Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Sports His Wedding Ring! Ja Rule Returns! No Pornie For Nore!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS!As always, don’t forget to read the rumors from earlier in the day. WHY WAS LIL WAYNE’S VIDEO WACK?   You saw the video for “A-Milli.” The […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

TODAY’S RUMORS!As always, don’t forget to read the rumors from earlier in the day.



You saw the video for “A-Milli.” The song is a smash, but

the video is trash. Apparently, they actually hired a person to do that video

at the same time as “Got Money,” which is the official second single. The video

for “A Milli” was simply put, something to keep promoting the album – not to be

high art. I heard it took less than an hour to shoot – during the LUNCH BREAK.  Hope he paid for an hour of work.



Well, I thought underground rumors were good, but now I am

finding that might not be the case. The Kidz In The Hall and their reps deny a

previous account of what happened in AZ. I got word that there was no bottle that

was swung from Double – O. I heard that some overzealous bouncers were involved.

I also have been told that Double – O was sent to the hospital and Nawledge

also got arrested for unknown reasons.  We are sure to get a full report

on this shortly.



I know the fans are waiting for Ja Rule to come back to the

game. I heard over the weekend Ja Rule was doing it way big in the city. Rumor

has it, it was over there in New York at Club Mansion

– BALLLLLLLIN! Ja reportedly had a pair of bad babes by his side holding him

down. For all you fans (and haters alike), Ja Rule’s album is coming out this

year…it’s gonna be called The Mirror

and his first single will be with Robin Thicke.




Now, I love when an artist can take a rumor and flip it.

Case in point: Nore. I had this rumor on the site, but made it clear that Nore didn’t

do any on-camera boning in that p###. He was just promoting an album. The tape

was made in 2006 and this is 2008 when he’s got a new album with Capone

dropping! I can’t believe I’m a fav of Nore. For all my real Hip-Hop heads…what

album was better CNN’s The War Report or Mobb Deeps The Infamous? Think on

that. Here is the statement:


“First off, when

I saw the rumors and headlines of N.O.R.E. in a p###, I laughed and simply

brushed it off thinking there’s no way in the world any one will believe

this!!!!! Now that the rumor has spread to one my favorite bloggers/website

illseed / allhiphop.com rumor section, I am here to quickly put this rumor to

rest!!!!!! The video is 2 years old!! I’m on there promoting an album that is

already in the stores (N.O.R.E. Y La Familia: Ya Tu Sabes)!!!!! Right now, it’s

all about CNN- Capone-n-Noreaga!! Even the “Still On the Run Eating”

track with Lil’ Wayne

is off the CNN album!!! So yes, the video is old and no I’m not humping in it!

The only time I took my shirt off was for the CNN album cover photo shoot so

that the blogging community had something to laugh at!!!!! Go out and get that

CNN album and it will explain my connection with that website/p### company,

which we do got something in the works, but it ain’t N.O.R.E. showing off my

pole in any of it…lol. CNN album coming soon!!”


Shout out to nahright.com!





Thesmokinggun.com has delved further in the past of Rick

Ross. God help us all. See some of it at illseed.com, but it may all be fake as

far as I am concerned!


Rumor has it, Piles is having some issues with his street

cred too. You didn’t hear that from me. Lil Wayne got away with kissing a man

in the mouth. Just tell the people the truth and they will forgive. Jay-Z wears his ring! Everybody is all hyped up over that.  Jigga was spotted in Manhattan yesterday doing the dastardly deed.  Thanks Necole B!



Check out this crazy mess from the Associated Press. Tell me

the world’s not ending – tell me!

 “Middlefield (AP) — Details

are now being revealed about a brother and sister who left their mother’s

corpse to rot for more than seven years.

 According to The Hartford Courant, a

100-page state police case file, released to the Hartford Courant, details how Diane and John

Simmeck Jr. made biannual trips to their mother’s ramshackle house in Middlefield,

stepping over her mummified remains on the floor.

 Police believe Ann Simmeck died in late 1999 or early 2000. They

discovered her body in June 2007 after an estranged son, Michael Simmeck, had

grown worried about his mother’s well-being. She was probably 72 when she died

of natural causes.

 Her remains were so badly decomposed that she was identified by comparing

her DNA to, her son, Michael DNA.”

Like the rumor about the dudes trying to have sex with a

cute corpse girl, Connecticut

has no laws against this activity so they are attempting to create a law to accommodate




Lady Drama scares me sometimes. Oh, Shelz is on vacation for those looking for her.

Trina and Kenyon Martin Crash… But they’re fine! Make sure you read the rumors from earlier to get all the scoop. But I had to comment on Kenyon and Trina, who we’re involved in a car accident on Friday while they were in Belize together! Not saying anyone is dipping or dodging but I do wonder how Kenyon’s wife and kids feel about the whole deal! Just look at the pics and tell me these m###’s don’t look suspect:  In any event I hear that only one person was seriously hurt so check out the snippet of news below from trinafan.com and keep it moving: Trina and Kenyon Martin left in another vehicle and so did their luggage. The Abrahams meanwhile were assisted by paramedics. 12 year old Delane was seriously hurt and had to be carried on a stretcher. Diane Finnegan is one of the organizers of the visit. Diddy makes history AGAIN! Looks like Diddy is at the top of the trendsetter list again, word on the street is Mr. Bad Boy himself is the first person to cast a transvestite on a reality tv show! Yup that’s right Diddy new VH1 show ‘I Want to Work For Diddy’ has an alleged contestant at hand that goes by the name of Laverne COX.  I hear that this particular person also sleeps with many men and still has some parts of his manhood if you know what I’m saying! In any event peep the clip below and tell me what yall think! Don’t know the validity of this story and I’m still trying to keep my job here so I won’t go overboard but I will say this, leave it to Diddy to know how to keep us watching, no matter what or who’s at cost 😉 Gotta love it!

 Catch the debut of the show on VH1 Aug 4th! Raven Symone gets dropped like a bad habit… it’s about time! Raven Symone was recently dropped from the Disney Record label Hollywood Records.  I’m hearing that Raven had lackluster sales on her recent album and was struggling with tour ticket sales as of late! Not for nothing Raven but your exit from the musical spotlight has been long overdue! We haven’t heard anything good from you since your early 90’s single ‘That’s what Little Girls are Made of’, who produced that cause you need to use them again and maybe you can sell more than 10,000 copies! Speaking of which let’s run it back I need a throwback joint to get me through the day not to mention a good laugh! Enjoy folks: 

 ‘Classic’ Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: If Raven’s albums really sold wouldn’t ya’ll be worried that talent is no longer a factor in selling records… oh wait it’s a little too late for that! [Illseed LOVES Raven like a lil’s bitty sister!] Has anyone else seen the new ?estlove Nike’s pure hotness I need a pair someone hook me up 😉 Did anyone actually believe that Diddy and Cassie were really engaged? Pure folly guys! 

Go Hard or Go Home!



Common, Serena, Ne-Yo, Kim Kardashian and others popped up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Big Mac. But, Com doesn’t eat meat. What’s up with that!? Common is a veggie man.

Sanaa is like fish or chicken, but Serena is angus beef.

Ne-Yo sings his lil’ heard out to the Big Mac.

Kim Kardashian – she got the beef for sure!

FYI: The “other dude” with Ludacris is Warren Buffett, the richest man on Earth. Like Gates, he’s giving away a lot of money, so much his kids and grandkids are upset. Luda is with the two richest men on Earth. Crazy. 

From what I have been told, this image is from Team USA’s exhibition game against Canada last week.  Luda was

sitting courtside with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


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