Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Ghostwriter? Dolemite Goes Gospel? Rapper Robbed?

That’s was a pretty good break I had over the Turkey Day Holiday. I guess now it is back to business, huh? There is really no need to talk – lets get into it!YOUNG BUCK AIN’T GET ROBBED! Buck has revealed what happened to spark the rumors that he got robbed. Click here for the […]

That’s was a pretty good break I had over the Turkey Day Holiday. I guess now it is back to business, huh? There is really no need to talk – lets get into it!YOUNG BUCK AIN’T GET ROBBED!

Buck has revealed what happened to spark the rumors that he got robbed. Click here for the whole news story.


“Ain’t nobody robbed me for a thing,” Young Buck told AllHipHop.com

in a statement. “There was an altercation between me and a dude here in

Tennessee and during that altercation, I lost a watch which came off my

arm. But as far as someone taking my Bentley, my Bentley is sitting

pretty without a scratch on it, right here in my driveway and my

jewelry is right here too. I guess this is what people wanted to

happen. I didn’t get robbed for anything.”




I cannot put a rapper on blast, because there are reps on the line

here! But, does anybody know anything about a certain major label

rapper that got robbed down south. This incident allegedly happened

over the weekend and the rapper was leaving a club and lost a watch,

chain and a Bentley. At least he is alive and released a pretty good

album this year.

I found the source of the rumor – CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!


I would never personally say there was any validity to such a rumor, but I have to say that Wendy Williams is not me! She’s way more gully than I am. From what I understand, Wendy is stating that Jay-Z was able to pull off American Gangster in such a short period of time, because he employed a ghostwriter from Toronto, Canada. This man’s name? Famous. How can a ghostwriter have a name like Famous? LOL. I can say that I don’t believe that one, because I feel that AG offers those distinctly Jay-Z nuances that only he does. And secondly, I don’t care if he employed a ghostie…I like the album so much that it doesn’t matter! Shout out to Wendy and Charlamagne. (Look for the video below for where the rumor started.)

This is pretty funny man. LOL.


On this rumor, I am going to let you all decide who this young man is talking about. I am going to give you all that you need. A letter and even pictures of the guy…who is his father? Here are the hints: his daddy isn’t a rapper, but once had a link to Diddy. He’s not singer either, but had a link to a certain R&B singer. He’s not an actor by trade, but had acted quite a bit. Here is the letter.

Hey i just wanna make it known that my father is a good for nothing a###### yeah [CELEB’S NAME] . He hasnt been in my life since day one, but tries to correct it by sending money and presents with PO box addresses on it every holiday….i tried to contact him numerous times but he changes his number at least twice a year and it seems i will never have a opportunity to tell him how im doing since now he remarried. Him and my mother were high school sweethearts at Pittfords. And i was the result of their romance… I love my father very much but its really bogus how he did me… He hasnt even met his grandchild yet.since him and my mother broke up his side of the family which i barely know has outcast my mother and i . I just want him to own up to wat he has been doing and show the real man behind the makeup.Can you tell by the picture? DID KELLZ PLAY HIMSELF DROPPING NE-YO?

You can scroll down below and get the video of Ne-Yo talking about R. Kelly. But, from what I am getting, people wanted their Ne-Yo recently! B. Ford from the Bronx told me that Kellz and crew played the NY Nassau Coliseum over the weekend. Well, I heard a portion of the crowd started chanting for Ne-Yo in the middle of Kellz’s set. I also heard that the other performers just did their job and kept it moving. I did heard that R had a good, but weird set. Hmmmmmm….


Ed Lover talks to Ne-Yo about being booted from the R. Kelly tour. He doesn’t air Kellz out in an ignorant manner, but more in an honest and very believable way. Ne-Yo is pretty cool even though his cranium is the shape of a porpoise.


You all know Rudy Ray Moore, aka Dolemite! Well, he’s well-known for his p#### mouth. What happens to us as we get older? I don’t know but I heard Dolemite has turned to the Holy gospel! That’s right, check this out and tell me Rudy didn’t flip it! I have heard for a minute that Mr. Ray Moore was sick, but he is clearly still here.


Is Jim Jones doing a mixtape or album based on Alvin and the Chipmunks? Sounds silly, but somebody sent me a link to the New York Times. The link didn’t work, but it suggests that even The Times got hoaxed.

Amy Winehouse and her spouse got some shocking news. He’s going to spent the Christmas holiday in a cell. Oh Well.

Rumor has it that a Dee-Nyce collabo with NYOIL is in the works! I helped make it happen!

Raekwon might want to have his ears checked! I keep hearing that the new Wu album is banging!

Speaking of Rae, is he doing a movie for Cuban Linx 2? I heard so.

For those that care, the University of Delaware Blue Hens snuffed out Delaware State’s Hornets in football on Friday (44-7). Shout out to both teams though.

Dead Presidents 3” – check it out! They might as well leak the whole thing without the antic drops.

Maia Campbell is rumored to be in a California mental hospital. If you don’t know the story with her, forget it.


Scarface the decline in sales (AllHipHop):

“You remember when the record came out “Video Killed the Radio Star”? Okay, that’s what’s happening right now. The Internet killed the record selling star.”

Wyclef on Lauren Hill (Please read the whole interview, but I couldn’t resist offering this gem.)

“Why has she got blue eye shadow on one side of the face and green eye shadow on the other? She looks like a clown.”

Jay-Z allegedly dissing Cam’ron (New Beanie Sigel CD):

“You just gonna fake it to you make it huh?/ Fake ass house on MTV and you tapin’ huh? / fine hoes in your video u drapin’ them/ Green screen of the projects yeah u savin’ them, I can’t knock your hustle you’re make it fun…”

Amerie on a possible Kanye crush on her (RWD, I think):

“No, no, he’s engaged. He’s just a really friendly guy and he and my manager Lenny are friends, so we know each other. But he needs to make a whole song about me not just a line (laughs). Stop messing with the odd line, do an album!”

Kanye claims he created the 50 Cent battle, not 50 (GQ):

“It was a complete publicity stunt. It was my idea. I knew it was going to take off as soon as we were going to come out on the same date.”


I wish I had a Lambo to put two big chicks in. LMAO!


Cute kid, eh?

I love the kids. I mean, I do these “signs” for the kids that are going to inherit the BS that we create today. In between the old f**ked up politicians and the kids is “us.” So, when I got this one, I was hurt deeply. The baby above is 10-month old Daniyah Jackson and her mother’s live-in boyfriend allegedly killed her. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the baby “had severe bruising to her face, arms and legs and that she was bitten on the chest.” Clinton Smith is the accused man and at the age of 30, he faces murder charges. Somebody told me, he actually had intercourse with her, but the report didn’t suggest that. Either way, dude is a sick puppy that will be torn apart in jail, should he be found guilty.


This is a beef that I missed, but it sure got Luke talking.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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