Hip-Hop Rumors: Mood Muzik 3 Tracklisting, Saigon’s New Beef, Timbaland’s Got A Kid!

CONGRATS TO TIMBALAND! Not only did he win producer of the year for the recent Vibe awards, Timbaland has another “award.” I heard his fiancée “awarded” him with a baby girl. That’s right. Timbo is a new father and future husband. Also, D.O.E., one of Tim’s super star artists, sends his congrats as well! LAS […]


Not only did he win producer of the year for the recent Vibe awards, Timbaland has another “award.” I heard his fiancée “awarded” him with a baby girl. That’s right. Timbo is a new father and future husband. Also, D.O.E., one of Tim’s super star artists, sends his congrats as well!


Shout out to Las Vegas aka Sin City. I heard there was a Grand Opening of Planet Hollywood over the weekend. Rumor has it, the stars came out to play like Osirus. Lil’ Jon, Bruce Willis, Katt “Noose Neck” Williams, Chris Rock, Ellen Degenerate, I mean, Degeneres and even Jerry Seinfeld. (Don’t hate mail me about Ellen. I like her a lot!) I heard Wanda Sykes was seen tripping somebody in a casino! LOL!


Shout out to Kanye. I heard he shed a few tears on stage when he tried to perform “Hey Mama.” Read about it here. See the video below. I know that brother is going through it right now.


Anyway, Saigon is a perfect example of how a rapper should do damage control before these rumors spin out of their control. He went to Sirius Radio and did a drunken interview with the morning show. I heard a babe named Angela Yee was there and some other females. Anyway, he basically told it all in his blog so I don’t even have to do anything about it.

Check out what he said in this UNEDITED BY ILLSEED letter:

Well it looks like Ive been in the Hip Hop internet news alot for the past 3 days or so, atleast its bubbling under the surface..So before your’e reading something on AllHipHop.com rumors section or getting something from one of these irresponsible journalist or something youre gonna get it here straight from the horse’s mouth…..Okay..Gotta Love the Net…..

MY DRUNK SHADE 45 INTERVIEW… I was soooo drunk when I did this interview I didnt even remember doing it, this interview was done at 8 PM and I was 4 A.M drunk.. I have a very LOW tolerance for white liquor. Well there is a part where I said I would slap Nelly because he doesn’t make positive songs…I actually like Nelly as a person and as an artist …I would never attempt to cause harm to a person who didnt try to harm me first in some sort of way, especially a person I respect and I respect Nelly…That was solely the Tanqueray speaking…I definitely would like to

apologize to that man, Keep up the good work bruh, even though I would like to hear him and alot of these other MEGA superstars use their influence more to help our black kids, I wish him the best…Moving right along..In this same interview I supposedly told Melissa Ford I would punch her in the face, hahaha, after review I found it was NOT Melissa Ford, Melissa was there but it was a writer who had already interviewed me about the Mobb Deep incident and agreed with me about the stance I took, but gets the chance to interview me on the radio and changes her whole story to try to play me to make people laugh…I would NEVER hit a girl, especially Melissa Ford, there is only one way I would hit Melissa Ford…But Im really not the one to be the butt of ones jokes.

MR.JOE BUDDEN It has been bought to my attention that Joe Budden used my name in a disrespectful way in one of his punchlines on B.E.T., I understand he’s not getting the attention he feels he deserves but to try to use me to get it is a BAD MOVE on his part..I guess he’s trying to bait me into a rap battle like he’s known for doing..I have never had a lyrical rap beef because its not my thing. I beef a little differently. I know I just said I woudnt harm a person who didnt try to harm me but I feel he’s trying to harm my credibilty soooo..If I let him get away with that, EVERYONE will be dissing me in therefreestyles, so again, Im gonna say sorry to Nelly and tell Joe Budden that when I see him, Im going to slap EARTH, WIND and FIRE out of HIM instead. REAL TALK..I will make an example out of him, watch.. I want him to know we have a problem, because when I see him he’s all smiles and pounds, is he that desperate for attention?Why me? Im not even hot like that yet. Maybe he’s mad I have a song with the same guy who dropped him, or that Ransom exposed his sexuality….I use to live in Chilltown Jersey city, I dontknow if he’s gay but I know he WAS a RnB singer…And personally, I will let him be my first lyrical victim if that’s what he wants, but only after I beat him up. Soo he can go making his songs and get his internet soldiers behind him, but until I get him, Im quiet.. realistically speaking, he’s only okay at best…and him without a Just Blaze beat is like Popeye without spinach…whadduup Just..


