Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye’s New Biz, FL Rapper Gets LIFE! Eve Spazzes! Where Is The Game?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.   YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Royce And Eminem Are Friends! Shawty Lo Rumor Update! TODAY’S RUMORS   Is The Game in or is he ain’t in? Well, […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.




Rumors: Royce And Eminem Are Friends! Shawty Lo Rumor Update!



Is The Game in or is he ain’t in? Well, even The Game knows there is confusion. The

rapper has gone so far as to issue a statement through his management to explain

what the devil is going on! Here is the statement for you to consume.


“I apologize for the conflicting news on my release, but due to

the sensitive negotiations on this matter I felt it appropriate not to give an

exact date on my release. I am truly grateful to my attorney, family and

management for doing a great job in this respect. Upon my release I went

directly to the studio with producers Cool & Dre

and recorded

several records including my street record ‘Big Dreams.’ Thank you to

all my fans as well for the support.”


— The Game


The Game’s new song “Big

Dreams” is expected to drop next week and will begin the push for his new

album, L.A.X (Los Angeles Times). We can expect that to be released in June

2008. People I have talked to, tell me he is NOT locked up right now.



You are definitely going to love this lil’ piece of heat! (MAYBE NOT!)

One Lucky Leprechaun – Kanye West




Shout out to my girl Miss

Mouth…gossip diva extraordinaire! She hipped me to what is going on in Tampa and how a new “Free” movement is starting off in Florida. Popular Florida rapper Tampa

Tony is going to jail for life, according to recent reports. Tony has been

blessed to have graced the cover of Ozone Magazine several times and released

music with T-Pain, Khia and Trick Daddy Dollars. From

what I heard, he even started the trend called “Jook

Music.” He is considered the “King Of Jook.”

But, he has been arrested and convicted for possession and conspiracy to

possess with intent to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine.




OK, lets just be honest here.

There have been a few rumors out there that Shawty Lo

having the “monster.” Well, from what I heard that’s not true and it is simply

rooted in him having diabetes. I heard that around Bankhead

Courts, Shawty Lo had to get some treatment for his

diabetes and that’s where the bad rumors got started. I heard from a reliable

person that Shawty Lo is actually doing well and

actually had a recent bout with the flu and that’s why he got sick. The

temperature is all over the place and a lot of folks have been hit rather hard.

All good in the hood.





and Eva Longoria – a photographer’s wet dream, as seen by this video. The only

problem is Eve is at heart a hood chick that has gone Hollywood. If you want to see her kind of

good off with a Hollywood accent, check out

this video. A driver tried to get her to leave her chump Eva Longoria and Eve

is way too loyal for that. So, she screams on the dude and forces him to submit

in true pitbull form.



here to see it!




Yesterday, there was too much

to handle at SXSW and you better believe that AHH was there. N.E.R.D. literally

rocked the house, directly from my sources down at the event. The crew was

there on behalf of The Fader magazine and they didn’t disappoint. Skateboard P

and the read of the band tore it down and gave the post-Lou Reed crowd. There

were plenty high lights, but P let some girls dance and a Black chick went

wild. P did the wop to a rock song, which I was told was interesting. Those in

attendance included Saul Williams (more

on Saul Williams here), J. Davey, The Clipse, The Cool

Kids, Nikki Jean, and other hipsters my “eyes” managed to see in Austin. At another venue

El-P of Def Jux, Devin The Dude and Dizzle Rascal rocked the hizzle.

Even Bushwick Bill came through to bless the mic.

Tomorrow AllHipHop will be streaming a concert featuring

The Clipse, Cool Kids, and others. Just go to the

homepage for the scoop.




Eminem’s protégée lets his true feelings be known about his loyalty, Royce Da 5’ 9” and whatever else he wants to say. If you don’t

read this whole thing, get this out of it “




He told all of the following to AllHipHop.com (this is raw and




Live from the ATL!!!! What up allhiphop… good looken on clearen up the lil issue with royce and me. It neva was as big as ya’ll was maken

it tho.  It was a situaition,

I would do again, if faced with that choice, cuz I’m

a Capo..and I ride 4 the Don..no

matter what. I’m glad that King Mathers and dude got

it all squared away. I got a call, and Em said let it

go, cuz me… I love 4 things to get outta hand, and we got alotta

great thangz comen out, so

why b in prison instead of touring the world, plus he knows that I had

misplaced anger on Royce, due to my legal issues I had, so,I

was n full war mode. But, I DO, follow my chain of command to the

fullest.  No questions asked…so the drama is dead to me!!! Get ya money Royce!!! U neva know, me

n Royce may splash ya’ll with a monster record n the very near future. Cuz, if The King(Mathers) ain’t trippen, then who am I to

ride on a potential ally? But, rumor section, do me a favor…please know, that

I have never apologized to any man, on land. I’ve never spoken to royce, and my safety was NEVER in jeopardy due to that

minor…old disagreement.. So, please, stop, throwen

in those lil cheap shots..cuz

they are EXTREMELY FALSE!!!!  I love Detroit..and

my issue with one individual, would neva lead to me

and a city into conflict(to kill all that extra coastal b#######, that was

printed)…That’s jus crazy.. It is no beef at all, but, jus b truthful n the bidness u put out. I wonder if ya’ll will spread this azz quicc az

u did my bang out side from youtube??? I

was n Az with Sha, and all

the otha talented hip hop artists, and

producers.(Signed and Up and Coming) and got nuthen

but love, becuz it was on march

9th, it really made  me think abot Proof,

and Big, and Pac..and my current turmoils,

with certain succaz that the world doesn’t even

know.  And that’s REAL beef, i got way too

many of those to divide my time with rap”beef”.

