Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe In Fight With Girl? Mya Dropped? Lil Wayne Bigger Than ‘Pac?

LUPE ATTACKS GIRL? Bowery Hotel hosted the T Mobile Launch Party last night in New York City. You know I love that Sidekick! Anyway, it was a private event so I wasn’t invited, but Lupe Fiasco was. Man, I heard that Lupe got into an altercation with a female at the event! This is what […]


Bowery Hotel hosted the T Mobile Launch Party last night in New York City. You know I love that Sidekick! Anyway, it was a private event so I wasn’t invited, but Lupe Fiasco was. Man, I heard that Lupe got into an altercation with a female at the event! This is what I heard happened. I heard this babe walks into the place to be – or was just perusing around. Eyewitnesses say Lupe goes over to her and whispers something in her ear. The woman then tosses her whole drink in Lupe’s face! I heard that Lupe then put hands on the babe for what she did. I’m not going to embellish and say I know to the degree he did something. It was enough for security to toss him from the venue. I heard that Lupio told security that he had no idea why the female threw her drink in his face, but he reacted to the act. Hmmmmmmmm…

Here is a comment from a person that saw the whole ordeal.

“Last night I went to the T-mobile event at the Bowery Hotel. Celebrities like John Legend, DJ Clue, Just Blaze and Lupe Fiasco came through. Bowery Hotel is brand new and nice. Lupe was talking to a young lady and the girl threw her drink in his face. Lupe then proceeds to choke her out. The bouncers threw Lupe out of the party. Lupe said it was not his fault. I don’t know what he said to the girl but she obviously didn’t like it.”

Lupster is a real conscious rapper. He let the girl remain conscious, from what I heard.


What if?

You know AllHipHop has a “What If” series going on. Maybe they should do a “What if” on what if Madonna and Tupac had a baby. The New York Daily News reports, Lucy O’Brien’s new book on Madonna says that they almost had a baby!

In the book, a mid-30’s Madonna “desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men.”

“She was going out with [Tupac] … but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl.”

Pac couldn’t take the pressure from the “sistahz” and dumped Madonna. I don’t know why? She’s “like a virgin.” HAW HAW!


My friend at the label dropped a lil’ jewel on me about Mya. Appearently, Interscope is growing weary of playing these album push back games. I’m hearing that Ms. Mya is the next act to get dropped. First, Kelis…now this? I don’t really feel bad about J-Lo possibly getting dumped by Sony. The thing about Mya and Kelis is they are really true talents and it seems that people don’t know what to do with them. I’ll imagine Amerie is going to get some bad news even though she is a potential superstar. Jeez…her legs are stars too…Um…anyway, that’s what I heard.


I hear the legal team at the Def Jam building are on the prowl. Remember last year, when they had a leak and they said the FBI might come in to investigate? LOL. The FBI ain’t even looking into JMJ, Pac or Biggie anymore. Anyway. There is this new leak and idolator.com says that about 15 journalists got the Jay-Z album for review purposes. Now, they are suggesting that one of those writers eventually leaked the album to the world. Normally writers don’t do that. So, what I hear is that Def Jam has about 13-15 journalists that are possible bootleggers of American Gangster. Here comes the CIA and Homeland Security.


Well, I heard this from my boy that’s a student at A&T in North Carolina. I heard Jeezy showed up to the after party at JABS UltraBar, as previously reported. Now, this is RUMOR, but what I heard. I heard that the weekend was chocked full of rappers like Eve, Boosie, Gorilla Zoe, Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, and the Trapstar Young Jeezy. Young Jeezy was not performing but showed up at Jabs UltraBar. Local radio station 102Jamz’s DJ Polo was reportedly the one on the wheels of steel. He decided to play Gucci Mane and Jeezy did not appreciate that. I heard Jeezy let it be known to on-air personality B-daht. He allegedly wanted the song off. One thing led to another and a fight ensued wth the entourages and even the Greensboro and Winston-Salem possees. How did two whole cities get into it? Anyway, because of the “dust up,” I hear 102 Jamz has banned the airplay of Young Jeezy and songs that feature him. I think they can make and exception for “Corporate Thuggin,” because that’s my jammie jam.

