KIM PORTER LEAVES DIDDY? This is what the NY Post is reporting. I’m not even going to try to paraphrase (ok, I’m just being lazy)! Diddy’s people deny the report! Here is the bombshell: July 5, 2007 — AFTER 10 long years of sticking by Sean Combs, the music impresario’s baby mama and longtime girlfriend, […]

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This is what the NY Post is reporting. I’m not even going to try to paraphrase (ok, I’m just being lazy)! Diddy’s people deny the report! Here is the bombshell:

July 5, 2007 — AFTER 10 long years of sticking by Sean Combs, the music impresario’s baby mama and longtime girlfriend, Kim Porter, has finally had enough.

Sources inside Combs’ camp told Page Six that Porter moved out of his apartment here and she isn’t going back.

“Kim is in Louisiana filming a movie right now, and when it’s done she’s moving to L.A.,” the insider said.

Porter has already bought a posh pad in Beverly Hills for her and her four children – three of whom, Christian, 10, and twins D’Lila and Jessie, 7 months, are Diddy’s.

“She is focusing on her career as a model and actress and raising her children,” our source said. “They are the best of friends, but they just can’t be together right now.”

This doesn’t mean Combs and Porter won’t ever be together again. They split for several years when he was dating Jennifer Lopez, but as soon as he and J.Lo broke up, Combs went right back to Porter.

Rumors of a rift between the two started circulating earlier this year when, right after the December birth of the twins, Combs stayed out almost every night till the wee hours of the morning partying with Sienna Miller. The two once stayed out so late partying at her hotel room that they even caught breakfast together in the morning.

The friendship between Combs and Miller was rekindled last weekend when he went to London to perform in the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Arena.

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, Combs went to the concert after-party at a club called Paper, but “didn’t look too happy to be there . . . until [Miller] arrived . . . For seemingly the first time all night, he started to enjoy himself . . . he ordered six burly bouncers to form a ring around the couple. And one unlucky reveler who accidentally strayed too close to the pair at Paper . . . was manhandled out of the way by their heavies.”

Combs and Miller were so engrossed in each other, they “failed to notice staff accidentally smash several champagne flutes at the table,” the London paper said.

Porter didn’t return calls, and a rep for Combs said, “There is no truth to this.”


Somebody tried to tell me that Steve Rifkind and Gabby Union are an item. Whatever man! She hosted a party for him last month in New York. This month, the Bahamas? Bet’ not be, because many men are going to be infuriated at this. I know its nobody’s biz, but yes it is! Anyway, I’m hearing that Steve has a penchant for the younger, “hot” chick so maybe there is something to this. Gabby’s super hot, but she’s not all that young – might be right up Steve’s alley. Hmmmmmmm….


I heard that Papoose is reading his album (I’m still playing Beast from the East) and he’s going to have a special version of “Alphabetical Slaughter.” The catch? He goes from Z-A..no A-Z. As far as Pap’s recording career, I heard that he is coming out in September and had a range of cameos like Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Kay Slay, Dr. Dre, DJ Preemo and others. I know there are some suspicious people out there, but my sources claim this album is very HOT.


I didn’t wanna print this last month, but I heard 50 Cent was extremely, EXTREMELY upset at the cover image that Vibe used of him last month. As you have to recall, he just looked exceedingly mean and gruff like an ultimate fighter. Now, somebody said that the face nearly caused a huge riff similar to the one with the Source, but I don’t think that to be the case at all.

In other 50 Cent rumors, I’m hearing that he’s added three new songs to Curtis and is on course to drop as expected in September. I also have word that this shift has spurned a possible G-Unit collective album in the latter part of this year. If it happens, all the usual suspects should be on board, including Hot Rod. On the guest appearance tip, everybody is on this rumored album.


I still haven’t seen the movie yet – hearing mixed things. I heard the dude below saw it 3,500 times already and this is what he wore to the movies. If you want to read a review of Transformers, click the link or the big guy below. Also, if you want to read the newest interview with Transformer star Tyrese, click here for the film section!


“I thought he was too young, and I just always thought he was ugly. That’s real talk. I thought he looked like a tree monkey…”

Aw, man. This is the funniest quote in a hot minute. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Superhead, but this is a classic quote. I can’t wait to see what Wayne has to say when/if he returns fire. Karrine graces the cover of the new King and we can all get set for the media blitz associated with her new book. As KRS said, “Rappers are in danger!” Anyway, here is another quote she said about Ne-Yo to VH-1.

“We’re driving down the street, a car pulls up to my car. My boy Chris is like, ‘What’s up?’ They rolled down the back window and it’s Ne-Yo, and he was like, ‘Is Karrine in there?’ Chris was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, she’s here.’ He got out the car and he came by and was like, ‘I’m heading back to my room, meet me at the hotel.’ We all went to the hotel after that. We hung out all night with Ras Kass and some other girls in the room. The whole time he was just rubbing my feet. Just biting on my feet, rubbing on them. But we were comfortable ever since. Then we spent the next couple of days together. Ne-Yo looked at me right in my face and said, ‘I don’t care what happened before, but your life didn’t start until the day you met me, and no matter what happens if we just stay friends, we end up together it doesn’t matter.’ I just felt like I’d known him all my life. When that got out, I actually panicked. I was nervous. Because I didn’t want him to think that I did that. That’s not my style.”

RAS KASS – watch it! The next book she writes might be about you, son!


TRACEY EDMONDS dropped Eddie? Ahhhh, terrible! The word is, they broke up about three weeks ago, but it occurred before the Mel B baby results came in. I heard Eddie was trying to run her life or something. More recently, its been said that they are still on and that the paternity test and new baby with Mel B didn’t mess up their union. This is according to People magazine so I tend to believe her words over meaningless drivel called gossip.


I have to say, I got some passionate people hitting me defending Nelly! I admit, I think Nelly is cool, even though I’m not his biggest fan. As for the claims that he’s not even from the Lou, I understand that Nelly’s daddy was a military man, but a St. Louis native. Nelly was born under those conditions, but was still reared in the Lou. No hate, no hate! I do here there is a movement called the “New St. Louis,” a collection of artists that are making their own moves in the game. What urked them, I’m hearing is when Nelly said, “It’s the New St. Louis/ Yeah, that’s funny/ I’ma stick with the old/ The new don’t make enough money.” Nelly’s been out since the early 2000’s so maybe it’s that time? When does the dude Free City get out of jail? Sheeesh! (Shout out to DJ K-Money and Ikon Radio)


I heard that Fergie Ferg and Justin Timberlake used to date back in the Mickey Mouse era. Word to Ferg, she’s the one doing the talking.

Timbaland recently performed a crappy gig overseas and he made a joke to the crappy DJ like, “Don’t make me do a 50 Cent on you.” Obviously this was a reference to the 50 sonnage of poor Hot Rod. He also dissed Scott Storch – AGAIN.

Shout out to LaTaurus for the ill rhyme about The 4th of July!

Melody Thornton? Lakeshia hit me up and told me that Bow Wow is dating Mel from the Pussycat Dolls.

New Zealand is reportedly trying to keep Bobby Brown out of the nation to perform, because of his criminal record! It’s mostly child support issues! How is he going to pay when you won’t let him play!


This should fight back some of the gay rumors, right? I don’t believe ‘em John!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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