Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne: Married To Nivea & Preg? The Game & 50’s New Song? DK’s Aubrey To G-Unit?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! DMX’S OTHER NEW BABY? You heard from me last week or so that DMX had a new baby down in Miami. That he was there for […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



You heard from me last week or so that DMX had a new baby down in Miami. That he was there for the birth and then had to go to Arizona for crime related court cases. Right? Well, I have word that DMX was also recently found to be the father of a 5-year-old girl in Buffalo, New York. Ouch. Well, not “ouch,” because children are a blessing! It could be a doozie if you are broke, accused of a zillion offenses this year and your career is on the rocks like never before. Anyway, I heard the test was that 99.99% “You Are The Father” sort of thing.


I’m not exactly sure where this is coming from but Sharabi sent it to me. There are rumors abound that Busta Rhymes has managed to get 50 Cent and The Game on the same record for his album. How? Well, there is a pre-existing song that features 50 Cent. Busta convinced The Game to do a song for a remix of said record. Well, 50 Cent gave his permission to appear on the remix with The Game for the promo value for his own record, Before I Self Destruct. I heard it is going to hit the net really soon. Stay tuned.


I don’t know how true this is, based on what happened to Olivia. But I heard that Aubrey, formerly of Danity Kane, is now going to be a member of 50 Cent and G-Unit. The time might be ripe for her since she can now ride the beef wave. With 50 at the helm, she’s probably able to get it poppin right now. Unlike Olivia, she’s got the publicity wind at her back. I did hear that this is probably going to be a joint venture with Diddy. You know Diddy is about that paper, so kicking people out isn’t going to stop that. I heard that 50 isn’t so fond of Diddy so, who knows? (Remember the Ma$e situation?)



Who would dare diss the honorable Bun B? There is some dude from the West Coast named Hard Head and he has come out and dissed Bun B. Now, you know, but B.B. is the man and definitely one of Hip-Hop’s most respected figures. Now, H.H. claims that Bun/UGK stole his song, “That’s Gangsta.” (I did no research, just so you know.) Anyway, this dude has a song called “You Ain’t S**t.” I beg to differ, Hard Head. Anyway, That’s that. Another silly rap beef. If somebody takes your song, you take them to court.


I don’t know that I even care, but Lil Wayne is supposedly going to be getting married to Nivea. YEAH. Anyway, he definitely said, over the weekend, that he is expecting another child soon. Below is a blog entry from Nivea that seems to reinforce or mark the start of the wedding rumors. She’s not saying a thing though.

To let everyone know about the “HAPPY BDAY WAYNE” song was a private song made by Mack Maine feat. Nivea for Lil’ Wayne’s birthday; the song was not suppose to be released to the public but it was released on Mack Maine’s Myspace page. There was a lot of requests for the song, so it was uploaded on this page. We were just made aware about a lot of rumors flying around blog sites about the song & no the rumors are not being addressed. It has not been confirmed & there is no known “sources”. Like I’ve said before this page is to promote Niveas’ music & up incoming Events or Projects she will be apart of. This page is not to talk about rumors you hear or haters to hate. If you don’t have anything positive to say about Nivea or her Music please keep it to your self. Thanks.



Now, I don’t know if this qualifies as snitching, but it sure qualifies as playing Pras from the Fugees OUT. Somebody called the media on Pras, not the cops. So, that’s probably a loophole in the “stop snitching” rule. Pras Michel and Ray Devers of Fight Klub Studios have an issue. Apparently, Pras owes the man about $19k in studio money and Dev decided to call ABC’s Seven On Your Side to get a New York news story poppin. “I’ve contacted his management team. I’ve contacted his lawyers and just (get) stories after stories.” Pras apparently tried to make good in June with a check for $19 k and the som’bish bounced. Since, Pras was unavailable.

When ABC caught up to Pras, this is how it went down.

Tappy: You got a debt there of about $19,000 that hasn’t been paid and a bounced check. Did you know about that?

Pras: No, I didn’t. We’ve been talking to them about it.

Next, Pras tried to put us off, telling us to talk to Ray from Fight Klub Studios.

Tappy: We’ve talked to Ray, (he) wants us to talk to you. Ray wants us to talk to you and he wants to know when he’s going to get his money?

Pras: You need to speak to my attorney.

Tappy: When is he going to get his money?

So we called his attorney, who never gave us a reason for the non payment. But that same day Fight Klub Studios got a down payment, $5000 from Pras, with the promise of more coming.

At least he’s trying.


Better late than never!


I don’t know where the forces in PR get these stories from. But Katt Williams reportedly gave up his hosting duties at the BET Awards because he lost a break dancing competition against T-Pain. Where is the footage? That’s what I need to see to believe. Here is the blip:

Katt Williams was all set to host his 3rd consecutive BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend in Atlanta – until he bet T-Pain for those duties in a break dancing competition. After some consideration, T-Pain accepted the challenged and surprisingly uprocked his way into becoming the host of the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards. A man of his word, Williams handed the duties over to T-Pain. Although gracious in defeat, Williams thought Pain had an unfair advantage. “You can’t use a vocoder in break dancing,” he stated.

You can’t win a b-boy contest by just uprocking! Video, people, video!


My boy James Goff is a comedian based out in New York and Ice-T and Coco came to his show on Saturday night.

What is wrong with Jazze Pha? No hate, but he looks like a gay Suge Knight right here.

Palin’s kid goes hard in the paint with a middle finger.


Ouch. I heard The Game has a song coming out called “Going Nowhere.” I head its directed to Bishop Lamont.