Somebody else said that Jeezy said no shout outs unless you were there with him and CTE. If you weren’t and you got a shout out, you were banished. I don’t know about any of this so just check out the video for “Corporate Thuggin’,” as Jeezy kills the track.


My boy R. Pizano was at the concert and was gracious enough to give me the run down on the concert that had Rihanna so shook. Come to realize there was much more to the story.

R: The concert Rihanna was performing at was Wild 949’s Boo Bomb concert – in San Jose (Bay Area). It consisted of a lot of acts – Ne-Yo, Fabolous, T-Pain, Rihanna, Souljah Boy, and others. The earthquake was a 5.6 – it was decent size. Anywhoo – Rihanna finished the night – but the earthquake occurred right as Ne-Yo came on. I believe people thought that since everyone was on their feet, screaming and cheering when Neyo hit the stage – they were causing the place to shake. But they didn’t know it was an earthquake until the concert ended and received messages on their phone asking if they were alright.

R didnt know, but I heard Ri Ri was pretty “shook” up after that 5.6 banger.


AW, J-Hud did it? Now, as Jennifer Hudson was blowing up, we saw she was with a young regular dude that was then her fiancée. He was a “maintenance engineer” and her long term sweet heart. Well, she was supposed to get married last spring. Poor James Peyton. He had the hottest chick in the game for a min and now she is seen out and about with NFL ball player Kerry Rhodes. Damn homey.


Remember when Dr. Dre got sucker punched at the Vibe Awards? He commented to GQ:

He said, “The punch was nothing – I went onstage right after; it didn’t affect me. The only thing that was on my mind was, ‘Kill him.’ That’s it. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. My security guys [prevented that]. They got him out of there. It was just f**king stupidity, that’s all. But he paid for it dearly. I mean, he got a cracked skull and a punctured lung. So, hey.”

Baby tells the Miami New Times about how he knew Lil’ Wayne

“Wayne never stopped. He take it like a professional; he never stop working and that’s why he where he is. And besides that, the li’l n***a super gifted, extra-smart, talented like a mothaf**ka. You know it’s possible that they can have another Wayne come out, but what he ’bout to do is a miracle for us to see. We was fortunate to grow up on Tupac, but he died young. This s### Wayne got bigger that. Bigger than Tupac, bigger than Biggie and Jay-Z. It’s crazy.” (Thanks, Raina.)

Here is a quote in the form of a video. Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks talk about T.I.:


Check out Joe Clair at Caroline’s Nov 1st-4th late nite with Will Sylvince and Del for the best Best Damn Comedy Show 1629 Broadway btwn 49th and 50th! That’s the big homey!

Shout out to Dana Stith! This young lady – from Howard University School of Law ’07 – just PASSED the Georgia Bar exam. She did something JFK Jr. couldn’t. And shout out to her girl Chi Chi. You can rep some of the rappers – lol!

There is a rumor going around that the murderer of Jam Master Jay might be somebody that’s already in jail for another murder. Yo, step up!

Rumor has it, this Foxy Brown stuff regarding the stolen song is about to get super ugly.

If Nelly was coming out in 2007, I heard his wig has been officially and unofficially pushed back to 2008.

Is it me or is 50 Cent’s “A Baltimore Love Thing” eerily close conceptually to Jay-Z’s “I Know?” They are both about a female addicted to heroin. I remember 50 Cent was extremely proud of his. And now, Jay is proud of his.

Jacob the Jeweler pleaded guilty to falsifying records and giving false statements in a case that involved BMF. He faces up to 46 months in jail and $2 million in penalties.

The Game is one funny guy. Tmz plays “Game On” with The Game. Click here to see.

Bounty the Dog Hunter isn’t too fond of African Americans. He prefers the N-Word.

From what I understand, Coldplay is coming back out in early 08. Coldplay pushes wigs back.

Samuel Stephens a quiet soldier behind Seattle’s hip-hop scene has died at 48. RIP, bro. Click here for the story.


This little girl has got to be the cutest thing since Raven Simone was a kid. Do me a favor and look at this and tell me – can the world me ending?


Like I said, Amy Winehouse is my girl. I know people joke on her, but this ain’t funny.


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