Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Kim Lashes Out Again! Wayne’s Rock CD Is Comin’! Mashonda “Exposes” Swizz and Alicia?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! LIL WAYNE’S ROCK CD IS ON THE WAY Lil Wayne is doing the damn thing! No Detox and we’re staring at another Lil’ Wayne CD in […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Lil Wayne is doing the damn thing! No Detox and we’re staring at another Lil’ Wayne CD in the first quarter of 2009. That’s right. That Rock album that I have been rumoring for the longest is coming out in April. STRAIGHT ROCK. I’m not mad at that though, change is good. The first single is going to be “Prom Queen.” If he makes it harder sounding, I’d be interesting. If he’s trying to sing, forget it.


Somebody sent me a real nice picture of Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles bargain shopping at Filenes Basement in Tyson’s Corner. Filenes is a bargain shopping store like an upscale Ross. She was shopping in the 20% Jewelry Bin and could be heard commenting to the guy with her if Beyonce would like certain items. I think this was in Washington D.C. Jay-Z and Beyonce were staying at the Ritz in Tyson’s Corner and frequented Tyson’s Galleria. Jay-Z was buying female Gucci Boots which we have to assume were for Beyonce at Neiman Marcus.


She reveals that Alicia Keys is one of the reasons for the break up of her and Swizz Beatz. She goes IN and says she has the proof.


Well, here we go…Lil’ Kim goes off. She disses everything moving. Check it out.

“I feel like I was not portrayed how I should have been in this movie. I was in love with BIG and he was in love with me. I was never a JUMP-OFF, I know this and BIG knew this. I wasn’t even able to choose who I wanted to portray me in this movie. I would have never picked Naturi, she doesn’t have a Lil Kim aura at all! She looks nothing like I looked back then. We have NO similarities. Watching her on-screen was so “dreadful” as Simon Cowell would say. She is tasteless and talentless. Never once did she contact me for input or to get a feel of me for the character. A “TRUE” actress would contact the source to be the best they can be in portaying someone. That told me right there, she wasn’t right for the part and not to mention, Naturi has got to be one of THE worst actresses I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe they chose her. I really can’t!

Another thing is, I have been dealing with legal matters as far as them not wanting to pay me and sh*t for this movie, got a lawyer involved, so everything is cool with that, but it still doesn’t change my views and feelings. This is truly Faith and Ms. Wallace’s movie. And Ms. Wallace is right, this isn’t a Lil’ Kim movie and it’s not about me. I didn’t want it to be about me, I wanted it to be REAL though. And that it is NOT. I take no part in this movie and have nothing to do with it. I love BIG and will never stop reppin him. There is NOTHING anyone can do about it. The world will see the Lil Kim story, THE REAL ME! Not some made up b####### portrayed by a talentless has-been back up singer.” [sourcing]


Remember Mark Curry? He was on Bad Boy and he’s got a book coming in Feb., where he slams Diddy. The book is called “Dancing With The Devil.” Super Ugly.

A source of AHH’s saw Chris Tucker in the Bahamas at a Michael Jordan party. They said he’s kind of chubby now!

I was told that it maybe impossible to bring Bush up on war crimes unless Obama /America voted in favor of it.

Rumor has it Diddy thinks he should have been invited to perform at the inaugural festivities.

Rumor has it, Mariah didn’t like where hear seat was at the inauguration. SMH.

I heard Min. Farrakhan went to visit Kwame Kilpatrick in jail. A judge recently upheld a decision to stop him from practicing law.

Coolio made it to the finale round of Big Brother. Lets see if the big brother can win!


What level of hate does Rush Limbaugh have for Barack Obama. He hopes America fails.

“I hope Obama fails.”

How about I hope that you die shortly, Rush? Ok, die is a strong word. How about you fall and cripple your mouth? I’m sick of these hate mongers!

Macy Gray is crazy! Read this!

“I’m in love with Barack Obama . . . I wanna get married – like, I wanna have his kids. Why am I not Michelle, you know what I mean? Who the f**k is she? You know, why can’t I be her?”

Jay-Z’s BP3 is on the way and he sounds confident (source unknown)!

“And me, I wanna make it beyond and above. I’m gonna take my time with it. I don’t have any quotas, and that’s a good thing. It may be too freeing. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. You know, I think I need some restrictions. ‘Cause if I had restrictions, I would have done it in three weeks. I would have made what I believe to be a great piece of art. I actually recorded a lot of records already. You know, all those records that leaked [online] were on The Blueprint 3.”

Jim Jones doesn’t know about anything with Ne-Yo (as told to Big Boy).

“Nothing went on with Ne-Yo. I couldn’t do that man. That would be a little bit wrong to put my hands on Ne-Yo. He’s a talented young man. The ladies like him.”

Mase drops some game from the pulpit:

“I think people look at me like I’ve taken the step that people are most fearful of taking. It’s not just the giving it up; it’s the sticking with it. Like most people have seen a lot of entertainers entertain the thought, but we haven’t seen many stick with it. I had a conversation with him. I said, ‘Mase, you was selling 4 million records at that time. If you felt that way [about changing your message] and made an album at the time about the way you felt — wouldn’t you have reached more people than Farrakhan reached with the Million Man March, if you got 4 million people buying your CD?”

Wyclef discusses his foreclosure:

“Dudes thought that I lost my mansion. No, my mansion is in New Jersey. Saddle River is where the mansion is at. Florida was a playhouse that I bought with some money, crashed it all down, I was about the rebuild it.”


Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel…he lost one. Click here to pay your respects.


Man, this is UGLY. The world is coming to an end!!!!

The man on the right side of the picture is a monster – allegedly. According to police, Haiyang Zhu cut off Xin Yang’s head a few weeks after she moved to the United States. Haiyang was taking heavy losses at on the stock market….so bad that he wrote that he only thought of “only of killing someone or committing suicide”. Xin, a mere 22, and Haiyang were having coffee together. There was no fight that they saw. Suddenly, this Haiyang wack job is seen holding her decapitated head in his hand. OH BOY. And guess what? This all happened at Virginia Tech, home of the Virginia Tech university massacre, the worst college killing spree in US history. Its over!


I’m sorry…this isn’t even new, but I couldn’t let this slide. After his rap performance, Joaquin Phoenix takes an ironic spill.

On top of that, his actual rapping could be seen as a fail too, but I won’t judge his art.



Crooked I

Royce Da 5’9”


Dear fans and readers: THIS is why Denzel didn’t wave! He was serious as a heart attack and about the business of the day – INAUGURATION!

My girl T-Luv gave me the final world on the whole Denzel fiasco at the inaugural.

I wanted to address the angry people that thought Denzel was “dissing” them. From my understanding, people in the dais and people on the stage were told not to make waving gestures and sudden gestures because the secret service was on high alert! The people in the parade were told to keep their heads straight and no waving. The secret service was already watching millions of people, they didn’t need to watch fans of Denzel! Please pass this along! I hope this answers questions. Please continue to support Denzel, he is a very philanthropic person. Especially, where African American causes are concerned!


Kangol Kid is doing something in the world of reality.


I know my new baby is Keri Hilson, but who is this girl? I have her posted on my site and I just don’t know who she is! I just want a free hug!


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