OK. So I got a gang of new pictures for that 50 Cent contest. I am going to post them, but it’s definitely going to be after today. I will save some of you embarrassment, but most are good…

Rumor has it Jay Sean, a big time singer in the UK has signed a deal with Cash Money here in the US.

Shout out to Colin Powell for making a big move and endorsing Barack Obama for the president. Nice endorsement, since he’s a military hero.

Also, shout out to the Phillies, who are in the World Series. Eagles fans are like, “We’ll take it!”

Rumor has it Jadakiss will be doing some shows with G-Unit in an unprecedented act of solidarity.

There is no Game on Detox (Boooooo!!!!), but I heard 50 Cent will have about 2-3 songs on the phantom classic.

Speaking of 50 Cent, I heard his new CD is going to have a gang of people on it. I heard they are Juelz, Ne-Yo, Maino and even C-Murder.

Did anybody else see Sarah Palin’s husband (and loyal and longtime member of a secessionist party of Alaska) hold a sign saying “Charles Manson Was A Community Organizer?” This was at a rally for Sen. Norm Coleman. What a loser. Anyway, Charles Manson is an ill artist – click here to see some of his stuff.

BIG, BIG R.I.P. to Four Tops frontman Levi Stubbs. He was 72 years old and had been ill. He sang Motown hits like “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” and “Baby I Need Your Loving.”

SUPER BIG R.I.P. to Dolemite as well. I am hearing he passed away after a prolonged illness. I knew about the illness so he lasted longer than expected.

Shout out to my homey Amaron M.

Click here for an illseed.com special. A behind the scenes look at the new Jadakiss video.

If you care, here are the lyrics to the “Sarah Palin rap” on SNL. Also that pic of her “Community organizing Charles Manson” husband is there too.

Lastly, if you ever wanted a “Swagger Like Us” posse song, here it is. Diddy, Fabolous, Freeway, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Jim Jones (YAY), Kanye West, Lil Wayne, M.I.A., Pusha T, Rick Ross, Swagger Like Us (Remix), T.I., Trae, and for some reason Trey Songz.


Juelz Santana recently told AllHipHop.com a lil’ something about that Lil Wayne Project. Look for the full interview really soon.

“Juelz: But the good thing that I like to tell people is the album is done. We recorded all the records. I probably got like 40 records sitting on the computer right now. Once I can go in the office and really sit down and talk to him (Lil Wayne), which will probably be this weekend. The album is done it’s still coming so look out for “I Can’t Feel my Face” ya dig.”

That is the condensed version of the interview, but all you stan fans, there you go.

Busta Rhymes is one smart dude. Don’t get his uniforms confused. Check out what he had to say in a recent AllHipHop.com story on the Economy.

“I think it’s horrible. I think it was done intentionally so that they can start introducing and implementing new things like the AMERO and the national ID card and things like that. They doing things right now and I hope people pay closer attention to what’s going on. A long time ago, Mexico, Canada, and the United States became one. So they trying to one world government this side of the planet and all that.

I don’t want to get into the conspiracy talk but you know I’m good for that. I’m good for that, you know what I’m saying. Ever since The Coming album in ’96, when I told people it was only 5 years left. 2001 you saw what happened downtown, that was 5 years later. In 1998 the cover of Extinction Level Event was what happened downtown, so it’s like the information is out there, it’s just people don’t pay attention to it because at the time, if you pay attention too early, they try to make you look like you bugged out ;you crazy or something’s wrong with you. You’re just a conspiracy theorist.

I just feel like you know, it’s time the people see that things come to pass. Don’t ignore anything. Even if they may not come to pass, pay attention to it because at the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So you can look at these things and be like “What If?” Pay attention to the ‘What If’s?'”



Over the weekend, a friendly neighborhood game of chess turned deadly. These dudes were playing freakin’ chess at 3 am on Sunday and one of them ended up dead as a pawn. They said that a 29 year old slayed a 39 year old in the early morning hours. Police found Michael Steward, 39, unresponsive at the scene. He was pronounced later at the scene. David Christian, 29, was charged with murder and public intoxication. Nobody quite is saying what exactly happened, but a lot of liquor was involved and a huge, deadly fight. What is sad is these guys were really good friends and nobody saw this coming ever. They hung out a lot. I just hope nobody said, “Who you think you are? Rza or something? You bad? Then, king me then, MF!”


The office is the Epic Fail, not the dude that spazzes. This isn’t new, but its always entertaining to watch.

I wish I could have gone nuts like this when I was at a 9 to 7.


2008 BET Hip Hop Awards… Not Just Music.

Russell Simmons moved his Summit to Atlanta and talked to the folks over at Clark Atlanta University about handling their dollars and handling them well.

The Red Carpet…

What must you have? I’m thinking Yo-Yo is looking mad comfy all up under Mr. Ross and I agree with her and Alfamega 100%.

Oh my… The interviewer, Beyonce over at Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, is not feeling Maino trying to interview her on the red carpet. Stay in yo lane Partna. Stay in yo’ lane.

Beyonce on the carpet again discussing a Juelz Santana/Rocko collabo with Jim Jones lurking and then I’m totally distracted by some chick with green hair. Eeeck!

Everybody and their Momma… including Prince DaJour and Big L##. You don’t even remember them, do you?

Anything else happen this weekend? Yeah, Mos Def performed at the Band Shell Music Summit and almost bust his ass. Good save Mos. Good save.


The Game is as The Game does. Game is too quiet for me right now, but I’m still a fan. Here is the trailer to his DVD.


On November 4th, voters in Michigan will have the opportunity to vote for change! Jay-Z says you’ll need for identification at the polls. Visit http://mi.barackobama.com for more information.


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