Hip-Hop Rumors: Miss Jones Is Back? New Supergroup? Nas and Kelis Go Baby Shopping!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO SENSE I changed the “cents” to “sense” for now. I just feel like it. I will start making sense tomorrow! Til then – […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I changed the “cents” to “sense” for now. I just feel like it. I will start making sense tomorrow!

Til then – IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!MYA’S NEW STATEMENTMya and her management are wasting no time in delivering a new message about her and Gucci Mane NOT being lovers. LOL @ lovers.  They did a song together though. Mya said, “Gucci and I are friends and he is on one of my new songs soon to be released. That’s why I was in Atlanta this weekend – celebrating his return and recording our new collaboration. To our friends, fans, and supporters – thank you for your concern and I apologize for the inconvenience of having to deal with these bogus rumors.”OLD SCHOOL RUMORS & BEEFSHere is a letter that I got from my boy Mike from Philly. Check it out, an old school beef between MC Serch and Pete Rock.“MC Serch had beef with Pete Rock over a payment on the

album Nas Illmatic album. Serch’s grand mom just died and he had to sit with her for some Jewish

thing and Pete’s brother, his manager, demanded the money that day and there was

a deadline. You prob

know about it but thought I’d share it. He said he don’t mess with Pete Rock

till this day. Pete tried to brush it off.  He said Nas

had nothing do do with the beefs. The other one was about FAB 5 Freddy. They were

getting a clearance on from the “Wild Style” dude and Fab told the guy that he

should be getting more loot. So Serch hit Freddy up and was like. “Why you

starting trouble, I am about to cut you a check”. Cause Fab was about to direct

the video for “ONe Love”. Well Fab took offense to it and asked if he was being

threatened by SErch. Well the clearance made it but Fab didn’t do the video and

they still don’t talk. I love Illmatic and I didn’t know about either of those



I just wanted to start this day off with a HUGE birthday shout out to big Bun B! He’s an underground king we all love and respect. Give the big homey a pound if you see him.


The fact is, the rumors I started years ago were for Hip-Hop! And I love freakin Hip-Hop. Now, I know there are going to be some jokes and snickers over this one, but it’s interesting to me. I got a rumor that Canibus and Keith Murray have a new album dropping in the near future. I don’t really know the nature of it other than they recorded it together and its supposedly dope. I will reveal to you more of what I know when I know more of what I know.


I heard from a lil’ birdie that Miss Jones is back on the radio in the New Jersey area. Jonesy, formerly of Hot 97 fame, is now the new face of a NJ radio station called Streetz96. I’m not sure exactly where they are located but I am hearing it comes out of Newark, New Jersey or Jersey City. I’m hoping this works for her. I know she didn’t love me very much, but I always had a reasonable respect for her. On yeah, I heard she’s also working with Michael Shawn on her new endeavor.


What is this going on with Crooked I? I am hearing another good rumor about Crooked. People are already talking about the supergroup called Slaughterhouse, but there is another one forming in the West Coast. According to my sources, this new act is called ……(drumroll)……THE DIRTY DODGERS! I heard that Crooked I (Long Beach), Chino XL (Originally from New Jersey, Now reppin W.C.) and Sinful AKA El Pecador also from Long Beach, known for his Spanish flow. I heard these are the latest monsters to come into the game. Will this dream come true? I hope so! I’m tired of trash rap. Its time for some real Hip-Hop. Don’t take that as a diss or personally.


I didn’t know that John Witherspoon was married! I would have never posted that rumor about him and New York! I mean, a rumor is just a rumor, but John recently got roasted and he brought his entire family! His wife and sons!


On of the Cali homies hit me up on the Obama trip to Killa Kali!

What’s up ill? This is the every day reader, rare poster, Go462. So today I was down the street from the Obama town hall meeting in Costa Mesa and decided to hit up the spot. Security was heavy as expected and there were so many roads blocked off. You probably heard of California rush hour traffic so imagine people getting off the freeway and being rerouted by cops and orange cones! haha. On every street corner surrounding the fairgrounds there were no amnesty and anti-illegal immigration groups with a grip of signs and supporters. People were selling Obama pictures and unique Obama art on the sides of the roads. They even had an actual size Obama cardboard cutout and for a split second I had my mom believing it was him lol. My favorite part was seeing the real deal Secret Service! A lot of people had no clue what was going on or why there were so many cops and road block-offs. Those of us who knew what was up were excited that the President was in our hometown of Orange County!! It was exciting even though we weren’t inside the first come first serve ticketed event. On the other hand it’s mom’s birthday, and she and I were both excited at the fact that the President was less than a block away from us/right on the other side of the wall haha!


Ahhhh…I think I am going to let Kanye have Keri. I’m feeling Mya these days and Meagan Good. M&M’s! Anyway, check out this video of Kanye and Keri!


I’ve never been much of a golfer, but this is awful. Look at this special golf club for men that have to take a wizz.

I got this from the IC. Thanks a lot! Click this link for a lot of fails!


Shout out to aka Khamphan Xiong Killah Kham! I bless you with all those Youtube hits and you hate on me like that?

Does this interest you? They are saying that 2 Pistols has signed to Cash Money Records.

Have you heard anything about the South Park Mexican getting stabbed in jail? I heard that happened yesterday, but have nothing to support it.

Remember DJ Webstar? He had some chicken noodle soup and soda on the side or something. Anyway, he is reportedly now on Koch Records thanks to Jim Jones.

I don’t know who, but I heard DJ Kay Slay slapped the fire out of a DJ from Philadelphia.

I don’t know about this rumor, but I heard Turk is finished with regular rap. I heard homey is doing a more spiritual-based Hip-Hop.

Do you remember Lil Zane? I heard dude is looking to straight up make a comeback. I heard that he’s going to be signed to a major label.

WOW. American Idol is looking to create a line of trading cards. These cards include winners, rejects and losers. Who would want that?

Rumor has it, Kool G Rap is going to be releasing a new CD this year.


Peep this dude do this spectacular flip…or flop?




I call myself illseed, because I am one crazy m### – or so I thought. The more I go along, the less crazy I feel. I mean, look at the case of Josef Fritzl. I covered this bastard about a year or so ago and his crazy a$$ dwarfs my crazy – even in my brain! Dude is a product of Austria and his disease is a product of the devil. Josef Fritzl was on trial for imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering her seven children. He pleaded guilty Wednesday to all charges against him, even the murder of one of the kids. He couldn’t take it once his daughter appeared in the courtroom. Fritzl, who admitted to “sick behavior, was going down for negligent homicide, enslavement, rape, incest, forced imprisonment and coercion. How do you do that to your kid and grandkids?

To get a full recap of this, click here!


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