Hip-Hop Rumors: Mashonda Blocks Divorce? Plax’s Mug! Madonna Ain’t Love Mike! Odom’s Fail!

 DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE – SHOUT OUT TO JO, GERMANY AND G8 First of all, don’t forget to read the rumors from earlier! They go kinda hard. I […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.


First of all, don’t forget to read the rumors from earlier! They go kinda hard. I have my crew now so peep these new rumors too. 

I got word from my homey Jo from Germany on what the issues were surrounding the G8 Summit. Sure, I could go read the paper or something, but I wanted to hear it from a credible voice. Here is what Jo told me:


The G8 gets so much protest because they only represent some of the richest countries and do not care much about developing countries, especially the sub-Saharan Africa region. However they still make decisions that affect the whole world (especially regarding financial and trade agreements).

Also, the G8 are not actually the 8 most powerful economies, China is missing.

The police “guarding” the protests seem to become more and more violent, like they killed a guy here in London this year!



I also got a weird email that really disturbed me! Remember how Jay-Z gave Coldplay’s Chris Martin that massive hug that resulted in them falling down? Well, it would seem that the Coldplay fans wouldn’t appreciate that same love from Jay! I didn’t report much on what is going on with those shows in the UK, but I heard that the CP fans didn’t really give Jay-Z a lot of “love” when he performed at Wembley area. SMH. That is just a testament to the audio versatility of the Hip-Hop audience. We like everybody.




I don’t know how divorce works to be honest, but I have been hit with some info that suggests that Mashonda, Swizz’s present wife has been refusing to get divorced. A source that may or may not be reliable said the following, “As to why the divorce isn’t final, rumor is Mashonda REFUSES to let it be finalized and is holding on for dear life thinking Swizzy will wake up or A. Keys will be the “Superwoman” she sang about and walk away from him.” Alicia’s album “The Element of Freedom” drops December 1st. I wonder if this is good or bad press? Nevertheless, Mashonda is clearly hurting badly.

Click here for her letter to A. Keys.  



Pharoahe Monch has had varying degrees of success in Hip-Hop. Clearly, he’s a star, but he hasn’t reached that zenith of success that he probably deserves for his many talents. Well according to a recent twitter post, Pharoahe Monch has decided to go the indie route. From what I understand, he basically said that the labels sadly no longer know how to deal with somebody that is “creatively different from what and who’s hot now.”



Lamar Odom reportedly didn’t have his girlwife Khloe Kardashian sign a prenuptial agreement, because they didn’t have time. Let me tell you something. This dude knew this babe all of three months and is getting married. I suppose it can be done (see Mariah and Nick Cannon), but the reality is, dude is coming off lame. Now, if she remains married over a year, this FAIL turns into an epic WIN. I think you should always have time to protect your millions in dollars and assets. SMH SQUARED!





The New York Daily News got its hands on Plaxico Burress’ mugshot. Word is Burress is in Protective Custody since arriving at Ulster Correctional and should be making his way to the same prison Shyne called home for a while. Your browser may not support display of this image.




Is the Wu making a comeback? As if they ever left…. It seems a few of the infamous crew will be releasing a joint album. Method Man spoke with MTV’s Mixtape Daily on the red carpet at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors and seemed hella excited to drop this exclusive jewel, yes Meth, Rae and Ghost will be hitting us some some pure dopeness pretty soon. Wu fans get ready, if this drop is ANYTHING like OB4CL, its going to be a certified hood classic!




After the “success” of the single “Dancin on me” which was produced by Webstar and featured Juelz Santana and Jim Jones, Jones and Webstar have decided to release a joint album of 15 tracks entitled “The Rooftop.” The drop is scheduled for tentative release on October 6th.





I had to get a second opinion from my girl Carolina. She said:


I’m not mad, I’d even considered flipping this track until I thought about the countless little girls already singing this word for word. *smh* I can’t participate in the dumbing down and over sexing of our society although I knooooo “dat Billy” would go so hard.




Still looking for people to contribute their ideas of what Chance’s segment should be called. Feel free to let me know. I know “Chance’s Chatter” is wack. LOL!!!!



that speech Madonna gave at the VMA’s about her date with Michael

Jackson.  Well the gist of the story was “…we went out on a date…I

wasn’t feeling dude…I kept it movin”.  Illseed even told us “…


was very bored of him…and stole away to be with Warren Beatty”.  Well

Michael Jackson saw the situation a little different.  Michael believed

she was madly in love with him and according to him HE turned her down because he didn’t think she was sexy.  Here’s what he said in an unreleased interview:

“I think she was sincerely in love with me…she does a lot of crazy things…She

is not sexy at all. I think being sexy comes from the heart in the way

you present yourself.”Hmmmm…there’s always three sides to a sorry his, hers, and the truth.NOT MASE…Apparently

there’s a rapper in the A who enjoys the company of trannys … and

thats not all … this rapper is reportedly a “filmmaker” as well and

some of their “work” may be floating around.  SMH … I know Mason

Betha was caught up in something like this a while back but that’s not

who I’m talking about this time.  Since this is such an outrageous

rumor I’ve decided not to identify the alleged perpetrator but Dey Know

who they are


Remember Lady Sovereign??  She was the little white girl from the U.K.

that Jay signed when he was at Def Jam, her record “Love Me Or Hate Me”

was heavy on MTVU when I was in college.  Well she got into it with a

bouncer over the weekend and spit in his face.  Security dragged her

out of the club kicking and screaming and she was even charged with



While Joe Budden is allegedly having sex with prostitutes and p### stars

(Daphne Rosen).  Tahiry is moving on with her life as well.  Word is

she is dating one of the ex-boyfriends of one of the strippers from the

club where she bartends.  And it’s getting serious.  She tweets “We’ll be married in a year, i’m 30 no time for games” … “we just click” … “i believe in love at first sight, i’m 30, i’m not getting any younger & i think i’ve found the 1 for me”

Damn Joey thats gotta hurt.KIMBO’S LOSSI don’t know much about this show or whether it’s

even on yet.  But apparently there is some kind of Multiple Martial

Arts Making The Band style show and Kimbo slice is a contestant.  I

think a bunch of fighters are competing for a contract with the UFC. 

I’m a little confused because I thought Kimbo already went pro?? 

Wasn’t there a clip floating around where he got knocked out in like a

minute??  Well apparently he doesn’t go the distance on this show

either and get’s the boot before the finish line.I’M JUST SAYIN’

Apparently you don’t want to f**k with EITHER Williams sister …

Venus flipped out on a security guard at the Delano when they asked her

to put her dog in it’s carrier.Russel Simmons opened his home

to host Minister Farrakhan and his 75 security guards…they were in

town to introduce Khadafy at the UN.

People are saying Letoya Luckett got dropped … it’s not true …

but her label isn’t as excited as she’d like them to be about her next

album … I’m not eitherPeace – ChanceCDR @ Twitter or Gmail 

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