You know, guys – I am going to speak my peace. I wish that you guys would all just chill out a lil’ bit. I live for the drama and it keeps a certain level of excitement to the game, but I’d like to see guys all exercise a bit of restraint. It’s a “I am going to be t he bigger man” kind of conversation. Saigon and Joe Budden are pretty good dudes. Lyrically, they are a couple pillars of the East Coast that are desperatedly needed on the SAME FRONT, not divided. On the same note, everybody wants to fight these days. I get it. I love a good fight. Better than getting shot, right? At the same time, why can’t we 1) ignore petty things or 2) keep it on record.

I applaud the Mistah F.A.B. and Royce Da 5’9” situation. They had a battle and then they battled again lyrically. As soon as it seemed like it was going to turn into something more negative and destructive, they got on the phone and put the kybosh on it all. I got a lot of love for both Saigon and Joe Budden. I’m a fan. I’d hate to see them tearing each other down when they could be building each other up.

Peace and back to the regularly scheduled rumors.


Well, this new beef with Saigon and the old ones with Mistah F.A.B. should be helpful in fueling everybody’s personal mixtapes and stuff. Anyway, ya boy illseed got the tracklisting to Mood Muzik 3. This sucker is hot, from what I heard. I think Al Gore is going to start dissing rap again, but this time for increasing global warming in December. (By the way, Saigon’s “Moral Of The Story” mixtape is good too.)

Intro Track


Produced by Mellow Madness

“Ventilation”Produced by Klasix

“Talk to Em’”

Produced by Sultan


Produced by the Klasix

Featuring Joel Ortiz

“Dear Diary”

Produced by Sultan

“Get No Younger”

Produced by KlasixFeaturing Ezo

“Inside of Me”

Produced by Dub B

Killa BH skit

Produced by Kill BH

“Send Him Our Love”

(Stack Bundles Dedication)Produced by the Klasix

“Family Reunion”

Featuring Ransom, Hitchcock, Fabolous

Produced by Shatek The Producer

“5th Gear”

Produced by Sultan

“Roll Call”

Produced by Sultan


Produced by Klasix

“All of Me”

Produced by KlasixFeaturing Imani

“Folder’s Brother”

By Killa BH

“I’m Serious (Long Way to Go)”

Feat Mr. Probz (Amsterdam Singer)

Produced by Soulsearchin’

“Thou Shall Not Fall”

Produced by Klasix

(Addresses the AlHipHop.com Celebrity Rap Battle)

“Still My Hood”

Produced by Wyks


So, I was talking to one of my AHH homeys and I heard that Terrance J and Joe Budden got into some sort of altercation at the Spades Tourney in New York. So, when I got my answer back from the AHH homey, Joe didn’t know what we were talking about. Here is the video where the rumor started from…and ends at. What is kind of funny is that Terrance was calling Joe out and didn’t see Joe right in front of him. Oh, Joe went on to win the whole Spades tourney for the second year in a row so you know.


I know I just had a positive moment up there, but I still need to report what I hear. With that, I move on to some more beef that I heard. There was a big fight during Florida Classic in Orlando that shut down the Roxy at like 1 a.m. Here is the story as told from a trusted source: DJ Khaled was DJing at the Roxy which is like the main nightspot for Florida Classic. Plies was scheduled to perform and Trick just happened to be in town, because he had just performed at a different block party. So Khaled wanted to do “I’m So Hood” and Plies agreed to do his verse. Not sure, but I heard Trick wouldn’t, because he never performs unless he’s getting paid. Some of Trick Daddy’s entourage were standing on the stage and Plies row of bodyguards came up to clear it off. Plies people told Trick’s people to move and they wouldn’t oblige. Trick’s guys allegedly put hands on Plies apparently and then Trick came up on the stage. Then, Trick and Plies had words and it turned into some kind of physical altercation between their entourages that was big enough to have the whole club shut down. Some body else stated that the scrap broke out, because Trick actually went on stage during Plies’ show and then asked the DJ to play his new record. But anyway, that’s all they’re talking about down here. I heard the Fire Marshall had already closed the club earlier in the night, but at this point, police made everyone leave the building.


Who saw Jimmy Kimmel doing the “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” on the American Music Awards? Stick to comedy! Fergie – Dope! Rihanna – Dope! Beyonce doing country…I’m not sure! Chris Brown – impressive! Alicia Keys – Slamma Jamma! Usher- CLASSY (He did a dedication to Kanye) Mary J. B. was looking TIGHT! I like her song too!


Shout out to Curtis Scoon. If you remember, he was ERRONEOUSLY accused of killin’ Jam Master Jay. Well, he’s been completely exonerated of that and he’s got a movie on the way on the life and times of Fat Cat. You might remember that name being dropped in the rhyme of you favorite rapper. Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols was a legnedary drug dealer from Queens, NY. His crew went down for the murder of an 18-year-old policeman named Edward Byrne. That was the end of the true crack era. Check the video.


