Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye’s X-mas Gift! Uncle Luke Kicks Some A$$! Solange’s Reality Show!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! KANYE’S GOT A RELEASE DATE Kanye is coming to town like Santa Claus, according to Amazon. The Chi-towner has already blessed us with “Love Lockdown” drops […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Kanye is coming to town like Santa Claus, according to Amazon. The Chi-towner has already blessed us with “Love Lockdown” drops on the 16th of December- just in time for the holiday. As I told you before, Kanye is expected to use the vocoder/voice box thingy on the whole CD. I heard that several people attempted to talke Ye out of doing this move with the vocoder, but he was dead set on it. The crazy thing is, if anybody other than T-Pain can pull this off, its Kanye.

I’m with ya, homey!


Usher is officially all in! As we have rumored, Usher is going to be a second-time papa! Ursh and his lovely wife Tomeka are going to be expecting the new kid soon. I heard soon is this year, possibly in December. People Magazine made the confirmation after Tomeka was “spotted wearing a belly-disguising outfit during Usher’s Sept. 4 NFL kick-off concert in New York.” They said the dress was a good one and they weren’t sure, but when she stood up it was easier to realize that she was indeed with child.


I’ll tell you! I want rappers to stop putting their hands on people! In Philly there is a crew or something called Heavy Spitters. I heard for some reason, Gillie The Kid slapped somebody from Heavy Spitters! Why would he do that? I don’t even know. All I really know is I like Heavy Spitters because they blessed me with the 47 year old rapper a ways back. See him below!

More on this as I get intel.


Could there be beef within Salt n Pepa’s beautiful ranks? It seems possible. As you know, Pepa has a new book out there and it’s a nice insight into S-N-P’s rise from her perspective. Anyway, I heard that some of the things that she wrote might not have gone over well with Salt. I haven’t read it all, but I heard that some stuff may be causing friction. I haven’t really heard anything about Pep disparaging Salt at all. I don’t know. I also heard they got a deal to perform in Japan, but aren’t bringing Spinderella! I mean, this doesn’t affect me at all, but if they do a show in Philly or Delaware, they best not come without Spin!


This man’s mark in history is SO IN STONE. I cannot wait to see how history teaches this one in a few years. Here is the latest on Rev. Wright, who suddenly pops up in the media at the most inopportune time. Apparently, Reverend Jeremiah was having sex with a married woman from his former church. Rev apparently has/had an intimate relationship with 37-year-old Elizabeth Payne. She claims the affair led to get her fired from her job at the church. To be fair, sources from the church say she was fired, because she lied and embellished her resume. On top of this, I heard that Wright scooped his last wife from a dude that sought marital counseling in the 1980’s. WOW. I know God “don’t like ugly,” but this is crazy.


Somebody has completely lost all his marbles. Michael Jackson used to wear a pair of size-28 Calvin Klein white cotton briefs – aka DRAWLS. Well, these are the same damn underwear that MiJack was wearing when he got busted for molesting children. Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon was going super hard at Mike and got a judge to give him permission to get a pair of DRAWLS for DNA purposes. IF it was for that, why are these damn undies on EBAY? SIGH. I mean, what’s going on, people? On top of ot all, they are selling for a starting bid of $1 million. The DRAWLS are still in the evidence bag and everything. If soiled MiJack panties don’t excite you, they are also selling a used tube of skin-bleaching cream and the letter Mike wrote to Lisa Marie Presley detailing why he wants a marriage annulment.


From MiJack’s annulment letter to Trey Songz reported marriage? They are saying Trey is trying to get married to his Ethiopian girlfriend, Helen. I was reading Sandra Rose and she revealed that Trey is fully ready to lock it down. Helen is reportedly one of Trey’s dancers that eventually got the deluxe treatment. Trey said that Omarion introduced him to his gal:

Well, I’ll say he introduced us. From there, we went on that first tour together. I was on the Holiday Jam Scream Tour. She was on it too. We ain’t never really get a chance to kick it. She’d see me and she’d just kind of brush me off, but I’d be trying to holler at her. She’d see me with all different kinds of chicks and she wasn’t really feeling that.

Marriage is the new single life.


Canadian rapper Drake, aka Aubrey Graham, is not only a gifted artist, but he is also an actor on a Canadian show called “Degrassi The Next Generation.” Lets just say his rap talents are probably going to take him farther. I can’t knock his hustle…he’s gettin’ that young money!

Have you ever heard of Jamaican Spongebob? Click here to see the new Spongy with Squidward getting gangsta.

During the VMAs, Yung Berg was and he was chillin’ in a backpack wearing all black. And then there was Trick Trick…being devious with his own daughter!!!! They gonna force Yung’s darker twin brother to hurt somebody.

Somebody told me they saw Tommy Davidson and he was allegedly acting like somebody that could be using cocaine.

Check out John McCain get Barack-Roll’d – LMAO!

Morgan Freeman might be getting divorced, but I hear he is out and about getting his swerve on!

Deelishis is now a married woman! Her hubby is businessman Orlando Gordon! The story was broken by S2S magazine.

I forgot to mention, Akon is off the hook. Another video of that rumored “fan-punching” has come out and Akon can be seen hugging the woman in apology.

Beyonce’s bodyguard allegedly choked the fire out of a guy that got to close to the star during fashion week in NYC. He must have had too much Red Bull. I want to see Beyonce choke somebody!

Allen Iverson is reportedly trying to sell his house. I hope he has luck in this economic mess!!!!

Shout out to Kevin Powell. He didn’t defeat 74-year-old Edolphus Towns, but he did Hip-Hop PROUD! We can DO whatever we put our minds to.

Question: Where the hell is MC Ren?


