Hip-Hop Rumors: Juelz Gets Jacked In UK? A Jay-Z/Beyonce Tour? Obama Gets Gangsta!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! JUELZ GETS JACKED IN LONDON? Do you remember that house rap song “Move Jump Jack?” That’s the song that popped into my head when I heard […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Do you remember that house rap song “Move Jump Jack?”

That’s the song that popped into my head when I heard the following rumor. Somebody reportedly permanently borrowed Juelz’s jewels when the Dipset rapper was over in London. When I say “permanently borrowed,” I mean, I heard that that his jewels are never coming back home to America. Santana’s former manager reportedly stole (or “got”) some well known London show promoters for a cool 70K a few years ago, according to nahright.com. Rumor has it, the dudes that got got heard Mr. Santana was in town and decided it was time for some get back. Rumor says, Juelz was bumrushed at his hotel. The local cops helped Juelz get to a safe location, but these guys eventually found him at the new spot. It was at that point that they got him for all that expensive stuff that refracts off light. Poor dude. That’s why I wear Africa medallions. Anyway, rumor has it these dudes even recorded this and may put it on the net. The Hip-Hop way, eh? Blimey.WHO GOT JUELZ?

Well, after this was sent to me, I got another email

that reveals who the jackers MIGHT (MIGHT, people, MIGHT) be. I heard

that a few years ago, that Megaman and his crew booked Cam’ron and the

Dipset gang and got jipped. At some point, they seemed

very intent on getting their money back when Juelz splashed down in the

UK. For those that don’t know Megaman is a rap artist down with the So

Solid Crew. Well, if his chain is worth what Yung Berg’s was ($70k),

they broke dead even. Hey, they probably did even better than if they

got $70k cash since the dollar is doing some poorly.


I’m telling you, this is a better deal than Kelly and Mary if the rumor comes true. I heard that Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to drop albums around the same time. As you know Jay has Blueprint III coming out. Well, I heard B and he may consider doing it together. You can’t really lose with that one. I heard they are going to come out later in the fourth quarter.


I don’t know if you saw the rumors yesterday, but I recommend to anybody out there. Why? Yung Berg has a darker twin brother that wasn’t offended by that Dark Butts comment. In fact he busts his gun on YouTube. Anybody that does that is not to be trifled with. So, click here for that.

Here is the latest. I heard that Berg’s chain is now on the road…a road trip of sorts. What I’ve heard is that Bow Wow was actually contacted and the chain may be driven to Ohio. I also heard that somebody actually wore the thing to a Madden challenge in NYC. That just sounds incredible to me. I am embarrassed for Berg.


So by now we have all heard what happened to Yung Berg out in Detroit. Most people would agree if Young Berg had a tight security team with him things would have been a lot different. Young Jeezy chatted with my homegirl Kendra G and DJ Touchtone (100.3 The Beat Philly) and he let it be known that he doesn’t travel with bodyguards, and what happened to Yung Berg would never happen to him! He might not have bodyguards, but he’s got security – that’s for sure!


Somebody hit me and SWORE to the God in the heavens that this was fact. You know, I really don’t like writing about artists I know nothing about. All I know about Bugsy is a bunch of nutty rumors. This singer Tiffany Evans was reportedly spotted in Houston, and then seen with Bugsy at a popular nightclub. My source says they chilled for maybe an hour and left quietly. Also, I am hearing that Bugsy is now beefing with the good people over there at Ozone Magazine. I heard he wanted the cover, but didn’t get it? I don’t know man…seriously, this is wack. I apologize to anybody that feels I wasted 30 seconds of their life.


The Dark Knight is the second movie to rake in $500, a feat only achieved by The Titanic.

I heard The Game has suggested that Jesse Jackson had something to do with King’s death. Now, that’s a lil’ crazy, G.

Check out Barack Obama get purely Gangsta on some hecklers. Watch your back!

I am hearing that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is going to be touring as a whole group together in October/November in Australia…“The Smoked Out Australian Tour.” I hear Snoop and Cube will be present too.


