Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Packing For Move? Diddy Bust Rumors! Nivea Confirms Dream Split!

YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Sorry for the prank, IC. When I got “got” I was in awe for a sec and I had to share it. As for the rumors, there were no pranks. We had talk of Jay-Z’s NEXT album, Prodigy calling Jay-Z “Gay-Z” and Latifah denying the gay rumors of her marrying her lover. All […]


Sorry for the prank, IC. When I got “got” I was in awe for a sec and I had to share it.

As for the rumors, there were no pranks. We had talk of Jay-Z’s NEXT album, Prodigy calling Jay-Z “Gay-Z” and Latifah denying the gay rumors of her marrying her lover. All that and a Soulja Boy lawsuit!


So, the whole staff over at Sony/ Columbia’s   Urban Dept. got let go recently and you probably know that if you are up on your industry news. Well, I cannot be 100% sure, but I heard those people were let go so that Jay-Z could bring his own staff into Columbia. This is what is coming out of the walls of Sony/Columbia, not Def Jam. I know Rick Rubin is over there and that’s Jigga’s homey. From what we know, they are still working things out on the other side. How funny is  it that Jay and Nas could potentially be switching homes!


As for Diddy dating Cassie, I guess that one is over. Diddy told perezhilton.com, “I am still single and am not in love with anyone.” Well, damn. I mean, I have to say that Diddy could have given the gossip hounds a day or so. Diddy did say that he was in Miami as reported, but just putting in work.


I gotta tell you guys, some of these rumors, I totally don’t care about! And , I love and respect the notion of marriage, its no skin off my teeth that The Dream and Nivea are getting married. I mean, I have no doubt that The Dream is a talented dude, but we also got to talking about him based on his association with his wife. Anyway, here is the statement Nivea has issued regarding the end of her marriage.

“I am also sorry to have to report the news of our separation. It is however a mutual decision for the both of us. We see this as an attempt to try and maintain the friendship we’ve developed since our marriage and also to allow growth for myself as well as him. Unfortunately I was not prepared for partnership or even real life for that matter. I am completely and truly grateful and thankful to God for sending him into my life and to him for everything that he has done for me and my family and that includes monetarily as well as spiritually and mentally, especially for myself, which was never his responsibility in the first place. None of you are aware of the real me and I plan to make that as clear as possible on this next album. I come from a sad and scary past that I am still in the process of overcoming and growing past, thanks to the man I love and always will. This is truly the only person I’ve ever known or heard of that is incredibly loving, passionate, wise, psychic, wise, creative, genius, and many more things that I could never put into words. I don’t feel it is fair for neither of us, especially him, to continue this never-ending battle of the minds that he and i have continued for long enough. I want nothing more than for him and I to be happy. His happiness is all i want, for I could never repay him for what he has endured by being my friend, partner, and husband. “

I think its time for Nivea to use this as a career boost. Remember her last video? Wheeeewwwww!!!! Dream shouldn’t act like he didn’t contribute to this song!

Speaking of kooky vids…look at what Master P just released. This has to be old. Master P doesn’t look anything like this now. He looks like a straight up daddy dearest.BEYONCE IS IN THE CLEAR!Some kid with Photoshop got busy and fooled everybody for a minute, but no dice! LOL. I got an email with this image and it closes the “magic box.” 50 Cent will have to wait for another shot.


There was all this whoo-ha about Rihanna dumping some UK dates to avoid performing with Ciara. Well, Ciara has been told to take a few dates to chill rather than go through more concerts. They didn’t say what the medical ailment was but I bet it was exhaustion. They are rescheduling the dates and there you have it. Absolutely nothing.

PIMP C TO BE LAID TO REST ON THURSDAYHere is the notice on Pimp C’s funeral.

Dear all,

Services for Chad Butler aka Pimp C will be held this Thursday, December 13th, 2007 in Port Arthur at the Robert A. Bowers Civic Center at 3401 Cultural Center Drive , Port Arthur, TX (409) 985-8801

Ariel map link – http://www.portarthur.net/images/pa_civ_cen_arial.pdf

Services begin at 11AM and will be open to the public. No cameras of any kind, including cell phones will be allowed into the civic center without exception. This is so that those grieving can do so in private and with dignity. Please respect that this is the wish of the family.

Media will be allowed to film the procession and arrivals in a controlled, respectful manner from the outside of the venue only.

The interment is NOT open to the public or to media. It is only for family and close friends. Again, please respect that this is the wish of the family and will be enforced by local police.


Above all, PLEASE respect that whilst many are coming to pay their respects to Pimp C, his family is burying Chad Butler. We ask that you behave accordingly.


