Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauren London & Mos Def? Ja Rule to Retire? New Lil’ Wayne Video!

DISCLAIMER:     All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.     YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Wayne Really Get Boo’d? No New Girl For Scrappy!   Hip-Hop Rumors: Angel Lola Luv’s Butt Confirmed Fake? Jim […]




All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have

no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.





Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Wayne Really

Get Boo’d? No New Girl For Scrappy!



Rumors: Angel Lola Luv’s Butt Confirmed Fake? Jim Jones and Max B Beefing?

Diddy’s American Idol?







Shine got KTFO by the TMI Boyz for saying something about Wendy Day!


Dash and Jim Jones go ahead and make Harlem’s American Gangster Official.


Banner and Chris Brown? Like Kia Shine would say, WOW!


does Playaz Circle go platinum with Lil’ Wayne? Click here!







(Back on the payroll, Boss Up!) Rumor has it 50 Cent had a

secret studio session with well-known rapper from France. I think his is from

Paris, but I am not sure. The rumor says that this rapper is working on doing

things in his native land, but got with the G-Unit General to take things up a

notch. Last year 50 performed in France, but I think the song was recorded in

New York City. More on this in a few…





This Hollywood writer’s strike is really doing more than

just making TV and movies WACK, this mess is messing with people’s MONEY! These

days, the O.G. Ice-T is more of the actor-type than the rapper-type and I heard

things are getting tight for the brother. You have to understand, Ice is used

to a certain income based on doing “Law & Order.” I heard that he and Coco

are now hustling her career along in things like calendars and whatever to get

it popping. You know Coco is hot so she is definitely holding it down for her

man on the money side. I heard Ice-T has his rainy day stash of cash, but it is

definitely turning into a thunderstorm in the world of acting!




OK, all of the people that submitted rumors to me to be the

Rumors Sidekicks it is time for you to show and prove that you are the person

for the gig. I reviewed all of the emails that said “Rumors Sidekick” in the

subject heading. Now, it is dome for you to send me sample rumor[s] that I will

print on the site to see who is who. This will also involve the people like

Boss Up and Mak, who will Yay or Nay people for their style and swagger.


With that, I charge you all to send me your best, exclusive,

well-written and witty rumors to me for the next two weeks. The strong will

survive and get the gig. Very important, put in the subject “Sample Rumors For Illseed”

and send it to AHHrumors@gmail.com. On

your mark, get set – GO!




I can see it now – the rumors are about to start, “Mos

Def is dating Lauren London.” I noticed something with my girl Noree (and the

Lil’ Scrappy rumor), as soon as two people star in something together, there

are rumors after that. So, my homey Truth Boi is telling me that Mos and Lauren

are now filming a new movie called “Next Day Air.” Now, this is odd to me, but

this film reportedly revolves around a mis-delivered package of drugs. In

addition to Mos and L.L., Mike Epps, Debbie Allen and Wood Harris all appear

here. I just hope this isn’t “Soul Plane: The Drug Version.” Too many classy

folks for that here.

Truth Boi also told me that Denzel is doing a new movie

called “The Taking of Pelham 123” with John Travolta.



This is cool, but I would rather see a real video that acts out the story of the song, which is a good story. So, I guess this isn’t what I want to see.



Is Ja Rule on the verge of retiring? I can’t say for sure

and this just might be a lame rumor, but I have heard from a number of places

that JA Rule is thinking about hanging up the mic. I can’t say for sure, but

with his album getting bumped back and no release in sight, he might be

thinking on it. I know that he actually had some good songs, but the climate is

just crazy right now.  We’ll see.




Several years ago, we all got joy and pain out of that show

called “Making The Band” or as Diddy made it – DA BAND. Da Band had a lot

of talent it its Motley Crew, but it didn’t seem to work out. Well, one of the

most loyal members was Babs Bunny, but I heard she is out of there now. I know

she was doing a lot of stuff on the side, but might be a free agent now. It’s

hard out here! I also heard that Sara the Singer got down with Universal

Records…I don’t know. She also was down with Don P of Trillville a ways back

and look what that got her?! She was hot!




The good people of Jamaica don’t care that you are the Queen

of this or the star of that. They want you go get on that stage and rock out.

Well, when they found out Diana Ross would not be on the Jumbotron screen at

the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival on Saturday – 40,000 booed her!

She’s 63! Cut her some slack! Shout out to the Boss anyway. Check

the report here

. Shout out to Jamaica! Don’t boo illseed!





Beat Brothers Production gave a bit of insight on why people

get away with the murder of Lala Brown and people like her. (If you don’t know,

LaLa was a singer down with Lyfe Jennings.) BBP said the police dept. in

Milwaukee hire just about anybody and they don’t do very much

investigating…unless it’s a traffic ticket.





YOOOOO…Amanda Diva is now on the Lupe Fiasco tour! Don’t

forget, we were one of the first to have this young babe in the spotlight. Check

her video HERE!


How did G.W. get a standing ovation at the thing he did last

night? WOW. They are calling him a “polarizing figure.” That’s like saying

Frank Miller is a good artist – understatement! People are sheep!


Common and Serena are still reportedly going strong. I stand

SO corrected. Forgive me.


Lala and Carmelo are not expecting a new baby. Shoutout to



Carmen Slowsky? 

Google that name and see what comes up.


My girl, Kelly Rowland is going all out! Check her

boo-tay out in fishnets and pumps over at tmz!


For those that care, Jennifer Lopez might have given birth!


How did Yo Gotti get on the radar of the New York Times? Click

here to see hghow!


According to Dubcnn, Knoc-Turn’Al is on the way back to the

rap game after a bout with alcoholism and a four year hiatus.


One of Delaware’s most popular rappers Fred Knuxxx-


Knuxx – Get Lost (Produced By Heater)


[Click Here]


[Click Here]


[Click Here]


[Click Here]




Bill Clinton falling back on his Obama attack:


“First of all, the facts I said were absolutely accurate,

but I do think I was a little too hot. I had gone through a year of watching

[Hillary] being attacked by the other side. She was called untruthful,

manipulative, all those things they said. And she’s my wife and I love her. I

also think she’s a great public servant and I didn’t think it was fair. I think

the people that told me to chill out were giving me great advice.”


Bill Clinton on falling asleep in church, during a speech

by MLK’s son on MLK Day:


“I had had three hours sleep two hours in a row, and it

was hot and I had to sit there for four hours. The truth is, even when I was

younger, I would’ve had a hard time going two nights on three hours of sleep

both nights, and sitting in a hot church for four hours. I woke up when Shirley

Franklin popped me and I thought I gave a good talk there.”




Sure, Ms. Badu isn’t a new artist, but I am going to claim

her anyway! She is so Hip-Hop! Only thing missing from this is The D.O. to the




badu honeyUploaded by flexmuscle




Here is the new old Charli and Ghostface song. I forgot how

grimey this was.







If you didn’t see it in our news section, you will see it

now. Wayne taking and tossing his coat at a DJ. Go DJ, well that’s…NOT my DJ.







Another scene from Wayne.






Here is Wayne walking off the stage.











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