Hip-Hop Rumors: K-Ci & JoJo On Crack? Faith Beat Lil’ Kim Up! Yung Berg Beat & Robbed Part 2,

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Berg Robbed And Beat Up? Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas & Kelis On The Rocks? T.I.’s New Artist: Jailed! Rocsi’s New Beef?YUNG BERG GOT BEAT […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Berg Robbed And Beat Up? Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas & Kelis On The Rocks? T.I.’s New Artist: Jailed! Rocsi’s New Beef?YUNG BERG GOT BEAT UP



As you already know, Yung Berg learned very quickly that its

“so cold in the D.” Some of the details are starting to pop out. I know a lot

of people are joking that the alleged assault came at the hand of the gang

called “The Dark Butts” or the “Black Sister Mob.” Now, I heard that this

nefarious act of malice might have been the work of Trick Trick, the OG of

Detroit. Now, that rumor seems to have a bit of merit, but Trick probably wasn’t

really involved. I did hear some possible affiliates were the ones that messed

Berg up and took his beautiful Transformer chain. When he was attacked I heard

he was with rapper Cap One, who is supposedly his older brother. Now Cap One

was the first rapper signed to Motown, if my memory serves me correct. There

have been rumors that Cap writes for his presumed younger bro. Now, I heard

that Yung Berg’s bodyguard is in jail for some reason or another.


Without his normal security, Berg allegedly wanders into

Trick Trick’s club and it was on on sight. I don’t know that this was a smart

idea. Actually, I know it wasn’t. He was reportedly pummeled and robbed. He

flew back to the Chi and never did perform at Hot 102.7’s Summer Jam.

I feel bad for the lil’ dude at this point.  


It’s so cold in the D! Yung Berg knows this all too well. How the f**k do we s’posed to keep peace?




Damn! Read up!

I don’t know what got into my head.

But I decided that I needed to know once and for all what Big was really trying

to do. On that night before Christmas, I drove to Big’s house on a mission to

find out where I really stood.

The security guard at the gate just

waved me in when I pulled up. It was Christmas Eve and she’d seen me come into

the complex with the kids, so I guess she didn’t think anything of it. I parked

in the rear of Big’s town house and walked up to the garage. It was locked. I

hadn’t been over to Big’s house a whole lot but I did know that you jiggle the

garage door a certain way and unlock it.

I got into the garage, where there was

an elevator that would take me to both floors of Big’s duplex. There I was,

rocking a black skully cap and a heavy goose-down jacket, tiptoeing into the

elevator and pressing the button to go up to the second floor, where his

bedroom was located. I got to Big’s bedroom door, turned the knob, and went inside.

As soon as I saw a small lump next to Big’s large frame, I flew into a rage,

ran over to the side of the bed, and pulled back the covers. I grabbed some

chick our of the bed and started beating her ass. At some point, the chick’s

wig came off in my hand; It was a short, cropped wig. I stopped throwing

punches for a minute to get a good look at the chick I was beating up. It was

Lil Kim. She was completely butt-naked, yelling as I pushed her around the


“So you not f###### her, right?” I

screamed at Big. “Yeah, you not messing with her anymore,right?”

When they heard all the commotion,

Cease, D-Roc, and Gutter came running into the room. ‘Oh s###!” they yelled in

unison. “It’s Faye! How the hell she get in here?”

Big sat up in bed and pointed at Kim,

who was standing in a corner of the room, trying to cover her naked body with

her hands while I was still yelling at Big. “Yo, get her outta here,’ Big said.

They led Kim out of the room and she screamed and cursed the whole way.

It was absolutely crazy in that house.

Kim was naked and being led somewhere to get dressed. I was still screaming on

Big. Damion, Cease, and Gutter were laughing in amazement that I would be so

bold. And Big looked like he was just too through with all of us. He sat up in

bed shaking his head. Kim left the house and I stayed, talking to Big about why

he couldn’t be honest with me about her.

‘I thought it was all about Tiffany?”

I asked. You still messing with Kim, too?” Big had nothing to say.

I have to say I actually felt some pity for Kim. Big had a wife, and she

settled for messing with him. Then he started dating Tiffany and Big had a wife

and a mistress. And Kim still settled for being other other woman. It seemed

pretty sad to settle for that.

When I left a few hours later to get

the kids, I noticed that Kim had taken my key to my Land Cruiser and scratched

up my entire car, from the hood to the back bumper. Even though we ended up having sex that day, at that point I decided I was 100 percent

through. I was not going to be a ride or die chick, always going to lengths to

show Big how I felt. I was the mother of his child and his wife. But I was

going to have to let go.



Melanie Brown (Mel B) is going to renew her wedding

vows  with husband Stephen Belafonte and

will sell the ordeal for $400,000 to a tabloid.


The mayor of Detroit

needs to recall the different between Da Brat and Remy Ma – a deal and several

years!  Prosecutors have offered to drop one

of two felony assault charges if Kwame Kilpatrick would quit his job and just plead

guilty to a single charge. He has declined the offer, I heard.


