Hip-Hop Rumors: Mase Goes Back To Church! Hillary’s Obama Revenge! Big L Rumors!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! It looks like Raz B and his brother Ricky have p##### everybody off officially! Click here for why! I don’t think I can help out now. […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


It looks like Raz B and his brother Ricky have p##### everybody off officially! Click here for why! I don’t think I can help out now. Mike Vick’s Doghouse! Kanye Beats Beyonce!

and also…

Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Off To Apple? New G-Unit MCs? Kanye Is BACK!


You know I was a big fan of Big L and Big Pun – well I still am. From what I heard, there is a Big L documentary coming. In this documentary, I heard there is footage of him and Big Pun together. Now, this is the strange part. I heard that in an exclusive interview, Pun’s wife said that Pun expressed remorse over the death of Big L. Allegedly, Pun and L were going to tour together and Pun was supposed to pick L up and forgot. It was on that day that he allegedly died.

Also, i heard the new L album is going to be called Real Legends Never Die and L’s brother is in control of the project. Of course, Lord Finesse will be in there, but I also heard DJ Premier, Eminem, Cam’ron, The Lox, DITC and others will be involved.


For some reason, the first song I think of with Ma$e is Cassidy’s “Ima Hustler.” You know the G-Unit thing didn’t work out. Apparently, the SRC label deal didn’t work out either. And the alleged tranny in ATL wasn’t a good looking. What’s a fellow to do? Take that tail back to church, get wifey Twyla Betha and sydicate a TV show called “Born to Succeed.” I am going to tune in and if somebody can help me, I will youtube it every Sunday. (I don’t know how to pull stuff off the TV.) Go, Mason!


What the bloody heck is going on? People magazine is saying that Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmunds are not legally married. They are now saying that the pair had a wedding ceremony, but they didn’t make if official because of their location in the world. Like, apparently they will officially be married when things are handled on paper in the States. This was called a “spritiual ceremony.” One report said, “Bora Bora was a ceremony to bind Eddie and Tracey spiritually in the presence of family and friends.” Somebody might want to summon the spirit of reason. LOL. Nah, seriously I can’t be mad at Eddie. I’ll leave that up to Mel B aka Scary Spice.


Here is the latest for you all that care. I heard 50 Cent and Gillie are in the process of finishing their contract to get Gil into the G-Unit. From what I heard, 50 is pretty committed to lending dollars to push and market him to the masses. I hear a Whoo Kid mixtape will give people a taste of things to come.

As we said in 07, G-Unit has been trying to wrangle Trick Daddy in – rumor says. IT hasn’t happened, but they are still working on it, from what I heard.

Could Freeway go all the way over to G-Unit? I heard that Freeway might be looking to make that leap, because he’s not happy with Def Jam. True, not sure, but I feel that Freeway’s album was EXCELLENT and he got shafted on the promo.As for Ransom, I have been informed that it is not likely that he is going to G-Unit. There is nothing on the table.

This could be BS, but I heard that Papoose may be heading over there to Murder Inc. I wonder if that would set anything off.SPEAKING OF G-UNIT…A PRODIGY SEX TAPE? ERRRR….This ain’t the Prodigy I need to see. I am definitely “shook ones.” At least they didn’t show any more…no video leaks, please.


For some reason, every time I see the name Luu Breeze (the Canadian rapper), my brain registers Lupe. I’m just a nut. Anyway, here is a response to the rumor that Luuey is going to DTP:

“Regarding the various rumors floating around between Luu Breeze and Disturbing Tha Peace. Yes there has been interaction between both parties. DTP is one of the many options we are looking at right now, there are also other label situations which we are currently evaluating. Although we would like to make it clear Luu Breeze is still currently an unsigned free agent. DTP may still be a very viable option for us in the immediate future depending on how things pan out. We would also like to make it clear that we have nothing but love and respect for Chaka Zulu, Ludacris and the entire Disturbing Tha Peace family. We would also like to announce the release of a new street single called “Hate” hitting the internet and streets shortly into the New Year featuring Texas rapper Spark Dawg with Bun B of UGK sampled on the chorus (R.I.P. Pimp C). As well, we have new innovative club song called “Break Em Off (Body Something)” for which a video for the song is in the process of being shot. We would also like to extend thanks to all the fans Worldwide who have supported Luu up to this point and to the new ones who are discovering him now. I do not know yet if DTP will work out or not, but i know that we have high aspirations for 2008 as well as putting Toronto, Nova Scotia and the whole country of Canada on the international Hip Hop map once and for all. Happy new year.”

Taylor “Big Tay” Jones of Luu Breeze Management Team


Here is something on the Vivica Fox sex tape. There is too much to type so just listen.

I think Gene Simmons is going to win the Celebrity Apprentice. Ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz is kind of chubby these days. Anyway, I wouldn’t be upset if Lennox Lewis won – he’s that dude.

If you like to look at Kim Kardashian, lookie here, lookie here. A new photo shoot.

I heard a rapper is really upset with Raz-B and Ricky Romance. I won’t say the name, but I will say that a source says something “shady” went on. I guess I will know more later.

Will The Game get Dr. Dre on this new CD, LAX? Rumor says, “YES.”

Amy Winehouse will reportedly perform at the Grammys. Hope she comes sober.


Ol’ Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus. This is about to get interesting! Here is an Obama stamp from that “Obey” guy. Here you go.

And since I like Hillary Rodham Clinton as well, I decided to give her some ideas on how to beat Obama.


This brother has hit some hard times. I have TRIED to ignore these pictures that have been online with him looking mad ashy like a kid in a child labor camp. I got a new round of pics and I can’t ignore it anymore. This dude used to be America’s DARLING and now look what has happened. Selling autographed khakis on ebay? Crazy!

Why would anybody want some slacks by Gary?

Here is the Gary I used to know.

(Sorry for so much Gary – LOL)

F**K IT – GARY COLEMAN FOR PRESIDENT! (If Bush can, why not Gary?)


Check this out, b! Another Jay-Z remix to “Party Life.” This one is straight from the UK. I have to send a shout out to Young Cuz, who sent me this video. If you or somebody you know has done a remix of American Gangster or a particular song, send it to me for a secret project (that’s not such a big secret).

Small World and Ludacris – “Put It In Reverse”


Remember Army Boy? This dude was one of the first people to parody Soulja Boy. I think I saw this before “Crank Dat.” Classic! Spider man that….


Here is a really good reason for birth control. Of course, if that kid was Black he would be tore up right there in the isle as all those people watched.


VIVICA FOX SEX TAPE?…Whoa! Is there an Aunt Vivica Fox sex tape? I got images from a rumored sex tape of Vivica Fox. Now, I will say that I don’t think Viv would do that, but the image I have certainly looks like her a bit. I need to see more to really get it. Anyway, it is supposedly her giving somebody “a professional,” to use a Wendy Williams term. See below and tell me what you think.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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