KANYE WEST RESPONDS TO BEANIE! Yo, this audio from Angie Ma’s show on Hot 97 starts out with this “hot” new song from Chaka Khan and Mary J. The song is BA-NANAS! Anyway, Kanye West didn’t forget what Beans said about him being gay and all that stuff. Yesterday, Kanye told Angie Martinez, “It really […]

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Yo, this audio from Angie Ma’s show on Hot 97 starts out with this “hot” new song from Chaka Khan and Mary J. The song is BA-NANAS! Anyway, Kanye West didn’t forget what Beans said about him being gay and all that stuff. Yesterday, Kanye told Angie Martinez, “It really threw my day off. If that’s your [Bean’s] opinion, why wouldn’t you come to me? He’s definitely helped me in other situations. I’ve never said anything to bring anybody else down. It’s so disrespectful, it has to be approached. I’m not beefing with Beanie – I don’t do that.” See, there is no beef…that’s just a summary of it. Click here for the audio. He also said he’s working on the new Cassie album and some other stuff. “I’m the freshest rapper of all time.” Shout out to Ang and Info.


WHOA DADDY!! I don’t know what’s going on right now. Now, everybody blasted Tony Yayo for saying that Ghostface didn’t write Supreme Clientele. Even 50 Cent seemed to be taken aback at that notion. But, I have this audio of somebody claiming to be Superb and he’s backing up what Yayo said! I think he’s now in jail and he’s talking loud and saying something. Peep the audio! “He took my s###, but I ain’t mad at that. That was mines, man. That ain’t him. That’s me. The whole Supreme Clientele album – I wrote that. I had to pay my dues.” Ghost is one of my personal favorites so this is scary. Well, ‘Perb is in jail and he IS a bit upset that Ghost hasn’t supposedly visited him. Fill up his commissary Wu! Click here for the madness. By the way, Ghostface is on the new Wu Tang album. I’m wrong when I’m wrong and I was wrong! (Maybe Superb is making a play for G-Unit?)


Superb wasn’t there, but the rest of the Unit was! Everybody’d thinking G-Unit is about to fall apart, NOT ACCORDING TO MR. CENT. Last night they got together for a peaceful gathering for an MTV-based event. I heard the whole crew was there, including Mobb Deep, but not MOP. I heard MOP is overseas on tour. They got together at the Hard Rock Café and tore it down for an hour and a half. I heard Banks has gotten quite a bit bigger since we last heard from him and didn’t perform like the rest. I also heard 50 Cent had a bit of a message for those that have said that G-Unit is about to fall. He pulled the whole team together on stage and asked them to just stand there. Then, 50 Cent said, “Just stand here. You ain’t gotta do nothing. Vitamin water – it doesn’t matter.”


Damn, Michael “KKKramer” Richards must be going through it, unlike Don Imus. He’s officially retiring from comedy and moved to damn Cambodia for spiritual guidance. Let me tell you, I gave him a hard time and if you google KKKramer in images, a pic I did comes up. Why? I made “KKKramer” up and the world ran with it…but I digress. Moving to Cambodia is some real stuff right there, because that is an honest statement there. He told Access Hollywood the monks in Cambodia have techniques he can use “to cleanse and relieve stress, addiction and negative energy.” This means, most of us should move to Cambodia too! I think I might forgive him.


I heard that Usher is getting gully with anybody and everybody that’s poppin’ that weak stuff, especially if you’re doing it under the guise of a fan site. I heard usherforever.com is about to be “wrap city.” Apparently, they have said the wrong thing about his relationship to Tomeka or gossiped too much. Apparently, the owner of the site doesn’t like Ursh’s future wife and let it be known. Well, as a response, Usher’s lawyers reportedly served her with papers to shut down. Going, going…

MY BOY IS P#####!

Check out this letter from a reader and tell me your thoughts on it. (not edited!)

What’s they tryin 2 do to Mike Vick. Every time a black person does somethin it is magnified and overblown. Feds involved like he killed someone! Dogs fighting is no more worse then horse or dog racing. They beat those animals to make them go! Then, they go to Africa and take animals out of there natural habitat to put them in a zoo for show! Hell, they hunt animals for sport. Even worse, these same people beggin for the maximum sentence for Vick supposedly fighting dogs are the same ones who fight to have abortions to remain legal…I hate to generalize people, but people are a trip!

