beckford’s gay a** (i kid i kid),

Swizz Beatz and Ryan Leslie were all at SL the other night to celebrate

David Lee signing his contract with the Knicks.Michael Vick just signed back on to endorse Nike … In the words of 50 Cent “you tell them crackers sorry ni**a then you get back on.”Lil Wayne is working on a mixtape “No Ceiling” and I’m hearing it’s HOT … Dedication hot.

Jay-Z you gone

let 50 call you a punk?? You better handle that son??  Don’t let him

punk you??  (lol … I really want this “beef” to happen) … 50 was

definietly sending shots on Angie Martinez yesterday.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel broke up … why am I telling

you that?  Cause I BEEN telling you he’s been seen all over NY with

Rihanna.  Think Jessica Biel is gonna pull a Mashonda on RiRi?

Peace – ChanceCDR @ Twitter or Gmail



Isn’t she cute?


One of my readers talked to a friend of his that works in a New York hospital, where they now REQUIRE people to take the Swine Flu vaccination. Check it out and you tell me what up. Also, at the end there is a video.

my original message:

hey xxxxx,

any new news on that mandatory vaccination? did they make you take it yet?

her response:

Hey xxxxxx,

It is really getting interesting because the attending physician union is fighting this at the hospital administration level. But the decision to make the vaccine mandatory for all hospital employees was a law passed by the state of New York, so its above the hospital.

I haven’t had to take it yet, but the official policy is still that if you do not get it by Nov. 30th you are suspended for two weeks without pay. If you fail to get the vaccine within the two weeks you lose your job. I am just going to wait it out as long as possible and hope this gets overturned or something. I did get the regular flu shot, which I would have elected to get even if it wasnt mandatory. But this swine flu thing really has not been tested in humans, so I am really not excited about being one of the 1st human subjects!

my response:

wow…thanks for the info. i’m starting to get worried about this. i don’t know if you saw but i posted a video about the 1976 swine flu scare and how some people who took it got neurological and other damage done to them. please keep me posted.

also, would you mind if i sent what you wrote to me (minus our names) to a guy i know who writes a pretty well known blog? i want to raise more awareness about this. but if you don’t want me to that’s totally cool too. thanks again!

her response:

“Yeah I saw your post.. It made me even more nervous! Feel free to pass it along to your friend. Maybe if more people are aware it wont happen! Also the other odd thing is that swine flu isnt that serious. It is less severe than regular flu, and most people with it do just fine, so I dont understand all this national concern over “pandemic” swine flu. I realize some young healhy people have died but those cases are definitely the exception. It is all suspicious and I cant get over the fact that I am being basically denied the right to choose what goes into my body. Its totally ridiculous!”

Click here to get the realness as told by “60 Minutes.”For more, go to illseed.com. Or just follow me at http://twitter.com/illseed


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