Hip-Hop Rumors: Maino Slaps Again? Palin & Biden Rap Battle! Jay-Z’s Boo!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MAINO SLAPS SOMEBODY? Aw man. Maino is a mean guy, from what I heard. Plus he’s trying to steal my wannabe girlfriend, Mya. But rumor has […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Aw man. Maino is a mean guy, from what I heard. Plus he’s trying to steal my wannabe girlfriend, Mya. But rumor has it, Maino slapped somebody that we all know and love New York. Now, I cannot say the person’s name, because they are nice. When I say nice, I mean they are working with AHH on the College Tour and I just cannot report this news unless somebody like Maino wants to own up to it. Maino should just tell me directly. J Anyway, I don’t know who would approach Maino with beef, knowing that he knocked out Lil Cease, but…whomp, whomp? I don’t know.


Last night, Clark Atlanta University hosted a ball dance/concert that was put in conjunction with the AllHiphop College Tour. I wasn’t there, but my CAU crew told me how it all went down. so I heard Yung Berg, Maino, Young Dro, Young L.A, Big Kuntry King, Yung Steff, Slim of 112, RIPPED IT! Now, on top of that, our good friends Killer Mike and Lloyd popped up as special guests for the evening. Did I mention T-Pain? Well, from what I heard T-Pain killed it and performed WAY over his time! He performed all types of songs, and brought out Taz Dizm & Dollar. Nice!


You all know Dame Grease, right? Grease is the acclaimed producer that truly helped bring DMX to the forefront at a rapper. Well, recently…you know, the last few months…Dame was reportedly going to work on DMXs new CD. Clearly, X is having some issues with courts, drugs and the police, but rumor has it Grease just dropped a bomb. The Vacant Lot producer has reportedly withdrawn all support for the Dog. This withdrawal comes mostly in the form of his beats, I heard. So, Dame won’t be around when DMX makes his big comeback.


SOOOOOOO…its official, that tracklisting for Jay-Z’s new CD is wrong. I heard there might be some facts to the Coldplay song, but mostly its all off. Now, Kanye has – as advertised – most of the album. I heard Kanye really steps out of himself to offer fresh and new sounds. Timbaland was supposed to be doing it and then Kanye passes a beat CD with these incredible sounds and its game over. I heard a couple of different things. I heard the Blueprint 3 is finished or almost finished. Also, I heard Jay and Ye worked on both of their CDs while in Hawaii. Attempts to talk Kanye out of all the vocoder/autotune proved futile. Now, Jay is reportedly getting quite alternative with it as they are expected to feature Santogold, Cee-Lo (as a singer) and some other non-rappers on the circuit. From what I heard, the general tone of the CD isn’t really reflected on “jockin Jay-Z,” but will be a genre bending, ground breaking experience.


“I wanted to address my fans about my upcoming album.

I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have taken the time so I can create my sound. Something that says who I am at this stage in my life. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby. It is the most time I have spent on any project since my first records as a member of Destiny’s Child when I was 15 years old. I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me. I am in a different place right now and I wanted people to see the many sides of me. The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side. I have taken risks here. I am not afraid and my music will explain it all. There is no label or tag on my sound. It’s me and I am so excited to share it with the world on November 18.”




I can honestly say, I don’t know where this originated. Beanie Sigel had a rumored breakdown. Beanie got the Holy Ghost, the rumors said. However, Beans let it be known that those rumors were just that – rumors! The State Property rapper was supposed to speak to the Ricky Smiley Morning Show about a race. The only thing is, Beans didn’t make it for family issues. When it all went down, Beans was asked about a religious breakdown that never happened. Beans did go to a religious event, but he didn’t experience any breakdown. Beans doesn’t break.


Okay so the taping for the 5th annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors took place last night in NYC…the show will air on Monday on VH1 and although from what I heard the show was only ‘okay’ the red carpet was poppin! The homey Kendra G and World’s #1 ‘Blind’ DJ Touchtone covered the red carpet and from what Kendra G told me it was like a class reunion! Kevin Liles, Busta Rhymes, Krs 1, Naughty by Nature, MC Lyte, Joi Bryant, Flavor Flav, EMPD, The Roots, Juelz Santana, Wyclef, Scarface, Fat Joe, Sugar Hill Gang, and more took over the red carpet. The red carpet ‘star of the night’ award according to Kendra G goes to KRS 1! He was the one celebrity most of the other celebrities were excited to see!