(Waits for letter from the PETA people.)


This is from the New York Post: WHICH too-good-to-be-real Hollywood leading man and his hard-bodied wife deserve Oscars for their portrayal of a perfect marriage? They both have secret lives with members of the same sex.

I’m not even going to speculate, but I think its foul how they try to bring a brother down! Can we have our perfect family role model structure for the Hip-Hop generation?


Ray-J has to love these rumors, he just has to. Brandy’s “brova” has been seen cavorting around Cali with Lil’ Kim. I heard that he spent over $20,000 on a shopping spree in the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills. Where he get that kind of money!? Anyway, people are saying what we suspected: That he’s tappin’ that again. In Touch magazine said that Ray gave Kim a birthday party in LA. Strange, but he likes it.


There’s a rumor Black Roses will be out on October 9th. Now, clearly this isn’t confirmed, but it’s a nice thought for the Foxy Brown freaks like myself. On the other side, they are reportedly going to do a street album set to come out sometime in August and I believe this is a confirmed fact. This information is more reliable. Now, on the other side, I don’t know what major label she is on, but it isn’t Def Jam. He is, however, still cool with Jay-Z so maybe he will pop up on her album. From what I have been told Grafh is now signed to Interscope. Maybe Fox Boogie Brown will end up there.


Gaining a lil’ weight has a positive side effect! Go, Foxy!


Foxy talking about her tig ol’ bitties at the age of 14 is a perfect way to move into the sign the world is coming to an end. If the raping dog wasn’t enough, Philadelphia is off the chain like “whoa.” A 14-year-old boy was shot to death because a man had a bout with road rage. The boy and his friend were not RIDING their bikes fast enough. Click here for the story. Poor kid. Cassidy should rap about that!


They are saying that Nicole Richie’s kid might be the product of sex with “The Fly” aka Jeff Goldblum aka Mr. I’m Old Enough To Be Your Daddy. SMH. Wonder if Lionel knows this!

Yo, Mel B recently said that Eddie Murphy hasn’t holla’d since she had the baby. Word to Ed O.G.

The mainstream media has been calling Lindsay Lohan “LL” recently. Cut that out…there is already an LL as in Cool J and he doesn’t have any new nude pics on the net. (thank goodness)

That paparazzi stuff don’t work with the brothers (pardon my ebonics). CSI star Gary Dourdan allegedly beats down one of tmz’s video dudes.

I’m not sure if we can call this a fact, but I heard that Puffy and Suge were sitting next to each other at a recent party with Prince. Furthermore, I heard somebody got a picture of it. If you have it, send it!

Chris Brown sophomore album has gotten its wig pushed back from August to October.

If you were wondering why there were so many GM cars in “Transformers,” it was because GM donated $1 million in cars for the movie makers to do as they will.

Whodini gets the ill nod from Hip-Hop Honors! YAY! Aside from those old school master men, Missy Elliott and Snoop Dogg get honored as well. Tracy Morgan is the host.Dag on Stephon Maubury is leaving the Knicks to go to Italy? Wow! What a shocker!

Two of Hip-Hop’s biggest names have fall release dates…I’ve heard they have both pushed their dates back too. Hmmmm…what’s going on!?


Mos Def refusing a photographer the opportunity to take a pic of him in NYC at SOB’s club.

On the same tip, Kanye, Q-Tip, Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz were all present at the club too, where they judged a DJ battle at SOB’s.

Saigon was in the house and I heard they played his new banger! Check it out here.

I was informed that Miss Info and Cons-to-the-Quence were in the house too and that’s about it!


“Self-Destruction” – Everybody that mattered on IN NYC!

“We’re All In The Same Gang” – West Coast All Stars

This was sooooooo dope!

“I Got It Made” – Special Ed (Is he in junk yard? It didn’t matter!)

“Paper Thin” – MC Lyte!

“You got this bad Jetta and you wanna take the subway!?” Check out D-Nice!

I’m out like Gary Coleman!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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