Hip-Hop Rumors: More On Assault Of Jimmy Henchman’s Daughter!



First of all, I don’t know if the right spelling is Henchman or Henchmen! So, I am going to go back and forth on the name as I so feel. Well, this story on Jimmy Henchmen’s daughter getting beat up is getting worse and worst. Here is the latest. ILLSEED EXCLUSIVE! If you use this content, you are required to credit illseed/AllHipHop.com or we will PUSH YOUR BLOG’S WIG BACK!! Here is the latest:

My sources have confirmed again that Dee Dee (Henchmen’s lovely daughter) has brutally assaulted in Las Vegas yesterday. She is actually hospitalized with a broken jaw and other injuries that are pretty severe, but not life-threatening. Apparently the Vegas casino, where this happened,  are going to investigate the incident so charges can be made on the punks who did this. One of my sources had this to say to AllHipHop.com, “It’s really unfortunate that these 2pac fans who never even met him will go to this extent to avenge his death against a person who had no affiliation with anything.” Lastly, I am now hearing that it was four men – NOT ONE – that attacked this female. And on top of THAT, a whole bunch of other people stood around and watched it as she was attacked.  I am being told this won’t happen again as security is now being beefed up WITH STEROIDS around Dee Dee.

What say you people!? By the way, that pic above is old. She used to date D.Howard.

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