Hip-Hop Rumors: Ma$es Debo’s His Way Off Bad Boy? Kanye West Found! Beyonce Records?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. WHERE ARE YOU YEEZY?   People are wondering where Kanye is. Well, from what I understand, Kanye is not over in India taking a religious sabbatical as […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



People are wondering where Kanye is. Well, from what I understand, Kanye is not over in India taking a religious sabbatical as reported. From what I understand, Kanye is right in Illinois and making music with a rapper he’s been affiliated with for a long time. That rapper’s name is ______. From what I was told by a super credible source is that Kanye was “around the way” very recently and is working with this rapper again, because they are close friends. I was told not to divulge the name of the rapper, because it could cause problems for somebody. But just understand that the rapper is 1) from Chicago, 2) not Common and 3) Helped Kamye score a huge hit. Anyway, Kanye just strolled in and people were shocked. Good to see him laying low.





I got a line from my homey Phil from Kenya and he checked in with me on the African Hip-Hop Scene. But he also hit me up with some rumors from the Motherland. He told me that ‘Clef said that somebody should have beaten Kanye up for what he did at the video music awards.


Also, after the African Music Awards, I heard that a women that was or claimed to be Akon’s baby moms was not allowed to see him at the hotel where he stayed. In fact, I heard security kicked her out.


Phil also told me that Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is the hottest CD in Africa right now. He even said that they don’t appreciate the previous “attacks” that T-Pain has levied against Jay-Z. I heard they said and felt similar things about The Game.






The Game and Dr. Dre recently let their personal issues come to a close. The rumor then was that the West Coast producer would then get the two guys back  on a stong.


“You shouldn’t really hold your breath. If Dre decides to work with him, that’s Dre’s prerogative.”


50 Cent recently said that to MTV and  somebody picked up the audio and sent it over. So, that basically dashes that on the rocks below. I think with all the G-Unity going around this may have been true. Guess not.




DMX got into a big thingy over the weekend in Colorado. Well, he got to a concert late and they didn’t want him to go on. DMX wanted to go on and they threatened him. Whatever. Here are some other details I heard. I heard the security there tried to pepper spray DMX about a foot from his eyeball. LOL! The way my homey Irv Da Phenom described it was crazy. He sald the cops – key stone cops – were slamming people and being abusive. DMX finally got to a mic and had all the people engage in a prayer. After that, everybody chilled out and stuff.





Clearly, Beyonce is on a path of world domination.


One of the main parts of the industry that B has not taken on is the area of the record label. I’m hearing that’s all soon to change in a few. Yes. My peoples sent me a lil note that said that Beyonce is going to soon get going on  her label after much of the dusk has settled with touring and her recent album stuff, she is going to start on a label. There was no timetable given, but she did suggest that she’d be willing to start a “family” in about 5 years.




This was weird. Mase gets at Diddy at the radio station in Atlanta and basically has release papers in his hand. He wanted his “freedom” and it looks like he got it. Check  it out.



There was something sad about that right there.




Looks like a lot of Lil Wayne’s music is insecure and leaking.


New songs from T-Wayne (T-Pain and Lil Wayne) have now leaked and the labels are trying to stop it.


Also, there is likely a threat that Drake’s project is going to leak EARLY. Apparently, there is somebody that claims to have Drake’s album and intends to leak it because he doesn’t like Drake.


This same person claims to have Lil Wayne’s rock album and will leak it too. I know this…


Andre Dirrell got robbed on Saturday and Jermain Taylor got KTFO. Read about it here.




Goodness. This is a fail beyond belief. Three punks decide to assault a man’s fiancée and do they get a knuckle sandwich deluxe – right in the middle of Times Square! Sheeeeet!



Dude straight beat up all three dudes at once and then some!





This one is awesomely tragic. A mother has been arrested for shooting her sons – one 5 years old and the other 1 year old. The one that’s dead is the one that is 5 and the one that is alive is the one that is one. The one-year old child is now in the fight of his young life. The woman called 911 and admitted to the crime. When the police arrived, she basically was waving a gun around wildly and asked that the police shoot her. They didn’t. they just took her  gun and too her to jail. The one year old was shot several times and its now in the hospital. Tragic.