Again, from what I hear the show overall was ‘aight’ but there were some highlighted moments, like when Wyclef and Jules Santana did a tribute to Naughty by Nature and when Naughty by Nature hit the stage it was straight excitement and ruckus. They got the crowd amped up with their old classics! But hey you decide which moment was your favorite! The show airs Monday on VH1.


FOR BARACK? FOR MCCAIN? SPLIT OR…BARACK!Look at how Faux News tries to spin…lmao. They are crazy!

To the idiots: I didn’t say nor mean literally “vote for Obama only because he is Black.” If that was the case, we’d be down with Clarence Thomas. The point: everybody isn’t smart and ALL people vote for some reason or another. Judge everybody the same. Just as somebody (not me) is voting for Obama ONLY because he is Black, there are others voting against him ONLY because he is Black. There are others still votinig for McCain ONLY because he is White. We never have the conversations about those people that are voting for McCain based on HIS skin color, only people that are believed to vote for Obama based on his skin tone. Did you know that the majority of people in the US are unintelligent? They vote too and it counts the same as a smart person’s vote.


Sarah Palin did pretty good last night for an incompetent.

T.I.’s Papertrail is expected to move 550,000 copies in its first week.

Now this is funny! According to Star Magazine, somebody in London saw Rihanna and thought she was PRINCE. They didn’t realize it until they got up on her. Like Young Buck, that’s just wrong!

Natalie Cole has been released from the hospital after being in the joint suffering from Hepatitis C.

Jay wants a family: “Most people dream of having a family someday. So I’m just a regular American boy.”


Now, this is crazy. Normally, kids go to the zoo to learn about animals. This Australian kid went to the zoo to be an animal, according to reports.

A 7-year-old boy broke into an Australian zoo and fed a bunch of live animals to a crocodile. On top of that, the boy jumped a fence, picked up a huge rock and bashed several lizards and animals to death. This all happened in a 30 minute timespan. Most of it was captured on security cameras. He killed a 20-year-old goanna and then fed it to 11-foot, 440-pound crocodile and threw other random animals into the jaws of the beast. The Croc was happy, I bet.

At the end of the day, the parents will pay because the zoo is going to press charges on then. When it was all said and done – 13 animals where merked in this pre-teen killin’ spree!


This man was clearly disturbed and they tasered the man. He died when he fell.

CHECK OUT SHELZ!Maybe Ciara Should Just Stop Taking Pictures…

So someone leaked those pictures of Ciara from her most recent video shoot. You know, the ones where she’s wearing the metal bra and boots; looking like an android stripper from the set of I-Robot. Yeah, well I guess she decided she doesn’t like them or someone in her camp figured out that it wasn’t a good look because they want the pics down. They have already contacted the fan site and told them to remove the pictures. The site complied of course, but I wonder if they will be contacting anyone else and if the sites will be that willing to remove their content. I’m thinking this girl might want to avoid nudity and cosmic shake dancer gear from now on.

Maybe Hollywood Should Just Stop Making Movies…

Organizations who champion the rights of the mentally disabled protested Tropic Thunder because they don’t like the word “retard.” And they say the word “retard” a lot in that movie. Blind people are going to protest the movie Blindness because of the way blind people are represented in that film. Now we have Italian vets protesting Spike Lee’s new movie, Miracle at St. Anna. It seems they’re recollection of the event is different than what is in the film and they are angry about Lee’s artistic license. Spike Lee responded that no one can tell him what to do with his film, not even the President. I guess some people just like to complain.

And Maybe We Should All Just Stop Working…

At least for two days. Enjoy your weekends folks. I will. Shelz is Out!


Diddy is nuts! Sarah Palin is nuts! Check this out: “Sarah Palin Scares Me.”

This is really funny! Sarah Palin is a trip and so it Diddy. On a serious note, Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J and Kevin Liles urge everybody to vote. Click here to read the open letter to Young America.


Joe Budden’s girl and Ciara are the ladies of the day. Sorry, AJ!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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