Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Disses K-Fed?, Real Chance Winners!, Russell Simmons’ New Cutie

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS Here is my 2cents…sloooooow weekend for rumors. For the rest of the world, it popped off. But there were some shining stars […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Here is my 2cents…sloooooow weekend for rumors. For the rest of the world, it popped off. But there were some shining stars in other areas.

“Punisher: War Zone”

Foxy Brown’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Efil4zaggin Vs. The Chronic

OJ Simpson Busts “A Gangsta Rap”

Also shout out to Oscar de la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao destroyed Oscar, but somehow the former champ managed to quit with class.

As I said, I need your eyes and ears to help the rumors to pop properly. I’m not into biting off other people and whatnot. Shout out to all the people that hit me up from Australia, the land “up over!” Email me at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.


Lupe Fiasco is quietly making moves as he movies towards his last opus, a triple album. This really isn’t a rumor, but since its not news, it’s a rumor. Lupe’s triple album is going to be three different albums, coming out on three different dates. Not sure if that means it’s a true triple album, but anyway. The first LupEND album is going to come out is the Fall of 09. I don’t know when the other two will drop. Also, he said all the bloggers and haters can kiss his a**.

Lupe stans: check out www.lupethefiasco.blogspot.com…


I don’t watch the mess, buf if you do, just skip this section. It’s a spoiler. I got the word on how the end goes down. I heard Real picks “Cornfed” and Chance picks nobody. That’s right, NOBODY. Now, what is interesting, I heard they are already working on the second season of the show to jux you into wasting more time. Regardless, I find is crazy that a pair of gay-looking brothers are picking women. They should at least mix some men in there.



The late Heath Ledger gets the thumbs up for an Oscar. But for now, he was awarded the Australian Film Institute’s international award for best actor. Huge honor. I hope there are more coming.

I heard Keith Sweat is the singer behind those McNugget commercials…is this true?

Toni Braxton had surgery to have a lump removed from her breast. It wasn’t cancerous and didn’t have anything to do with her implants either. She reportedly missed the “Dancing With the Stars” finale or something.

Fortunately, the lump turned out to be benign. We wish Toni a speedy recovery – this poor gal has been through it this past year.

Brandy, Beyonce or Rhianna should slike Keyshia Cole their publicist’s business card. She looked a lil’ crazy at the De La Hoya fight. She was all the rage and the talk of the town though. Here it is:

Another vid:


Akon on working with MiJac:

“He only works at a certain time and keeps a lot of stuff hidden. He’ll launch it off a certain way and wants to surprise people.”

Common on the rumors around that super group with Q-Tip (read the whole interview here):

“Yeah, we still gon’ make it happen. It’s called The Standard and Tip got his album and once my album come out and we get to getting that material out there… We just talked and said man we got to start doing it. We had the idea and then we both started doing our thing. I believe it’ll be happening soon, like at some point in the next year I believe we’ll have some songs ready to put out.”

Yours truly asked Prodigy about the New World order and this is what he said (read the whole interview here):

Everybody that acting like, “Oh P talking all this s**t because he locked up now,” or, “He think he Malcolm X because he in jail.” N***a get a life and do some homework, do some research ‘cause you’re dumb ass would put your foot in your mouth if you knew that Prodigy been on it like this and your just a dumb a###### who just talk s**t; just a hater.


Well, I made a mistake (aka got some bad info), but my mistake is good news for J-Kwon. Not only does he get another mention on the Infamous AHH Rumors Page, but he gets positive information. He is not in jail and nothing drug related is stopping him from doing his next projects. He is working on Hood Hop 2 and some mixtape projects via his Hood Hop entertainment. Good news.


This is a candidate for idiot criminal of the day. Muncie Police in Indianapolis thought they had a routine traffic stop when they pulled a local woman over. Well, the woman made a simple request. Honesty Knight, 32, asked Trooper Eric Perkins if she could smoke. Perkins, being fair, said “Sure.” The lady named Honesty then proceeded to pull out and light a marijuana joint. Perkins took the “bud” and saw there was no tobacco in it. Honestly, in being SOOOOOOOOOOOOO honest was arrested and charged with possession. WOW.

Good deal, Dion!


The NYPD didn’t get the “change” memo apparently, because it appears to be business as usual. Michael Mineo alleges members of the NYPD forcibly sodomized him and the state has charged three officers in the alleged sexual assault of the Brooklyn man. According to local ABC news one officer will be charged with using his baton to rape Mineo and the other pair of police stand accused of holding the man for the deed to occur. Her is how is went down according to New York’s ABC News:

For nearly two months, a grand jury listened to Mineo describe, in disturbing detail, what he says happened on October 15. He claims that officers approached him for supposedly smoking marijuana outside the Prospect Park subway station and them chased and assaulted him. What followed, the 25-year-old says, was an attack that involved an expandable police baton being forced in his rectum.

“I think the city owes this cop, who broke the blue wall of silence and did his job,” Al Sharpton said. “I think that the mayor and others ought to salute this policeman.”

The tide turned after officials also learned doctors said Mineo’s internal injuries were consistent with his claim. But critics say the most troubling thing is the fact that while a grand jury is on the verge of handing down criminal charges, internal affairs initially dismissed the claims.

Glad I live in Delaware. Those NY Cops are lawless, it seems!


My dude Luke from Australia hit me up and gave me the scoop on the Glow In the Dark Tour with Nas.

Yo, just got home from Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour in Brisbane, Australia. As usual Yeezy killed it. At the start, Kid Cudi and Consequence performed, then came Scribe, followed by Nas who killed it, repeatedly saying “f### the radio”. After Nas Kanye came out and was on for about 2-2.5 hours, with a long speech in the middle, including a long shout out to Nas and how he is a hip-hop legend. Kanye also was heard saying Elvis who? John Lennon who? Basically Kanye killed it, ending with Love Lockdown. Other favourited were Goodlife and Stronger, and during Diamonds, the whole crowd was throwing up the Roc. Enjoy.

Another reader also saw the show in “the land down under,” but he offered some other details.

But of course, Kanye caused controversy. His show was AMAZING, but what would a Kanye show be without those diva moments? Firstly, while performing ‘Put On’, he went into some kind of auto-tune-freestyle. Basically what he was saying was that people don’t want him to change, people don’t want him to grow, they’d rather see him do exactly the same thing over and over again.

Then, he went into a rant; saying that the media had stripped him of real life and explaining his daily pressures of being a celebrity. Then, he randomly started talking about Britney Spears, claiming that she spazzed out because K-Fed took advantage of her to better himself.

But, the best was yet to come. Kanye decided to close with Love Lockdown. He restarted the song three or four times (i lost count). The first time, I don’t think he was in-sync with his musicians…so 30 seconds in he told them to stop and start again. The second time, Kanye said ‘Nah you guys f#$ked it, start again’ and stormed off the stage, the musicians kept playing through the chorus and only stopped afterwards…which was awkward as Kanye wasnt even singing.

The third time, Kanye got about half-way through the song and stopped it once more. Kanye then came out and said “I’m supposed to have another f*cking outfit for this song, but they’ve taken it back to the dressing room. But f*ck it, Let’s just do it”. He was pretty angry lol, but all the fans were laughing haha. He then managed to get through the whole song without stopping..needless to say…i dont wanna hear Love Lockdown again…lol.

Anyway i thought he didnt need a stylist since he shops so much that he can speak Italian…LOL. it was mainly a good show anyway.

That was a lot, but a lot of color…hey…interesting.

Here is a vide on it:


He dumped his ex and he’s on to the next.



Something isn’t right with this dude.

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