Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne’s Son Pic! Jay-Z & Beyonce: Kids?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE EH! Rumors are slow today! I don’t know what’s up with these stars! Can somebody do something stupid? I’m kidding. I did something […]




content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


EH! Rumors are slow today! I don’t know what’s up with these stars! Can somebody do something stupid? I’m kidding. I did something stupid by some folks accounts. I made Rick Ross “Illseed’s Person of the Year!” HA! As you know, the person of the year is an unlikely candidate that wouldn’t normally get such and honor. I’ve given it to Will Smith for his rap album a few years ago. MC Hammer got the honor once. I forget the others. Read it here!


Shaq has been linked to a new mistress, who he allegedly engaged in illicit cyber sex. Who knows? Who cares! Cheating is getting boring.

I don’t accept Rod Blagojevich’s apology.

Dr. Dre is saying the Detox is a ways off from coming out. I give up.

Amy Winehouse is reportedly going to get re-married to Blake.

Keri Hilson’s mixtape is one the way:


Not exactly sure where this came from, but its cute. Good to see Lauren London being the doting mother. Now, lets hope Weezy is gonna be that as a father.

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I don tknow what set this dude off, but he sure didn’t get back on. Watch what happens when she tries to break the windows out of a Burger King with a chair.


Recently Omarion whose new Cd Ollusion is now in stores, stopped by, “Live with KENDRA G” and talked about how a B2K reunioun will NEVER happen, Chris Brown dance off, Khole Kardashian, and MORE! Click on the video to see the interview for yourself!

CHANCE ENCOUNTERSHere are some rumors from my homey Chance and after him are a few from Jazzy! Holla BACK! VIV THE COUGAR


Fif’s ex and proud cougar Vivica A. Fox has moved on from rappers to party promoters.  She was recently in The A partying it up with her new twenty something boy toy, Slimm of Plush Blue Entertainment.  She’s hosted a lot of parties for him the past few months and the two seem to be getting pretty close.  New couple alert???





The other night Justin Timberlake jumped on stage during one of Brother Ali’s shows and gave an impromptu performance.  But the Nsyncer didn’t sing or dance he beat boxed and it was pretty dope…check it out:

P.S. Someone told me I come off racist by identifying people as white … so just want to say I love white folks too!!!!




Beanie Sigel recently told The Source magazine that 50 Cent never really had plans to sign him and was just using him to promote Before I Self Destruct.  He claims he was well aware of this fact from Day 1 and he actually used 50, as well, for the free publicity.  I must admit I didn’t think it was going to happen either and although I wanted to see that Jay/Beans battle go down I knew when the smoke cleared Beanie was going to be left to fend for himself and now what’s he going to do go back to Jay-Z???  He does have one of the funniest mixtape covers I’ve seen in a while though:





A reader hit me up the other day and had a story to tell.  He’s a rapper and one of his homey’s is a producer.  He says his man sampled his voice for a beat they submitted for Jay-Z’s BP3.  The record didn’t make the album but out of nowhere he hears a song by Japan’s Teriyaki Boyz featuring Jay-Z using the exact same beat…here’s a little of what he said:


“I’m with a group called The Internationalz out of North Carolina…Our lead producer Magnedo7 (“Blow the Bank” by Jim Jones) produced a record called “Living the life” with me on the hook that we attempted to submit for the Blueprint 3 at the end of 2008.  A couple of days ago I get a call from a friend saying they heard a Jay-Z song with me on the hook and some guys rapping in Japanese…[I listen and] I hear the track and hook (with my vocals) that we submitted with a recycled Jay-z verse and the Teriyaki Boyz for their upcoming album/mixtape. Now I’d like to make it CLEAR I’m not sending this to “expose” or confront anyone I’d just like it to be known that we created the record…we don’t know how they received the track.”


He also says he’d love the opportunity to OFFICIALLY work with the Teriyaki Boyz and wants them to holla.  You guys DO owe if this is true.  Here’s the record:



Shout out to my Facebook family for keeping me in the loop.


I hear Kid Capri got boo’d down in New Orleans over the holidays…SMH gotta respect the legends but I guess the legends still have to come correct.


K. Coles sister, Elite, released a statement about the family feud…for someone we don’t know she has a lot to say. 


The dude Danger accused Ray-J of having an affair with is NOT G-Unit’s Young Buck…it’s another one.  Apparently they showed dude during the 1st season.


Keri Hilson is working on a mixtape … Think it’ll be any good??  Singer tapes are real iffy.


Tyreese recently had a birthday party that shut club MyHouse down.  Diddy, RiRi and Jaimee Fox were some of the celebrities in attendance and it got so wild the LAPD had to bring out the choppers to keep the crowd in order.


One of Tiger Woods’s jumpoff’s is trying to get a TV show where she discusses the trials and tribulations of being the other woman.  She also runs a support group called Mistresses Anonymous for you side jawns out there.


Happy Birthday to DJ Lazy K … enjoy it!!!!  She was one of the first people to support me years ago so it’s always love.




Beyonce says while she’s on her break she will make a point to spend more time with her nephew (Solanges son).  She says:


“He’s a wonderful kid, amazing, so smart. And I spoil him, so it’s a lot of work. He’s a 24-hour job.”


Sounds like she would be eager to have one of her own.  So why is she so reluctant to pro-create with Hov???  Maybe we’ll see that collaboration during her break.



What’s going on everyone? I hope you guys are starting to get use to Jazzy. I’m definitely gonna be on the job so lets GO IN!

We all know Diddy is taking Bad Boy to Interscope records and I hear Mr. Take that is pulling some tricks out of his sleeve so expect a few veteran bad boy artists.

What happened to the “chicken noodle soup” girl? I hear she is about 20 years old now and has no deal – so no career for her.

“Sheneneh and Wanda” movie with Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence is still on. I can’t wait! This could possibly be the funniest comedy ever.

Danger had twitter and all the blogs in a frenzy yesterday with her rumors about Ray J. Let’s just say she wants to be New York 2.0. Oh well free press for Ray J. He will be getting another 2 million bonus. There was talks of a no reunion and a season 3. Idk we will see. Log on 2 RayJ.com.

All the spider man movie fans can wait a lil longer the film is on hold and it begins again with Parker back in high school. There is a play for broadway as well I hear.

Also my black people be mindful that the calories in fast food places are always more than what they label the food.

Beyonce is goin back in the studio after she shoots her 2 videos with Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys.

Funny lil Kevin Hart is on the grind for his own TV show which I’m sure would be hilarious if you ask me.

Jazzy is def on his grind and I could go all day so I’m gone just leave you guys with that check me out on TheSocietyOnline.biz and FOLLOW me on twitter.com/itsJazzyFBaby


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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