Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z For Mayor of NYC! The Game vs Bishop Lamont! Lupe’s Barack Comments.

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! WHERE AM I? I might be off on these rumors for a few days, people. Forgive me. I am still celebrating. I am requesting that people […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I might be off on these rumors for a few days, people. Forgive me. I am still celebrating. I am requesting that people ALL OVER THE WORLD email me scans of your news papers. I want to see what is being said all over. I don’t even need to know the language… email them to allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. I’d appreciate Hi-Res, but if not, send anyway!

Also, I posted Barack’s acceptance speech. Read it.

Watch ‘em kiss the ring of Barack Obama – RIGHT HERE.


I got some intel… I heard something that is definitely going to interest the fans of the pink and the purp. I am hearing that Dipset A&R Duke the God and chief Cam’ron had a secret meeting to reveal a plan for a Dipset Reunion. This meeting reportedly took place at HBO and the gentlemen may be trying to get the reunion on HB0. I am hearing that they will reunite at the Apollo in Harlem and announce a 2009 album that features all the Dipset crew. That is more interesting is one of the potential producers is well aware of the inner strife and asked Cam’ron about it. I heard that he said he and Jim Jones have patched things up. True? I’m not sure that I believe it, but the details of the situation seem to have some reality to it. I don’t know about HBO stuff though.


In an interview with Big Tigger, Lupe Fiasco told it how he saw it. I’m baffled, but check out the quote:

Of the acceptance speech, Lupe said, “It didn’t move me at all. What moved me was when they showed Jesse Jackson– he was balling. Jesse Jackson’s tears of affirmation showed me that this is the time for Black people to stand up for change.”

Am I missing some new offshoot of Black radicalism or something?

Click here for the speech that didn’t impress Lupe.


There is a recent concert on Lupe, where he seems to be really proud of Barack Obama. So, I am not sure what’s going on here. Chi-Town stand up! Lupe goes in on stopping the violence…I thought he didn’t curse?

Peeped at lupend.


Do you remember “The Parkers?” That show was very successful. Well, one of the actors is trying to parlay their success into a rap career. I know some of you recall Countess Vaughn rapping, but its not about her. This is about the dude named Ken Lawson, top right. Lawson is about to rap under the new moniker – KEN L. Noah Sife just wrapped production on Ken L.’s first rap music video. Well he’s busting on the rap scene with a new song, and video that will probably be done next week some time. Ken’s new song is called “Can’t Hardly Wait”.


I got this off livesteez. I feel terrible for Jennifer Hudson.

In the wake of laying her beloved family members to rest, Jennifer Hudson blames herself for last month’s tragic murders of her mother, brother and nephew in her native Chicago, Illinois. The singer-actress feels she should have convinced her family to move out of the troubled neighborhood. Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason, were found shot dead at their home on October 24th. Julian King, her seven-year-old nephew, was also killed – his body was found in an abandoned car three days later. And the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls star now feels wracked with guilt over the deaths, claiming she should have done more to move them away from the family home in Chicago’s notorious South Side to live with her in Los Angeles, according to reports. “Jennifer grew up on Chicago’s South Side, and knew all about the violence. She was able to get out, and wanted to take her mama with her, but Darnell said no,” says family friend Sharita Dickey. Hudson’s second cousin, adds, “Jennifer is hurting and asking why this happened. She’s asking why she didn’t do more to persuade Darnell to move away. It was Darnell’s decision to stay here in Chicago. This was her home and her family were here,” says Reverend Krista Alston.


Bishop Lamont and The Game are not cool. Here are a few notes.

* Bishop said that The Game is bi-polar.

*He said that Game pulled him on stage in a show of solidarity then later dissed him.

*Bishop constantly called Game “a girl,” “her,” and “babygirl.”

*He also said that The Game has a diss record that’s dropping overseas.

*He said that Dr. Dre isn’t thinking about Game and he’ll never get near him.

*There is a lot of talk about ghostwriter this, 50 Cent that..whew..

Click here to listen. I can’t even get into, because it’s too much to type. Just click here.


Chilli of TLC is about to jump into the reality fray again. She is looking for a mate. I guess all that time away from Usher has left her lonely. She has a show…like everybody else’s where she picks a man to date from a bunch of suitors. Here is the info.

The producers of American Idol and executive producer Chilli (The Grammy Award winning member of TLC) are currently searching for Atlanta’s hottest men to compete for a chance at sweeping the sexy artist off her feet.

If you’re 21+ and live in the general Atlanta area, submit the following to tvcontestants@gmail. com:

1. Name, Age and Location

2. Phone #

3. Current Pictures

4. Explain why you think you’re man enough to impress Chilli

* Location: Atlanta

* Compensation: TBD

* Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

* Please, no phone calls about this job!

* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.



I heard a few rumors yesterday. I heard that Prodigy of Mobb Deep almost died in jail. That’s a rumor that actually started with my big homey Nore. I’m not sure where Nore got that info from, but I am hearing that’s not true. That being untrue also makes this next one false. If you hear that Nore died in a horrible drug overdose, that would be inaccurate as well.


I heard that Jay-Z is running for mayor of New York. I knew Obama was an inspiration, but dag. I doubt there is any truth to this. He’s already the King of NY…mayor seems a step down.

