Hip-Hop Rumors: Man Attacks Soulja Boy! Chris & Rhianna Move In?! K-Fed Disses Kanye? African Tip Drill?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS All my people that saw something and said something, thanks! Click here for yesterday’s rumors. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



All my people that saw something and said something, thanks! Click here for yesterday’s rumors.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHINGallhiphoprumors@gmail.com.

K-FED DISSES BLACK AMERICA?Here is the song: “Grape Soda”

K-Fed didn’t really diss Kanye. I can do better. Just as the Arab Nation is heated at Busta Rhymes, K-Fed is rumored to be looking to upset the U.S. Nation of African Americans. I am hearing a powerful, supreme rumor that K-Fed has a song called “Grape Juice. The song is an ode to acting like an ignorant Black person, drinking a lot of soda and pretending to be “Black.” Now, I haven’t heard the song, but I heard he makes references to smoking weed in the White House. I heard whatever label he is on is seeking to give it a strong push to radio. I guess this could be a diss of Kanye.  Stay tuned…


I talked to the homey Esco on K97.5 in Raleigh and he got up with Uncle L. He said he was done with Def Jam and he wouldn’t be re-signing, as his contract is up. He also will apparently take a break from music and look to develop all his other ventures. LL was the first artist to release an album on Def Jam. The end of an era.


She really did go at a lot of people.

1. Janet…….. Miss Jackson if you Nasty????

2. Trina… The Bullet Aint The Only Thang Dats Been in Dat B#### Mouf!!

3. S### Bucket Ass w##### Making It Bad for Real Queens Like Me

4. Wendy “Crackhead” Williams and Her Husband F###### Young Girls.

5. Vh1 Miss Rap Supreme

6. Mista Cherry

7. MC Serch non rapping ass and YoYo aka B-A-C-K Girl.

8. Lollipop Remix

9. Big Bat Broke Broke Ass Records

10.Be Your Lady Video Shoot

11. Nasti Muzik In Stores Now

12. Khia Done Outsold Her Husband Weezy.

13..DJ Cheron of Detroit and Deelishis Undercover Hatin Ass

14. Poor-sha Fox from V103

15. Stupid Stu from Tampa’s 95.7 The Beat

16. Greg “ Gay Ass” Street from V-103

17. Jamie Old Ass from Sister 2 Sister.

18. Puffy steals Danity Kane’s money and why the Hood is calling him a “PEDIFILE”


20. Beyonce at Hot 107.9, Dirty Awards, Fake ass Promoters and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.



I don’t know who the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills think they are, but they must think they are the best thing ever! Why? They flew Jermaine into town with the expectation that he was bringing Janet with him. The new hotel hotel flew JD and thought they were flying Janet in too, I guess. Well, it’s a new hotel and this is the opening weekend, week or month. The hotel was HEATED, I heard, but JD was there to get them some publicity. JD also managed to kick it at all the clubs all weekend. Ahhhhh…the life of a baller.


American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino isn’t such a happy camper, I bet. Her home in Charlotte is up for foreclosure. The lavish home will be sold/auctioned off in about a week. First Clef, now this. 50 Cent loses a couple million. What next!?


They either already beat him up or have threatened him.

Stop snitching on yourself, people!


I don’t know who went and upset Brisco, but I decided to just give the message straight minus dilution or edition.

ayy dis ya goon Brisco (Yung Money/Poeboy Ent.)

real goons dont do dis internet tabloid s**t but b***h n****s play games an u got get on they level

the media keep a n#### name in som s**t bein a n***a f##### with Wayne now but certain thangs a g cant let slide

yall lil site then crashed my name with allkind of true b***h n##### like Bergerboy and dis cockaroach Bugsy but i chose to get money and see n##### when i see them like a man do

the s**t wit Berger is personal b***h run his mouth 2 much an he kno he gota aswhoopin comin. dats on Opalocka!

i never had a problem with b***ha$$ Bugsy plus tha n#### Tyga saved da b***h a a##whooppin Memorial Day Weekend in miami when he came out there wit Flip tryin to pleabargain

now this b***h runnin round tellin folks me & Berger stole his bulls**ta$$ song

i been in da studio wit dat b***h 1 time never heard non his s**t

but he get on da internet and call me all kind of s**t in his blog like it dont getbac

got my city thinking i gota steal yo weaks**t

tell dat b***h please WE MAKE HITS OVERHERE

let the world know both them lil b***hes gota a##whoopin on da way

YUNG MONEY/POE BOY B***H!! 09 all Brisco!!