Isaac Hayes’ family is already going into action and will

sue to get the rights to his singer’s back catalogue. He went bankrupt in 1976

and had to sell a lot of songs off.


Shelz tells me that there is now a bulletproof shirt on the

market. 50 Cent could easily leverage this into like another 200 million.




Here is Shelz’s Rumor Report.


Jermaine Dupri Avoids Pink Slip


The Business Sheet caught up with

someone over at Universal Music Group who wanted to dispel the rumor that Dupri

was being given the heave ho from his awesome job as head of the urban division

at Island Def Jam.  Short and sweet they were with the statement:


“Completely untrue.”


I’m glad he’s dodging that bullet;

if there was ever a bullet at all.  Considering that crazy ass budget they

have over at TAG, it would have been quite the loss for him. I guess we are

really going to get a chance to see how much money it takes to make a marginal

artist a superstar with this project.


Boom Boom Has the Hots for



Dayum!  Telling the man he’s

sexy? Asking him to pull up his shirt?  Maybe this was her way of

lightening the moment considering some of the questions she wanted to ask big

boy.  Seems like half the time he was fielding awkward flirtation and the

other half he was restraining himself from going off on her.  Funny.


Still the part about Alfamega once

being considered for State Property was most definitely interesting. Imagine

Beans and Alfa working together.  Whoa….!



Other Arbitrary Stuff…


Chuck D got married Saturday in Atlanta…. Yay! 

Couldn’t find any pictures….Boooo!  Congrats Chuck!


Puffy Puff Diddy Daddy P had his

entourage pulled over sometime this weekend somewhere in Cali and one of the fuzz drew down on him

because it was late and he didn’t know who he was and he was walking up on him

and……. Whatever.  Per TMZ the issue was handled and everyone drove away

un-shot and un-locked up.   Score one for the waxmaster.  Now if

he could only get that Cassie girl a new set of vocal chords all would be well

in Bad Boy-ville.









I got this letter from somebody

that refused to give their name. All I can say is they seem to know a lot and

is appalled at the treatment of Ciara. Check it: I don’t know nothin’ about

what is fact or fiction in this email. I said that, because it’s the truth -I know nothing. Typically,

I know when something is real or fake. You know I am a Game fan and have

actually resolved my issues with Bow Wow, who I used to love calling Wow Bow.






let me start out by saying this aint a attempt to get fame or money, so I will

even remain nameless.. But it just so happens that the 2 lamest n***as on the

planet (besides Soulja Boy), decide to disrespect my peoples (Ciara).. I know

Game and Bow Bow personally, and they know my style and how I get down.

Therefore, I don’t know why they would even come out they mouth sidewayz

towards Ci Ci, and they know I will break they fukin faces..But before I do

that, I’ma air they a#### out, and pull the sheets off they ass real quick(no

h###).. I’ma start with Game….



cousin f***s with my best friend’s sister, so we have been around each other

numerous times, and he always on some “lets all chill” s**t. So one weekend, me

and my squad was down in Memphis,

because I was meeting with some people about a nightclub im about to open out

there. My n***a’s sister call and says “Game and his people out that way doin

promotion, and they gonna call ya’ll so ya’ll can come to a party they

throwing”.. We aint have s**t else to do, so we accepted the invite when his

lame ass called. Long story short, he claims the party got cancelled, and he

wanted us to meet them at the strip club. So we did.. To make another long

story short, Game ends up getting his d**k sucked by a stripper, that happens

to really be a MAN. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that he

didn’t know she was a man at first.. When this n***a came from the V.I.P, he

was looking all shook-up and s**t.. He wasn’t even gonna tell us, until another

female that was on my d**k all night, called it out to everyone. (I had a REAL

female)..  Game gets all loud and starts poppin off in the club. I was

laughing, cause I know who he really is, and all that bark don’t mean s**t..

Somehow the dude/female gets his number and calls  Game 2 days later. Long

Story short, the dude/chick threatened to leak it out unless he broke her off

some bread, and took her/him on vacation. So this n***a ends up takeing the

chick/dude to Vegas for a weekend, and shells out a few thousand.. I wish Game

would try to deny it, because I have the instant messages they shared, and the

pics that the dude/chick took on a camera phone of him and him/her. But Game

will know ecaxtly who I am when he reads this, and I pray that he acts stupid

and confronts me. But I know that wont happen cause he know my resume`, and how

I rock..Plus, my money too long for that clown ass n***a to try me… Lets move

on to Bow Wow….



know Bow Wow through JD (and that n***a JD owe me money for that last studio he

built  too, but I wont put him out there about how he broke..don’t think I

forgot n***a!).. But anyways, this n***a Bow Wow talks crazy gangsta these

days.. Aint you the same n***a that was harlem shakein in videos, and singing

about puppy love? You are a internet/youtube/106&Park gangsta.. He failed

to tell the world about how he was sick as hell when Ci Ci let his ass go.. Or

about how he was calling her phone, threatening to kill himself if she didn’t

call him back.. Or what about last all star weekend Bow???????? We happened to

be in the same hotel, and this n***a had a broad running around telling

everybody on the strip how the n***a got drunk (off some Bacardi light) and s**tted

all over his bed in the room…. Also, lets tak about Candace… The Candace

that burned ya ass, and caused Ci Ci to stop fukin with you in the first

place.. Or how bout we leak that video of you talking about my nigaa Jim Jones?

