Hip-Hop Rumors: Massive Hip-Hop “Trayvon” Song On The Way?


Well, lets get the first thing out of the way. We cannot name names at this time, but this is a massive development from what we are hearing. We are getting word that two veteran megastars in Hip-Hop are working on a major song in honor of Trayvon. Now, the real part is that these two are to of the most respected in the game. The are the perfect ones to make the proper connection to all the other big name rappers (and even some singers) to get a “We Are The World” type of song for Trayvon and the others that have been victim of racism and abuses of “authority.”

Sorry, we cannot offer more details at this time, but things are at an early stage right now. Click here for all of our coverage and opinions on Trayvon and others like him. Stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll have more to offer in a bit.