MARTIN MOVIE TO HIT SCREENS?I heard that Martin Lawrence is considering or has already started a movie called “Martin,” based on his hit TV show! This would be super ill! Remember Sheneneh, Cole, Gina, Mama, and Bruh man! Imagine them and all the rest in one movie where Martin gets to dress up in all […]

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MARTIN MOVIE TO HIT SCREENS?I heard that Martin Lawrence is considering or has already started a movie called “Martin,” based on his hit TV show! This would be super ill! Remember Sheneneh, Cole, Gina, Mama, and Bruh man! Imagine them and all the rest in one movie where Martin gets to dress up in all those characters! That would be craaaaaaaaazy, derannnnnnnged! You have to be a real Martin Lawrence fan to get that one. We’ll see, because nothing is confirmed. Martin is involved in a couple of other projects, one called The Better Man and another called The College Road.


You know Hip-Hop has all sorts of Gottis like Irv Gotti and Yo! Gotti. Well, the grandson of the real Teflon Don, John Gotti is now rapping! And, on top of that, he’s down with the Ruff Ryders – yeah the crew that includes DMX, Jadakiss, the Lox and more. So the grandson’s name is Carmine and he’s seemingly the flagship artist for the next generation of RR’s. His rap name is C. Gotti. I guess he’ll be able to rap about what “Growing Up Gotti” is all about.


60 Minutes and the whole world dissed Cam’ron and now look what happens. Nobody likes a snitch – from the cops to Charles Manson to the cops. I don’t know if any of you caught this last year, but I did. Joe Darby is the dude that blew the whistle (“SNITCHED”) on the US Military and their abuse and human rights violations on Iraq prisoners. He brought attention to all those pictures and sadistic nude pics of soldiers smiling with POW’s from Iraq. They talk about the so-called Hip-Hop no snitching code, but look at how this dude got treated for “doing the right thing and telling” about THIS INJUSTICE! Darby was released from the military early and couldn’t even go home. Dude’s family and friends turned his back on him. Then there are the death threats. “Its not fair that we’re being punished for him doing the right thing,” Darby’s wife said about her husband who was “walking around with a bullseye on his head.” So before get you get too mad at Cam’ron, CHECK OUT AMERICA’S ETHOS ON SNITCHING. Yes, Hip-Hop watches “60 Minutes.”


OK, I admit, I’m a little unprogressive so I’m not used to transvestites like the rest of you guys out there. It’s just something normal, but to me it’s still atypical. I’m just being honest with you! Wendy Williams is another story. Wendy had some preop tranny on the air and this person charged that a “recently divorced” singer “over 6-feet” that “beats his wife” dissed her/him. We don’t know who they are talking about, but it sounds like it is one of two of our favorite crooners. Check it out!


I thought I would share this with you all. On Father’s Day, I was having an interesting conversation with an AHH staffer that was unhappy with the perception of Black men, in particular Black fathers. So, our convo continued into stats, welfare and college. Later, I found this online and thought I would share it and how it clearly shows that stats don’t always (if ever) tell the true story. Ice Cube once asked, ““Why more n##### in the pen than in college?” Ice Cube queried on “N***a You Love To Hate.” Here are some answers.

1.86 million: Total population of Black men aged 18-24

465,000: Black men aged 18-24 enrolled in college

195,500: Black men aged 18-24 in prison or jail

37: Percent of black men high school grads aged 18-24 enrolled in college

25: Percent of black men aged 18-24 enrolled in college

10.5: Percent of black men aged 18-24 in prison or jail


Twista has a unique situation. He’s got a baby’s mother that is also an ill rapper. She’s p##### off too. From what I’m gathering, Ms Eryka Kane from the south side of Chicago was with Twista back in the day and now is pretty angry. “Number one, Twista has been very influential in my rap career and he taught me his style of rap, I toured with him and he taught me how to perform–and I will always recognize him as one of the greatest rappers that ever lived but when it comes to business and trusting him with my career—that’s something I could never do again.” She says online that she followed him onto a label that he eventually left. She charged that Twistie just looked out for himself with regard to that and she eventually was even pregnant with his twins. Now, I’m not sure how the story ends here, but she also has said there are diss records out there about her from him…I haven’t heard them yet. She’s actually a pretty ill MC, so I guess that makes Twista a pretty ill teacher. At any rate, I’m not going to put all of this out there, because it’s not pertinent. But, what is interesting is that Eryka Kane says she is nicer than Twista now! She says, “I made your first hit song a hit–and I f##### you up on you own s### — Get it Wet was my first time cutting a record–and I shut your ass down—If I was you I would have been scared too, It’s Okay!!!!!!”

On a more positive note, Twista does have this Adrenaline Rush 2007 album coming out soon. I hope it comes close to the classic original version!

CHECK OUT THIS – “THE POUND” This is so funny, I was in stitches!


There is supposedly going to be a ONE MILLION DJ MARCH in the year 2008? My homey Big Swoll let me know about that, but HERE is a some info on it.

I heard that Uncle Murder rocked The Ark in BK last weekend, but the crowd wouldn’t sing happy birthday to him.

I think rappers should start making complimentary songs about each other and really mess the game up. Until then, here is yet another Trina dis by Khia called “Grey Goose.”

Who remembers the Tuff Crew out of Philly? I heard they are about to get a reunion together in “my part of town.” Well, almost…lol.

Britney Spears’ album has been pushed back like a wig.

Kim Kardashian…who is the next Black guy to become her prey? Rumor has it, she’s got her eyes on Pharrell of the Neptunes.

I’m not sure if this is true or not but, I heard that Amil, former 1st Lady of The Roc, now works in a Macy’s in NYC. If this were true, I wouldn’t be mad. What’s she gonna do, sell drugs?

Paris Hilton’s first post-jail interview will be with CNN and she won’t get any money for it.

THE SEA Awards are back in full effect. Click here to nominate your favorites. I would like an award so mention my name please (or AHH)!


Before the government pummeled Itv Gotti, there was a different Inc! This crew was down with Masta Ace and included Lord Digga, Paula Perry and others. Even a Young Stimuli was down with the crew.



SLAUGHTA HOUSE (I think they were trying to be funny here – LMAO!)

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