Remember that? The tape where u said he needs to stop screamin BALLIN, unless

he can afford to buy instead of lease? You paid my n***a, Ransom, good money to

destroy that, cause you know Capo would beat ta lil ass.. Last but not

least, should we speak about how my manz f##### ya momz at the Hamptons last labor day weekend? Lets save

that for another time… I just wanted to air the n***az out real quick.. And

both of ya’ll know exactly who the f### I am.. Get at me if you feel froggy..

And if Ci Ci name come out either one of ya’ll mouths again, you already know

what it is.. You food n***a!






Check out this crazy a** video of these dudes K-Ci and JoJo.

 Man, there have been rumors of these

dudes being on crack for the longest time and this video does not help the

gossip. When you see this, you are going to have to pick your jaw off the

ground. JoJo just falls the hell out…damn.



“Pick him up dude! Are you kidding me?”  But why did K-Ci take JoJo’s arm and make it

wave to the crowd? LOL – I’m sorry – LOL.







Round Up for those of you who couldn’t get in where ya fit in…..


Ray J is Ridin this Sh*t till the wheels fall off!


Just when we had enough Ray J in our system he ups and gets a reality show! But

not just any reality show because his life alone couldn’t sell much ad space on

a network, he is set to have a dating show! I know too cliche right? Read the

details below if you can stomach it:


Ray J may be one of the most infamous playboys in hip-hop, but he still

hopes to find that special woman he can settle down with … and VH1 is going to

help! The “Sexy Can I” singer is getting his own dating show in 2009, and

producers are already looking for smart, attractive women over 21 who think

they can handle the drama of celebrity life. If you’re near one of the

following locations, e-mail for an audition!


As if Flavor Flav didn’t set black people back enough now we got this! Pure



Moving along…… Diddy Fly’s Commercial Flights… Oh Now We Have

Something in Common!


While I’m on my youtube pimp game check this vid of the Goodie Mob

impromptu reunion during a Nelly concert at Tabernacle in ATL! So does this

mean an album will really drop now? And yes Cee-Lo was there, not Gnarls

Barkley Cee Lo either 😉


Ok I’m back…. As Promised here are the dates for the Common and NERD



Tuesday September 9th – Verizon Wireless – Houston TX

Sunday September 14th & 15th – Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

Saturday September 27th – Foundation – Chicago, IL

Sunday September 28th – Filmore – Detroit, MI

Thursday October 2nd – Factory – Philadelphia, PA

Friday October 3rd – NC State University – Raleigh, NC

Saturday October 4th & 5th – Roseland – New York, NY

Of course there are more dates than this but I ain’t ticketmaster so I only

posted the few dates I thought were necessary!


It Aint For Everybody but…….Chuck D Gets Married!


Congrats to Public Enemy’s Chuck D who got married over the weekend to a

college professor Gaye Theresa Johnson in Atlanta. 

From what I hear the ceremony was very small and it was officiated by the

president of Spelman

College! Good stuff, I

also hear his wife is super intelligent and poised as she just received a yearlong

fellowship position at the Institute

of Comparative Studies on Race and

Ethnicity at Stanford

University. Gotta love

that brains and a ________ ! No pics just yet but I’ve got my eyes open! This

I’ve got to see 😉


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


I hear Maxwell is on the come up with a tour set to kick off Oct 8th! Does he

really still have it? I’m not convinced, but I’m sure there are some die hard

fans who would shoot me down on this one! BTW he does have a trilogy set of

albums to debut each year in 2008,2009, 2010!


Am I the only one who’s not really phased by Da Brat getting sentenced to 3

years? Maybe now we can get a good album upon her release… She aint got

nothing else to do! No offense I’m just sayin!


Damn Yung Berg Karma is a b***h huh?


Is anyone else glad the Olympics are over? I’m still salty China racked up on

the gold but I won’t be a sore loser… at least not in public I’ll just hit up

the nail shop in the morning and make it all better 😉


I’m out guys Go hard or Go Home! 

Before we go, I had to let Detroit get the last word in.IT’S SO COLD IN THE D – THE REDEMPTION

Here are some authentic representations of Detroit Hip-Hop. Never forget…it’s so COLD in the D. Like it or not Detroit…

Marquise Porter- Almost Lost Detroit

Fatt Father- Right Now

Trick Trick-Lets Work

Lo Fat= Walk it to the bank

Tone Tone Whatup Doe



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