Well, as most of you know, this isn’t a true sign the world is coming to an end. While most of the Gulf Region is running for their lives and hoping Gustav doesn’t become Katrina 2, the Republicans are partying it up. Sure, McCain requested that these parties be suspended, you think they listened or cared? Nope, they got down and boogied like it was 1999.

Click here to see the video of all the debauchery.

People are also looking into this Palin babe and her 17 year old, who is definitely five months pregnant. SMH at them forcing the kid to get married. Now, I am hearing McCain’s people are a bit worried that there is something else out there on Palin. I personally think there is a sex tape out there. Her hubby has a babe that looks like Tina Fey…something is up!

Like Kanye said…”Republicans don’t care about people.” – well…he didn’t actually say that.


Since McCain just met Sarah Palin in February, but knows her so well as to have her as his running mate…I have to ask. Did she go through a job interview? This woman doesn’t know what a VP does…click here and see her ask the actual question. Scary!


Not Bi-Polar, Possibly Schizophrenic?

So with the drop of LAX, Game has squashed his beef; all of it. He reportedly says that he no longer wishes to p### folk off and in turn be chastised (or ignored). Those were the actions of his more juvenile personality and all his beef is water under the dismantled G-Unit bridge. His disdain for Budden has subsided and I guess stalking Hov through the media is done too. He reportedly said “I was young and wild then.” But wasn’t that like three days ago? But who am I to questions his turned over leaf? Big ups to instantaneous evolution!

Aaaaand he also attempted to explain to the good folk at MTV how he communicates to producers what he wants his tracks to sound like. Check the quote.

“Whenever I call a producer and tell them how I want the beat to be, I paint a picture,” he said. “I called Just Blaze, and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, picture Jay-Z being in an elevator in the Bronx. … It’s broke, and all of sudden he presses the garage button and it shoots through the roof. He lands on Jupiter. And he walks out in all black. I want that record!’ And Blaze will be like, ‘All right. I’m about to do that record.’

Yeah…ok. As long as Blaze understands what he’s talking about I suppose it’s all good.

DC or Bust (Emphasis On Bust)

The Million DJ March was this weekend in Washington DC. They were going to light candles and sing Kumbaya and fellowship in peace and harmony on the National Mall. One problem. It rained and there was no stand-by venue in place. Well that wasn’t the only problem. Seems plenty of DJ’s blew it off because they, like the rest of us, didn’t understand the point. And I swear a few who went must have been blogging it up on the plane on their way home because some wasted no time giving their opinion of the event. Disorganized, poorly promoted, poorly executed were just a few suggestions from the attendees. Raw66 XM station was to give up their airwaves for the attendees to put their skills on display. That didn’t happen. Some DJ’s reported there were more rappers than DJ’s. And the official website dismissed everyone on Sunday apologizing that the events were canceled and then posted shortly after saying they finally had it together. I really hope KRS-One and Green Lantern, the most well known proponents of the event, can tidy this up.

Babies Are a Blessing, Unless You’re John McCain

So as people continue to murmur about the possibility of Sarah Palin’s youngest kid actually being her grand-child, she has revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant right now. I guess there will be no Momma switcheroo this time as Sarah Barracuda has already announced that her girl will be marrying the baby-daddy. So sit back folks as we get to witness a real live shotgun wedding Alaskan style. Way to start off the bid for the White House John, who by the way, pretty much said this is none of our business.


AllHipHop needs to get a dude like this since he’s getting so much access to Jay-Z.

LMAO at the dude from 2 Live Crew trying to come off via a lawsuit. HAHAHA and SMH!


Cut the crap, before I skewer you in an editorial, T-Bone.


Kyse and his Hip-Hop House Hit “Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body)”


Lori Perry “Up Against The Wind” aka the saddest song ever in the history of man and womankind.

I beg you…leave Yung Berg along. He’s just a kid (with a crazy twin). If you cried after hearing that song, let me know – ahhrumors@gmail.com.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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