Who out there remembers the “mack” Mark Morrison? He is from the UK and was quite the s**t starter back in the 90’s. He even did a two year bid for fighting! Well, now, there are rumors that he’s about to sign a deal with Cash Money to get in this American market again. This might be his year coming up if he can do that. In the meantime, they are saying that he’s going to drop a new CD called, Innocent Man. Anyway, this dude got on Cassidy’s album and all that so maybe he’ll be good for the CMM crew! TQ is gone so anything is possible. Morrison’s Return Of The Mack hit triple platinum so he’s no slouch.


What’s the deal with the hair? Lloyd wants his look back.

I’m kidding. Omarion is cool…just tame that wig.


I heard a pair of crazy rumors. I heard that both Jay-Z and Soulja Boy died in recent days. Clearly, this isn’t true, but I wanted to make sure.

Foxy Brown reportedly walks around Riker’s Island wearing Gucci and Louis Vuitton kicks with her prison jumpsuit. And what else? When they get dirty she is given a new pair.

Have you guys seen the commercial for Boost mobile with JD, Jeezy and…Mickey Avalon? Mickey is a sexually ambiguous rapper that goes way out there. It’s probably not the look Jeezy and JD wants.

I heard that Viacom freelance workers straight walked out yesterday. Whether they did or not, I don know, but I heard they wore shirts that said, “Freelancers get cancer too.”

Joe Budden’s site is going to be back up soon from what I have been told. Also, if you preordered that MM3 album, it’s on the way. I know the exact date that the CD is dropping, but I can’t say. Soon…within days!

M.O.P. supposedly has a release date of Summer 2008. I love the Mash Out Posse, but I will believe this comes out on G-Unit when I see it. Billy Danz has a new mixtape coming out. He’s working HARD right now.

Shout out to Bow Wow. He wasn’t pulling off a press stunt afterall! After being hospitalized last week, they found out he had an infection in his appendix. It sounds serious, but he’ll be back on tour in a couple days.

While Ray-J is doing raw, dirty mixtapes…Brandy just signed a deal to Interscope records, I heard.

I hear Diamond formerly of Crime Mob is pregnant, but I saw an image of her at Keri Hilson’s party and I couldn’t tell. She looked flat as warped board. LOL!

New York, the chick that willingly slept with Flavor Flav, has denied being preggers. I could be wrong but I think VH1 is saying she is.

Mary J. Blige recently suffered a leak, but I think her handlers have patched things on a few blogs.

Michael Baisden, the radio host, has reportedly stated that “it’s official” about Queen Latifah getting engaged to her female trainer. This I cannot confirm.


Janice “Super Psycho” Dickinson:

“Jennifer Love Hewitt is a healthy, not emaciated, woman. She’s a healthy girl. And these are unflattering camera angles on her.”

Janice “Under The Knife” Dickinson about Tyra Banks:

“You want to see someone who’s fat, I’m sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat.”

Tyra responds:


Those of you looking for an autograph from 50 Cent, should beware. The rapper has decided to only sign body parts. Well, if you are a female, you can’t readily get a CD signed, 50 reportedly said. “I want pretty girls around all the time. They make signing

worthwhile… especially when they want those parts signed. I want to

sign that, not albums.” Dudes can still get a CD signed, thankfully.


WHEW! These “signs” are crazy! I will admit that this particular sign is an old one from ’05, but it was so heinous that I had to bring it up to date. A man in Tampa, FL literally beat his son to death, because he thought his kid was gay. Oh…his kid was 3 years old. The man, who was 21 at the time, thought that his son was gay so he forced the kid to box to toughen him up. He was teaching his kid to fight. WOW. Anyway, the man would frequently slap and beat the kid until the boy would cry and wet himself. He even slammed the boy against the wall for crying. Eventually the boy was beaten until he was in a coma. Strangely, his mother bore witness to these horrors and testified against her spouse. The spouse also charged with felony child neglect. I don’t know what became of it, but I know they did serious time.

Part 2

A woman named Sarah Kreager was beaten up by Baltimore teens because she wanted to sit down on a city bus. The teens were only 14 or 15. Her boyfriend was beaten too. This was done about 3 pm in the afternoon. The boys have a different story to tell, but I believe Kreager, I place these kids on the scale of evil – they are heavy. Read the story.

THE ANTE GETS UPPED IN PARIS’ SEX TAPE!Check out this report from avn:

SAN FRANCISCO – GameLink is prepared to offer Britney Spears and her “close friend” Sam Lufti $1 million for the master copy of a tape said to show hotel heiress Paris Hilton locking lips and romping with another woman.

The latest tape, which Spears has threatened to leak online if Hilton doesn’t stop “being rude” to her, reportedly features an encounter between Hilton and a mutual friend of the famous women.


I think this is the official new video for Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is A Losing Game.” I don’t know. I think when they were doing this video, they had major issues on the set. From the looks of the video, I can tell. When your mother pleads for help in the media, we are going down the wrong path.


“The Wire” is coming back in January and in promotion of the new season, we get some goodies in the form of three prequel that show were some key characters started out.


“Prop Joe”

This is from 2000, more up-to-date:


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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