I heard there is a crew coming out of New Orleans called The Get Fresh Crew. Just a reminder, there is/was a crew called that and they are closely affiliated with the legendary Doug E. Fresh. But this Get Fresh Crew is quite interesting, because one of Lil Wayne’s former rap buds is in it – Curren$y. Apparently, Curren$y has hooked with Monsta Beatz, Fly Society Inc., Nesby Phips and some other players in the game. One source says these guys are supposed to be the ones who put New Orleans back on the map since the old Cash Money and No Limit days. Also, Curren$y is  signing a huge deal with one of the majors some time this week in New York. Well, that’s nice. I know AHH helped, because he is all over the site! Still, I can’t help but think…How do Doug E. Fresh, Barry B and Chill Will feel about this?


Take this rumor with a grain of salt. I get these alllllll day! The cousin of a rapper named Lil Vinnie said that his phrase “on my momma” and his adlib (“Yummmm” – like a car speeding off) were stolen by Bow Wow! I guess Bow Weezy has a song called “On My Momma” and it runs down the alleged swagga jack. Lil Vinnie tried to fight it on youtube and they pulled the diss video.

Check out Lil Vinnie


The state motto of VA is “Virginia Is For Lovers.” Well, if any portion of this rumor is true, Rihanna and Chris Brown may have found their new residence. Its hard to imagine Chris Breezy and RiRi in any other city than NY or LA, but Chris was born and raised Tappahannock, Virginia. The word in the Richmond, VA area is that the pair was spotted in the area and RiRi went to the DMV for a driver’s license or ID. Could they be looking to make that move? Don’t know.


Check out this letter I got.

Yo, basically I feel as though the industry is gettin more and more sloppy in many different aspects. And recently I’ve been gettin severely p##### off. Im from Manchester in the UK and the city usually does have gigs from mainstream artists on a regular basis. But….. recently its all gone wrong and I don’t know what the hell os goin on!!!!

In the past 3 months, 3 major gigs have been ‘postponed’ A.K.A. cancelled for no apparent reason except in one case.

When my friend and I heard about ‘Rock the bells’ comin overseas we copped the VIP tickets straight off for a chance to kick it with the likes of NaS, Mos Def and The Pharcyde. But, one week before this event, I get a text, ‘Rock the bells has been postponed.’- Thats all it said. No reasons why, but the London event still went underway so why where we cut outta the loop.

On the 18th of November, we get wind of Ghostface Killah and maybe even GZA as a special guest tearin up a venue for just 300 people. We copped tickets for that too. Get to the venue that night and get informed that Ghost has been arrested at Heathrow on arrival. A fair enough excuse for the gig to be stopped but whats up with the arrest? no reasons given again.

Now more recently, my friend and me copped tickets to see D-12, Obie and Royce Da 5″9 tear it up in town. The gigs this sunday so im buzzin even though Proof ain’t there (R.I.P), but today I get another txt, ‘its been postponed’- no f##### reason at all!!!!

The thing thats p##### me off is that why are they leavin the cancellations so late, I know that s**t can crop up but I think the artists are gettin sloppy. If they make committments they should fukin stick to em.

We are takin it a lil bit personal in Manchester and we just want answers.

I’ve copped a ticket to go and see The Game on the 19th, Im just waitin for that cancellation txt now.



Somebody sent this to me under the assumption that the police wronged some criminals. Unfortunately, I have to say that the police in Philly are some clever people and they gave me the fail[s] of the day. I will say that the person that sent this accused the police of being corrupt. That might be true, but this is interesting. Philadelphia police department (fugitive task force to be specific) sent out fake stimulus checks to criminals in the city that had outstanding warrants. To make a long story short, these accused criminals (see: accused) were lured out if hiding with the possibility of getting some “bail out” money. The whole thing was a sting by the police to get them out and about. I have been hearing the tension in the city is crazy between the people and police. I remember they were beating a dude’s tail on tape in Philly. On the flip side, the po po is probably trying to get vengeance for Cool C and Steady B.


I don’t even know why this is a sign…it just seems like it.

Was that a man?

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this big dude remix Busta’s “Arab Money,” but I like to call it “”McDonald’s Money.”


Toni Braxton is coming out with a new album in 09 on Atlantic Records, rumor sources say.

Yung Berg has reportedly left Sony to sign with Universal Motown with Busta Rhymes.

Click here for the “African Tip Drill.” Eat your heart out Nelly. Not safe for work, if you aren’t 18, if your baby moms or moms is around.

Not to start beef, but rumor has it, Jim Jones doesn’t think it was so smart of Kiss to go the The Roc/Def Jam and that just proves that he cant make any moves alone. I hear Max B is on Kiss’ CD…could be that.

Young Chris of the Young Guns is supposedly going to Roc Nation with Jay. Joining him is rumored to be rapper P.O.R.N. from Philly and Saigon.