R.I.P. to Jheryl Busby. He was a former executive at Motown. He was a mere 59 years old. He was partly responsible for the success of Jody Watley, The Jets, Bobby Brown, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Klymaxx. He had recently signed Tweet and Carl Thomas.

Janet has completely canceled her world tour. SMH.

I LOVE that Mother Africa can share in this worldwide joy in Obama’s victory. Now, we have a lot to show and even more to prove. This MEANS something.

I am sure you saw this, but my dude Mos Def is wanted in Vegas for that alleged assault of a photographer I talked about in August.

Young Jeezy was riding in ATL celebrating all night in his blue Lambo  playing “My President.” Jeezy a wild dude.

Do yall remember K.J.? Former basketball star Kevin Johnson is the new major of Sacramento, CA – another first for an African American. You may recall him running the court for the Phoenix Suns, but now he runs Sac Town.Diddy had a party last night that was defintely Black Tie. The only this is, a gang of people came with their chic suits on with the jeans. No dice. I heard VIP was jammed but still people saw Jay-Z, Mary, Dallas Austin, Busta, Missy and Ne-Yo and his man servant assistant. I heard Jay was so far in the cut, nobody saw him.


They took all the other videos down, so I guess this one is approved.


Sure he cussed a lot and sure Obama wouldn’t sanction this language – BUT you have to love it. LMAO! This was at Q-Tips Election Celebration Party, Busta Rhymes gave an Obama Victory Speech, which mostly consisted of dissing Republicans and then performed a free show.


50 Cent’s Before I Self-Destruct has reportedly been pushed back a week. Now it hits on Dec 16, not Dec. 9. I think that was an excuse for me to name drop the album and release date. Shout out to Mr. Cent. Maybe I will post more people that have expressed interest in being his CD insert girl.


This is GREAT….

Racial harmony is on the horizon…Much love to my dude Jasiri X! This is a great video!


A Tranny from Hollywood speaks on Prop 7 and 8.

I don’t know why I posted that foolishness.


This ain’t new but its cool to hear Maino get so graphic.


Is it me or does he seem like a light-skinned Lil Wayne with no dreds and a bigger forehead? Seriously, he needed to be on the original because he put heads to bed with that.


Shouts go out to Taiu from the BX!

FOR THE KIDSThe future  of this mighty nation will have a very different view of the possibilities and the notion of race…and soon gender.


For every motivator there are a handful more haters… and in this case…Ralph Nader Calls Obama an Uncle Tom!

Green party rep Ralph Nader was a little butt hurt about losing to Barack Obama and took the low blow by name calling! Its funny to me how John McCain could take the high road but a candidate who only polled 1% couldn’t have any good sportsmanship – smh! (illseed note: Nader needs to shut his pie hole. You can’t use the term Uncle Tom.)

Enough Politiking… Wendys Show in Trouble! Charlemagne gets fired and MORE!

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my all time fav Wendy Williams is having a bit of trouble keeping her highly syndicated show afloat at WBLS. Word on the street is her longtime co host Charlemagne has been fired along with head of production Trev Hollywood. I hear that the Fall cleaning has much to do with lower ratings which have caused budget cuts.

In my opinion I think it may be a cover up for the sexual harassment lawsuit problems stemming from former employee of the show Nicole Spence. WBLS has paid Nicole a large sum to drop the case and have decided to make changes to the show as a result! I also hear after Wendy’s contract is up in 09 her contract will be terminated.

Which I’m sure Wendy isn’t too salty about it seeing as her TV show has been picked up by FOX! Shout to all my super friends at the Wendy Williams Show Anthony, Lorraine, and crew;-) who will be working hard in July of 09 when Wendy’s show will return!

Speaking of Wendy… Dr. Boyce Watkins goes on Wendy Williams and Mentions Lady Drama!

The “Peoples Scholar” and good friend to the blogesphere Dr. Boyce Watkins hit up Wendy Williams radio show in NYC to dish it out on an array of topics including the current election, the economic crisis and his gripe with DL Hughley! And he also gave an honorable mention to muah!

Check it out right about… NOW:

Deceased Def Jam Exec Shakir Stewart will have a private service…

The funeral arrangements for Def Jam Exec Shakir Stewart have been released via Vibe. Read below:

A private funeral is being arranged for Def Jam Record’s Executive Vice-President of A&R, Shakir Stewart, who shot himself with a handgun at his Marietta home on Saturday. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police have declined to release additional details regarding Stewart’s death. Funeral arrangements are still pending, said a spokesman at Murray Bros. Cascade Chapel in Atlanta. According to the Cobb medical examiner’s office, the autopsy report will take up to 12 weeks. On Sunday, Stewart’s finance Michelle Rivers said that Stewart was in “deep pain and largely suffering in silence.”

My condolences do go out to his family at this time.

Janet Jackson Calls off her Tour…

Out of nowhere JJ has decided to axe the remaining shows of her Rock Wit Chu Tour. Last I heard her Detroit show had to be rearranged due to her explicit sexual scene but I wasn’t expecting this! In any event her fans are p#####! One in particular… Watch this:

Talk about being SOL!

Lady Dramas Food For Thought:

If you had to call it how many black people do yall think called out of work today?

Just wondering… Love me or leave me alone but just let me rejoice for one day! Ill be back to normal tomorrow! WE ARE OUT! We’re slowly getting back to normal.bh

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