“Ladies Love Cool James” recently checked in with my homegirl Kendra G and her fam DJ Touchtone on 100.3 The Beat (Philly) and confirmed what most of us already knew. The G.O.A.T. told the crew that his latest CD “Exit 13” will be his last CD with Def Jam. LL was the first artist to drop an album on Def Jam. Boy, has it been an incredible ride. Watch the video to see what LL has planned next.


When you think about Def Jam, you don’t normally think about Freeway in the same manner you think of LL. But Free has been on the brand for some time and he’s repped well over the years. Now, I heard he has been let go or dropped from Def Jam. Like Joe Budden and Peedi Crakk, I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. Good luck and maybe 50 Cent is still interested.



Uncle Luke doesn’t like Charles Hamilton, a rapper from NYC. Luke says he’s gonna kick CH’s a$$. Check out the video below.

With Kanye’s surprise album, we have some good music coming, but hopefully by the time it drops, he will have stopped dressing like one of the Children of the Corn.

The Other One aka Solange Knowles may be getting her own reality show. Why not? Everybody else has one.

Just in case you didn’t catch it on ESPN, the Nashville police found Vince Young. If you didn’t know he was missing, don’t worry about it. He didn’t know he was missing either.

Lata Folks…..


That Sarah Palin is so hot. She is so hot they are calling her a V.P.I.L.F., not even a M.I.L.F. or a G.I.L.F. Guess what? The inevitable happened. A p#### company is now looking for Palin look-a-likes so they can make a skin flick of the vice-president aspirant. Here is the data:

Sarah Palin Look alike (Atlanta)

Date: 2008-09-01, 3:14PM EDT

We need Sarah Palin look alike for adult themed video production.

* Location: Atlanta

* Compensation: Per episode basis

* This is a contract job.

* Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

* Please, no phone calls about this job!

* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

The saddest thing is that the idiots just outweigh the intelligent people exponentially. Sorry, it just is. And some chick’s legacy is about to be put in stone and I don’t mean Palin herself. Sadder still, it’s a per episode taping so the lucky p### babe might not even get a shot at the sequel.


It looks like he either did or didn’t get jacked at this point! But, there is a chain there that looks exactly like the one in the goons’ video. Tyga’s stans are fighting these jack allegations feverishly!


VH1 gets real Hip-Hop

In addition to Vh1’s hip-hop honors show the network will also be launching two other programs that chronicle key points in hip hop culture. According to billboard.biz VH1 will broadcast ‘100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs’ and ‘VH1 Rock Doc: NWA: The World’s Most Dangerous Group’. ‘100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs’ is a five-part series which will count down some of the best Hip-Hop songs of all-time and provide commentary and stories behind the songs. It will also feature original interviews and archived performances from artists such as Public Enemy, Outkast, Salt-N-Pepa and more.

‘VH1 Rock Doc: NWA: The World’s Most Dangerous Group’ will take a look at the history of NWA. and will feature appearances and interviews with such names as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella, along with Eazy-E’s widow Tomica-Woods Wright and more.

I’m really feeling VH1 and their programming, I feel like they are setting the tone for music channels to actually focus on music and not over rated reality series which have no substance what so ever! My DVR will be set when both programs premiere September 29 at 10 pm and October 3 at 11 pm respectively.

Stop Frontin… Diddy Never Owned a Private Jet?

Look don’t look at me all sideways, a Palm Beach Post down in South Florida says Diddy never owned, or has owned a private jet. I know, I know ya’ll don’t believe me well read for yourself:

A thorough review of federal records shows that no plane in this country is registered to a Sean Combs or any of the trend-setter’s numerous companies, including clothier Sean John and his music company, Bad Boy Entertainment.

One private aviation source scoffed: “It’s my jet this, my jet that, he’s just pretending. I have list of every plane with the name of the owner, and he’s not on it.” When contacted about his fib, Diddy’s people issued some bullsh*t ass statement.

But Puff’s publicist says that the mogul is a fractional owner under NetJets which damn near is like owning a jet. But according to NETJets.com ‘Fractional owners pay for a limited number of flight hours on any company jet.” Which says absolutely nothing about owning the jet. Now this all wouldn’t be so bad if Puff didn’t put out youtube vids complaining about taking HIS private jet and what not 😉 Not for nothing but his math was a bit off flying back and forth to LA twice would set him back $100,000 and not 250,000! Man these youtube vids are really showcasing peoples shortcomings huh?

Speaking of Diddy he’s looking for Sean John Employees….Here are the requirements for an open Design Management position in the menswear division of the clothing line. Submit your resumes at seanjohn.com under the careers section. Good luck and NO you don’t have to be on a reality show to get the job 😉

My Theme Song… Hi Hater Remix Maino feat. TI, Swizz Beatz, Plies, Fabolous, and Jadakiss

Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:

Kanyes new album is called 808’s and Heartbreaks… For a man who lost his mother and fiancee in the same year I think that title is more than appropriate and I’m sure the material will be just as good also! No worries folks!

Since we broke the Laurie Ann Busta Rhymes couple alert (before MTO I might add) who is a better look Delishiss or Laurie?

Whoever would buy Michael Jackson’s used drawers for 1 million on ebay is a _________?

Go hard or Go home folks 😉


I like these dudes.


I don’t think Ye looks like a child of the corn. Shame on you, Shelz! He’s a fashionisto! Still waiting for Pastelle.

This image is soooooooooo…classic.They actually make a nice couple. Maybe Bow Weezy is growing up. Wait, didn’t he just get bodied in Madden? Pink is bad. She’s such a bad girl. Come out and play! Serena looking good and rubbing her victory in the face of the whole city of New York.Shout out to Riverside! Bucket 26!YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

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