Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Plotting Takeover2? Rhianna and C. Brown Settle In?

MY DAILY TWO CENTS   Just letting you all know this are the rumors “lite.” They will be updated periodically and often as can be in the holiday season. Hit me up at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.       ANOTHER JAY-Z “TAKEOVER” COMING?   I have a friend of a friend of a friend that works with […]

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Just letting you all know this are the rumors “lite.” They will be updated periodically and often as can be in the holiday season. Hit me up at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.






I have a friend of a friend of a friend that works with Ludacris and they hippped me to something that might go down this weekend.  There is a concert coming out over the weekend in New York at Nassau Coliseum that features T.I., Jeezy, Jim Jones and Nina Sky. Well, I am hearing T.I. is going to have an incredible set, but Ludacris is going to get all the attention. I am hearing Luda is bringing out Nas, Jadakiss, and Jay-Z. The strange thing is that Jim Jones is on the stage the set prior to Luda. Both nas and Jay have an ongoing tiff with J.J. Now, with this whole fight thing at the Louie store in NYC, I am hearing something is about to brew. I heard Jay is going to “address some things” at the concert and needs like five minutes.





You might have seen this, but I am going to let you know anyway. A man gets divorce and he’s very, very unhappy. He’s so unhappy of his marriage dying in less than a year. So, he man dresses up like Santa Claus and pays his former in-laws a visit during their Christmas party yesterday. Bruce Pardo had no criminal record, but ended up shooting and killing at least eight people. He also set fire to the house that was owned by his ex-in-laws.


Peep this from yahoo news:


The massacre began when an 8-year-old girl answered Pardo’s knock at the door. Pardo, carrying what appeared to be a large present, pulled out a handgun and shot her in the face, then began shooting indiscriminately as about 25 partygoers tried to flee, police said at a news conference.


Dude shot people and several others were killed in the blaze. Bruce Pardo gets out of his Santa outfit, goes to his brothers house and puts a bullet in his brain.


What a loser that dude was.




Apparently, this is all fact. A 2 year old girl was killed after her daddy backed his car over her. They say Boosie often lets the kids come over and play. This day they were looking forward to playing on a trampoline. Sadly her father made a terrible mistake that will probably haunt him forever. They say the father was a friend of Lil Boosie and they have several other kids. RIP. Now some people are saying that is was actual Lil Boosie that ran over his daughter, but I dnt think that’s true.




Seven B., my homey, hit me up and let me know some rumors that strengthen some other rumors that I had about Rhianna and C. Breezy. Peep it:    



What’s good my Obama!!! Mr. Illseed..


I just decided to hit you up with a quick siting I know it’s not a rumor which is your forte but she is always nestled in your pages. I happened to be out doing some last minute holiday shopping..(Sorry Mr. Diddy). in Richmond,Va. at one of our high end malls that caters to those more fortunate than others. My reason for going there is because I wanted to bless my queen with a little trinket from Louis Vuitton. I go and do my other shopping through out the mall and then on my way exiting I stop in Louie. As I walk in I see a young lady do a little double take as she was coming out but I payed it no mind because I thought she just passed by a bag that she wanted to get a second look at. I go in and look in the same direction as the young lady just to glance at whatever she was looking at. Low and behold I see a tall young lady with some fly a@* boots so my first assumption was the young lady was peeping this other tall young ladies shoe game. Then I continued to glance at this fly boot wearing girl and then I get to the back of her head because she was looking at some ties and I notice a familiar tatoo behing her ear. I say to myself i’ve seen that before but then I walked around and got a side view and it’s none other than the one and only Ri Ri…Ms. Umbrella herself…I guess she was doing like me doing some last minute holiday shopping. I didn’t want to bum rush her I played it cool but it was definately her minus Chris Brown I guess that’s who the tie was for… I tried to play it cool and go out and get a pic for proof but I didn’t want to draw to much attention I even waited in the car for a minute because there was a car in the fire lane a tinted out mercedes with driver that I assumed to be her get away car but after a few minutes of waiting..semi stalking I gave up..(I don’t know how the paparazzi does it) but that was my see something say something for today…


I don’t know if this backs the rumors floating about her and Mr. Brown settling down in the state for Lovers but it does give some fuel to fire that rumor or they could be here for the holidays. Never Know.




I was wondering what happened to Ne-Yo in all that mess that went down at the Louie V store in NYC. I heard he was nuts and that Ne-Yo straight up ran away. That’s what I heard and I think there could be some truth to this. I mean, do you expect Ne-Yo to knuckle up? No.


I also heard that the fight had patrons and other people high-tailing in out of there like there was a gun that fired.


Also, TyTy is the Executive A&R for all of NeYo album (from what I have been TOLD) and he and Ne-Yo are cool friends. Apparently people have started to concoct some Gay rumors that don exist.


MIJAC AIN’T DEAD….I just wanted you to know that he is alive and no dying either.

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