And they tryna shut us down anyway…take away our voice..I’m no longer gunna

participate n that continual perpetuation.  So, u can post that CA$HIS

OFFICIALLY ENDS BEEF WITH ANY RAPPERS. Let’s all satisfy the people with great

music and get this bread!!! Win, lose or draw, I’m down 2 die 4

this.  And I honestly wanna c my babies grow up,

and first I needed to grow up, and put thingz in the

proper perspective.  We let the muzic speak 4

itself ova here!!!! I’m good n any hood allhiphop. U

know u already knew that tho!!!  This is prolly the first all true rumor u eva

got huh??? And a Non beef response…So n##### can

quit maken my 6″3 139 pound azz

look like some sort of a bully.  Cuz, I’m not.

Big ups to my G-Unit Brotha..Young Buck…Go get that

David Brown clothing and Tenakey wristwear.

Get jewelreyed up like the real n#####

do. SHADY LTD is on fire right now 2!!!!!  We all tryna

get money….Who can stop us!!!!!! 


Illseed note: I had to cut some of that out, but you get the jist of things! The beef is over and the music is just





Illseed’s gossip homegirl steps in and gives the




and Brandy Together……… Ewwwww



My ears are burning from this

one, but people in the street are telling me that Brandy and Ne-Yo may be an item. Sources are saying that the two

really hit it off while working on Brandy upcoming album and are really feeling

each other. Awww how cute a fish and pug, what an

awkward little couple. We’ll see how this plays out. Good luck, you two.



Kanye and his Pops may Open New Restaurant



It’s being said that Kanye and his father Ray are in the works of opening up a

coffee shop in Washington DC named Good Water. Hmmm… I’m kind of

stumped why would you name a coffee shop Good water. isn’t that kind of ass

backwards. Knowing Kanye I’m sure he has some intellectual

thought behind it so DC folks look out for that.



Is Meagan

Good With Child?


A very

plump gut Meagan Good attended a birthday bash for actress twins Malika and Khadijah in Beverly Hills. I keep

hearing that her midsection is protruding just a bit? Speculation has been

swirling around for months now but this just may be the pudding of proof needed

to make some accurate assumptions. What do you all think? I know what I think –

she’d be sexy as hell preggers. “No l####” or anything but she would be pretty fly as a mom.





Reality TV gives Celebrity Kids a new Show and Reaches an all time Low



Just when we thought Flavor of

Love was the last straw of embarrassment in Reality TV MTV comes along and

gives Bobby Brown’s son, MC Hammer’s daughter and Al B. Sure’s

son (not Quincy ya’ll know that’s Diddy’s kid) a show

called “Rock the Cradle” the eight episode show follows the offspring of famous

musicians as they compete in front of their parents, judges and a live

audience. If you have nothing better to do with your life check it out on April




Lady Drama’s Food for Thought




Kane has a new sexy image…… Weren’t they always sexy and isn’t that what made

the band?



Is anyone else urked by Matthew Knowles Star Search antics for new talent?

In my view, he’s worse than Diddy now days.



Speaking of Diddy I wonder if he’s salty none of his kids are on that

new reality crap.



Was anyone else annoyed by the

pics that someone took up Trina’s Skirt the other

day. I know guys are all about a free peek show but with spanks how much of a

sneak peek can you cop? (Just a thought) [Illseed

note: these cats don’t even know what spanks izzzzz,

Lady Drama!]



BIZZY BONE WANTS TO GET BACK WITH THE THUGS! (this is getting a lil’ old!)





Flo Rida continues to song “Low (Feat. T-Pain)” has been

certified triple-platinum by the RIAA, and (Atlantic

claims) it is now the #1 best-selling digital single of all time, with over 3.2

million sold. I heard Chamillionaire claims that his

“Ridin’ Dirty” song is in fact the king of the ringtones.


Boss Up sent me this one. The

Honorary Major of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

has been banned and discriminated against for having too many legs. Click

here to view this f**kery.


Did you hear that Gov.

Spitzer’s H##### was An Aspiring Rapper? Oh yeah…that!




We talked to Djimon Hounsou

and here is what he said (or didn’t say) about Kimora:


AllHipHop.com: We’ve seen the pictures and heard the speculation, so

I’m going to ask you directly… Is it true that you and Ms. Kimora

Lee are expecting your first child together?



No comment! [laughs]


Pharrell to the crowd at SXSW:


“They put us on a time

limit, but I’m kinda not giving a f**k right



On Friday March 7, 2007, McCain mouthpiece Kelly Ann Conway said:


”John McCain is in New Orleans tonight

addressing the Council on National Policy. It’s been reported these are just

the cream of the crop conservatives. This is what he’s doing behind the scenes

now while Hillary and Obama argue about whether she

should let him sit on the back of the

bus of her presidential ticket, or he argues whether or not she lied us

into war in 2002.”




And I am telling youuuuu…people are going

CRAZY! Check out this report!


Khandi Busby, 27, threw her two struggling sons, ages 8 and 6, from a freeway

overpass Wednesday morning before jumping herself, police said. Fortunately,

all three survived the 22-foot fall into rush hour traffic and have been able

to speak with investigators.


“It was really miraculous that we didn’t have some fatalities with this

incident,” said police Sgt. Gil Cerda. “At this

particular time, there is very heavy traffic and it is fast moving.”


In an Associated Press article, Lt. C.L. Williams said:


“The why remains a mystery to us. If you try to apply logic to these incidents,

they totally defy any logical explanation.”




This is probably the worst

audio in the universe, but you get the idea.


This one is better. “Lap Dance”




On the real, N.E.R.D.

reminded me of some other nerds from the past…click here to see. (I’m sure Pharrell can take a joke!)




I admit, I don’t watch Making

The Band so I plead ignorance. Diddy is a funny dude,





They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should



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