Hip-Hop Rumors: Mama Joyce May Not Return to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Mama Joyce says she’s so upset with RHOA producers that she might never return to the show.

Word on the digital curb is that Mama Joyce is so fed up with Real Housewives of Atlanta Producers that she may not return to the show. She claims that they’ve used editing to make her look like a villain. She also claims that Kandi’s friend Carmon set the stage for the epic meltdown heard ’round the blogosphere.

If you’re familiar with the show then you remember the incident in the wedding shop where Mama Joyce and her Old Lady Gang nearly beat Carmon down. So yeah, Mama Joyce says it wasn’t her fault she acted like a 60-year-old hood rat and that it was caught on camera.


There’s not all the editing in the world that can erase what you actually did. Plus, Kandi has admitted that her family drama has put her impeding wedding in jeopardy several times.

But I guess when it comes to people wilding out on reality TV, if all else fails, blame CGI and sorcery.