If you were interesting in what happened to True Life, here is a song with him, Uncle Murda, Gucci Mane, Memphis Bleek called “That’s the Recipe

T-Pain and Ron Browz have reportedly ended their “beef.” LOL. 2008 Beef: Somebody stole from somebody that stole from somebody and they squash it.

Scratch Will Smith off the list. It’s looking like George Eads (of CSI fame) will be the next Captain America.

Ciara had a label called C-Era Music Group, but I heard she’s shut that operation down at the moment. Not sure if that had anything to do with her CD getting pushed to 09.

It looks like Max B just might really be going to G-Unit! Dude is in talks with 50 and it seems like a lot of it rests with Jim Jones.

Jennifer Hudson has reportedly filmed a new video for her Grammy nominated CD. Glad to see her get it popping.

Some damn fool is doing a p### version of the Cosby show. SMH. Trash.

I don’t usually plug an artist’s release, but I have to say that Brandy’s Human CD drops tomorrow. Why? I’ve been informed that some good friends of AllHipHop produced a couple songs on the CD. Shout out to Medinah Ent.

IF you are a snitch, this is your lucky day. Rat out DMX and you could be $5000 richer! The cops issued a reward to help bag the Dog.


Rob from Matchbox 20 seems to be a cool dude as far as dealing with the papz, but did he have to advocate Mike Vick getting hanged or the electric chair?



First Rupert Murdock endorses Obama and denounces Bill O’Reilly and now he disses myspace:

“If you’re on MySpace now, you’re a (expletive) c#####. And you’re not only a (expletive) c#####, but you’re poor. Nobody who has beyond an eighth grade level of education is on MySpace. It is for backwards people.”

T.I. Talks about signing Young Buck (loves the idea! MTV):

“Buck is a personal partner of mine. We’ve spoken, about a month or two ago, but we didn’t iron out no particulars. I would definitely be willing to speak to Buck about that, but I haven’t. I haven’t even started the conversation with, ‘What would it take to get you over here.’ That’s just the conversation that’s been floating around the rumor mill. When I spoke to him, it was more, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ speaking as partners. We didn’t speak professionally. Just him making sure I was all right. Him asking me how I’m feeling, me asking the same of him.”

Killer Mike might be Grand Hustle too!

“Killer Mike, on the other hand, I have been speaking to about connecting and moving forward professionally together. Mike is an outstanding lyricist and phenomenal talent and very intelligent individual. We get along very well. Always have. It’s a real organic fit.”


Luda and Soulja Boy Together?

The pair headlined a free concert here in Atlanta over the weekend after the SEC Championship game. It’s an odd combo to say the least, but the show was packed and I understand pretty decent. Oh, SB also made the cover of Billboard and dropped a video showing off the cover and thanking folks like he won a Grammy. Guess he’s practicing the acceptance speech. You know, just in case.

More Arab Money Controversy?

Some DJ in the UK was recently suspended from his morning show gig for playing this song that I understand has “sampled” the Qur’an. When Busta was asked about all the controversy in a recent interview he had this to say:

“I really only respect the Arab culture,” Rhymes said. “I ain’t really trying to pay no attention to, ya know, these little people in political positions and executive positions that ain’t Arab culture oriented people because a lot of the times, what are you really showing all of this concern for?”

I’m not really sure what that means, but hopefully he is suggesting he will take the offended folks opinions into consideration. Click here for the response by an Arab rapper.

DJ Drama Not Interested in Beef

This is what he had for Jeezy and the CTE folks in a recent interview:

“If there are things me and Jeezy need to speak about, that’s for us to do. It’s not for the public. I heard La’s interview when he was on the Internet. Again, we’re not here to escalate anything or condone anything, we’re here to make good music. I’m gonna speak highly of everybody, because we’re in Atlanta. How does that look to the fans? How does that look to the people if DJ Drama and Young Jeezy are beefing? That’s not what we’re here for. People wanna see us make history again.”

T.I. has agreed to play moderator between the pair, but Drama doesn’t believe a moderator is needed because it’s not that big


No disrespect to BK, but there are other spots than places like Brownsville and Flatbush. What about the people going hard in Williamsburg?

Just kidding, BK. D-Ware goes hard too.


Peep the full interview.


I knew this twitter blogger was fake, because he didn’t follow me but Twitter deleted the account!

As you know, Kanye had been beefing with Stephen Colbert and Colbert launched into “Operation Humble Kanye” campaign, a move that ultimately helped move Colbert’s X-Mas CD to #3 on iTunes. Kanye’s slid from 1 to 4.


Beyonce was looking good at the Kennedy Center Honors!


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