Here are the rumors that Chance did over the weekend but I didn’t update. Here you go:


Wendy Williams is apparently having a hard time booking guests for her show.  After years of trashing celebrities over the air a lot of them aren’t eager to support her move to TV.  Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Diddy, LL Cool J, Tyler Perry and Usher have all turned her down.  I never really watched the show but I heard it was OK and she’s been very cool with the site for a few years now.  I’m diggin Moniques show though … just wish she’d use her inside voice a little more.


…to Drake, Wale and Kid Cudi for collectively being named GQ’s Man Of The Year



boys parents are going to face charges that could land them in the

joint for up to 6 year.  This family is obviously dying to be the next

reality craze.  The family was on

Wife Swap as the radical family that switches moms with the

conservative family, they were shooting some kind of movie when the

balloon got away (so they claim) and even called the news before they

called the cops.  They even dabble in Hip Hop.  Check out this video

featuring balloon boy, his brothers Bradford (8) and Rayo (7) and his

mother on the


Does he have a future in rap?


Madonna was going

to call her last album “Black Madonna” and even shot the cover in black

face with red lipstick and white eyes.  However, she figured people

wouldn’t “get it” and nixed the idea.  Good call if Nas can’t name his

album “N#####” that is definitely NO BUENO.



addict/singer Amy Winehouse recently got some breast implants that

brought her from a 32B to a 32D.  Well after a performance last week

she was rushed to the hospital because her boobs were “f**king killing

[her]” as she put it.  Rumor is one of them broke during the show.



the news of Matthew Knowles’s jump off being pregnant is new, the

actual pregnancy isn’t.  She’s six months pregnant and word is Bey’s

pops may have known the whole time and tried to hush her up with a job

at Interscope as a Marketing Director earlier this year.  But her lack

of experience and penchant for drama resulted in her getting fired real


It might not have been a cover up though just MK trying to hold his side chick down.IS MONICA A HOME WRECKER???


is working on a comeback but there’s always someone with some dirt to

throw … a woman says she ran into Monica at Saks in NY and while she

was shopping in another section her husband claims Monica approached

him and BEGGED him to take her number.  He said she eventually backed

off when his wife called to check up on him.


50 shot the the video for his song “Baby By Me” in NY Saturday and his leading lady was none other than Illseeds ex-squeeze Kelly Rowland here are some pics from the shoot:

Chris Brown shot the video for his second single “Crawl” on Friday with Cassie as his leading lady… the video for the first single “I Can Transform Ya” will be out soon:

And Rihanna was in New York last week shooting the video for her

first single.  Ne-yo says you can expect a much angrier Rihanna on this

album…(no s**t Sherlock):

(Bonus pic) Here is RiRi shooting her album cover:


Maybe it’s

just me but this sounds like a deposition … Soulja Boy’s homebody

gives a DETAILED account of what happened the night he and SB were

arrested … which to my knowledge is still an open case:


Here’s Angela Simmons on a

shopping expedition with her new boyfriend Skillz of

Play-N-Skillz…not digging the lipstick but Angela is a bad mamma jamma

UPGRADE????Pro Skateboarder/Rapper Terry Kennedy aka Compton A** Terry is rebounding from Angela with this Brazilian goddess:

 IM JUST SAYIN’ Cormega said he cant f**k with Drake because

he was rich before rap … he says these “spoiled kids” need to go do

something else.Latoya Jackson is nervous the people that “conspired” to kill MJ are coming after her next.


says How High 2 IS on the way … Universal isn’t allowing Red and Meth

to use the storyline or characters but they are trying to work around


Beyonce and Lady GaGa just shot the video for “Video Phone” in BK with Hype Williams … the shoot was very well secured.Word is Kid Cudi will be replacing Kanye on that Lady GaGa tour … it’s called The Monster Ball now.

In Michael Jackson’s family exploiting his death news for $3,000

you can have dinner with Joe Jackson at a private screening of This Is

It in Vegas.Ashanti is working on her 5th album … she plans to release it in 2010 through her own company Written Entertainment.

Michelle Obama has been turned into an action figure…I hope this doesn’t p### off Asher Roth.

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