Hip-Hop Rumors: JAY-Z VS LIL’ WAYNE?

DAZ AND THE GAME CUT A PLATE?     When I don’t know, I don’t know. But I am getting word that Game and Daz are about to do some big things. They worked together on Doctor’s Advocate and now they are rumored to be taking it to the next level. A Daz/Game album? That’s what […]

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When I don’t know, I don’t know. But I am getting word that Game and Daz are about to do some big things. They worked together on Doctor’s Advocate and now they are rumored to be taking it to the next level. A Daz/Game album? That’s what I am hearing! This is a West Coast dream, right? OK, I don’t know about all that, but it seems to be a cool thing. I just think they should let somebody like Xzibit or Kurupt or Crooked I in there if this is true.




On  Freekey Zekey’s album, Lil’ Wayne says, “You old a** rappers better stay on tour/ You like 44/ I got a 44/ I’m 24/ I could murk you and come out when I’m 44.” So, is Weezy issuing a challenge to King Jay? I don’t know, but it certainly would seem that he’s talking about somebody that is an elder in the game. You know, a Jay-like figure. $hodway, what up!? You never know where a shout-out might appear! Anyway, all these subliminal disses? I hope that Lil’ Wayne read Superhead’s book already and what Jay allegedly did with his baby boo, before he goes firing off jabs! “Yo know who did you know what with you know who…lets keep that between me and the world…” On the serious tip, this would be a battle that we could all get excited about.




I didn’t watch “Charm School,” even though more than a few people told me it was entertaining. As you know, or don’t, these shows typically have a reunion of sorts where the contestants confront each other for one last time. Well, I don’t know when the next reunion of “Charm School” is but I heard the sparks are going to be a-flying when Buckeye (Shay) and Larissa (Bootz) see each other, they are going to fight. ON SIGHT! I even heard Bootz has beef with Monique, who is the host. She says Mo Mo is jealous of her voluptuous size.




(If you didnt see it read the Foxy Brown statement from yesterday.) Even though the New York papers are mostly like tabloids, they do often have the facts somewhat right. Not according to the people that roll with Foxy Brown. There was no attack and her ex-boyfriend wasn’t a pimp either, they charge. I suppose there’s a rebuttal on the way from the press and authorities. On the real, I don’t know what the Pink Houses are in NYC, but somebody told me Foxy Brown had no reason to be there. Anyway, I don’t know if this surprises you all, but I heard a while back that a number of well-known artists are deep into being pimps. When those ends get low and the rap career isn’t popping like it should…time to hit that block. I’m assuming the Rockefeller Laws has dudes scared to hit that corner and pimping will help avoid a mandatory minimum.




I know that Mel B/Eddie Murphy thing was a sore spot for the comedy warrior, but he has reason to celebrate. His new babe’s finally free!   Tracey Edmunds, former wife of Babyface is officially divorced. Eddie can have his baby! Tracey had been married to ‘Face for 13 years and the whole thing fell out. They have two kids and will share custody of them. Sad…but that depends on who you are. If you are Eddie, you are good. Actually Babyface isn’t a slouch either. He has a Tracey Edmunds look-a-like for a girl friend these days. He could have had a Tracey Chapman look-a-like for a girl. I’m not mad.




Lets be real. We are all looking to see Whitney Houston make a comeback after so many years of stumbling, tumbling and seemingly out of it. The truth is, the buzz on the album isn’t coming back in a positive way. I’m hearing that the album is one big “I’m back” record and lacks substance. Ne-Yo recently concurred and said that he hoped to bring more songs with an emotional value that the normal person can relate to. I think this is a job for Ray-J!




This is a case of she said, he said. My girl Ebony hit me up and she was hot at T-Pain. Now, there are two sides to this story so don’t spazz at either one. The first side is the bad side. T-Pain was supposed to perform in Jackson, Mississippi at a place called The Spot, but it didn’t happen. According to rumor, the promoter sent a limo to pick T-Pain and his crew up. Sounds good, right? Wrong. T-Pain is like me, he likes SUV’s and allegedly requested four of those “bad boys” to scoop him and his people up. Now, the same rumor says that T-Pain was unable to perform, because he was too ill – not because the wrong vehicle came to get him. About 2,000 fans fiending to hear the modern-day Roger Troutman were sorely disappointed that he didn’t make it out. Get better, Mr. Pain – if you were really sick!




Read the NORE interview! I’m telling you – call it a comeback!


Toni Braxton has been making quite a living in Las Vegas and she’s now trying to extend her stay in Sin City. What goes on in Vegas really does stay there, huh Toni?


Shout out to all the people that got it cracking at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival the other day-I heard nothing, but positive things. Real Hip-Hop can come and party in peace.


I want to send a shout out to all my kinfolk in Africa, Senegal and Ghana in particular. ‘Sup Trizzy? RIP Manoo!


Also, RIP to the WWE’s Chris Benoit. Benoit and his whole family was found dead in their home. The early word is that Chris killed his family and then committed suicide. Sad.


Both Kelly and Beyonce eat pork. I’m with Kay Slay on this one…no pork on my fork. And, there was no other reason for saying that other than I wanted to. Kelly, Stop with the pork!


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