I think this is pretty irresponsible of radio, but they are saying that a certain rapper from Houston has AIDS or at least the HIV virus. Now, I am not going to say who it is, but I will tell you its not Slim Thug since he sent me his HIV test once as proof that it wasn’t him. Anyway, people on the radio now have the public praying for this rapper after saying that they confirmed this news. I am not going to rock with this mess, but is crazy!


I don’t know why I am typing this, but I am. Paris Hilton somehow has a new nude video, where she is seen in the shower or something. People are calling it a sex tape, but I don’t think there is any sex – just Pee Pee in the bath. She supposedly she’s got all these bubbles on her and then showers them off to reveal her rail-thin body. Anyway, she is party to the video and the cameraman entices her to stand up to show herself. It hasn’t been confirmed but it has been assumed that this is footage from when some locker of hers was taken from her after failure to pay. I would like you to see  the mess, but is a waste of time and nothing remotely sexual about it.


Nas has rescheduled his Australian Tour after recently canceling the first dates. I don’t know when his N-Word CD is coming out, but he’s supposedly promoting it now. On the flip side, he’s got these new dates for fans in Australia. This is a good thing, because the people I talked to in Australia were HEATED at Nasir. Everybody is happy again. See the dates below.

Friday April 25 – Brisbane

Tuesday April 29 – Adelaide

Wednesday April 30 – Sydney

Thursday May 1 – Melbourne

Friday May 2 – Wellington

Saturday May 3 – Auckland


Congrats to Toure of BET’s The Black Carpet! He had a son!

I heard Jay said he might be pulling the whole Roc back together with The Dynasty 3 album. We’ll see, right.

All the Jacksons are ready for an ‘08 Reunion tour. The only hold out is Michael. If Janet can, MiJac can! SMH!

Steve Wonder performed in NYC and I heard he gave Kanye and his family his condolences.

Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, has relocated her life to Los Angeles and bounced her music career to Geffen Records, a joint venture relationship with her Pop’s Music World Music.

Lord. They are saying that Amy Winehouse is storing illegal substances in her beehive hairdo. On two separate occasions, they are saying that she violated the law. She hasn’t been caught or charged with anything. Amy’s tour manager has resigned.

This is crazy, but rumor has it somebody is already planning a movie about Dr. Jan Adams, the man accused of messing up Kanye West’s mother. I don’t think Denzel would do it, but somebody is trying to pitch it to him.

Snoop Dogg had quite a lot to say on Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole radio. He says something like, “Jay-Z was a regular rapper when Biggie was out” and calls Soulja Boy BS. Click here to listen. (I admit, I didn’t.)

Did Busta Rhymes recently get engaged to be married? That’s what I heard.

A T.I. / Tiny reality show? I heard this, but I have to say I don’t believe. It would have to be in his house and/or a courthouse. I’m not even trying to be funny!


Here is a statement from Regina Daniels, who was R.Kelly’s publicist before quitting.

“Friends and Colleagues – After careful consideration and counsel, I have decided to formally announce my resignation as publicist for R&B artist R. Kelly.

My resignation was effective as of August 28, 2007. Throughout the course of my 25 years as a publicist, I have prided myself on loyalty, respect and professionalism. It saddens me that I was not always shown those same courtesies during my 14 year tenure as Mr. Kelly’s publicist.

Though I have a great appreciation for Mr. Kelly as an artist, there are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign.

My husband, music retailer George Daniels, has also disassociated himself from Mr. Kelly. George and I are grateful for the show of support and encouragement that we have already received from many of you. We want you to know that we thank you, sincerely. Without change, progress is impossible.

Keeping that in mind, I am excited to tell you that my agency, Daniels Entertainment Group, has an incredible year of expansion and success planned for 2008. Be on the lookout for an update in the near future!”



This an interesting video that examines a lot of scenarios in Hip-Hop that will never be. Check it out if you think its worth your wild.




You want ill vids? Check out this one by Aphex Twin, called “Come To Daddy.” The song is really electronica, but more ill than your average vid. Its down right spooky!


Now, I am not one to act like an American Missionary, because I believe we all have our cultural differences. HOWEVER, if a woman gets gang raped…she shouldn’t be sentence to jail for getting in a car with a man. According to the AP, the Riyadh, Saudi Arabian government sent the woman to jail and gave her an additional 200 lashes, because she was in a car with a man that was not her relative. She was getting some pictures from her friend that had the car, when they pulled over to a secluded area. Well, when they did, seven men raped her and beat up the ladies’ friend. She got jail time and mad lashes…for riding in the car.


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