Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas & Kelis On The Rocks? T.I.’s New Artist: Jailed! Rocsi’s New Beef?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!Please do remember…yesterdays rumours (I’m getting my London on). Hip-Hop Rumors: Is JD Getting Fired From Def Jam? Is Rihanna Broke? 50 Cent Blocks Cops? Hip-Hop Rumors: […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!Please do remember…yesterdays rumours (I’m getting my London on). Hip-Hop Rumors: Is JD Getting Fired From Def Jam? Is Rihanna Broke? 50 Cent Blocks Cops? Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Unk’s Beef With Joe Budden! R.I.P. Sho Nuff! Dead Man Stands For 3-Day Wake!And there is a special rumor/gossip shout out to Faith Evans, who has detailed her “relationship” with Tupac. Check THAT out!NAS AND KELIS: NO



Ahhhhh…you know how I do it! I am a firm believer in working

it out in a relationship. Maybe its, because of my own parents and upbringing.

It hurts to see two people break up and separate. With that said, I have to say

that I am hearing bad things about Nas and Kelis. I am hearing that they are no

more and that certain “things” have been discovered about one another. First,

Nas…and later Kelis. Well, like I always say, I heard, but ain’t confirmed. I

guess, we’ll see. The rumors aren’t new, but I certainly have received intel

that suggest some form of impropriety has occurred on some level or another.





I ain’t sure but I heard that T.I. has lost an artist. No,

not Alfa Mega or Young Dro. I heard that that dude in Philly, Meek Millz or

something is now in a cell. Apparently, when he was doing all this impressive

rapping for T.I., he also had a felony looming over his head like a storm

cloud. Then it rained.

Okay, talk about bad luck! My Homegirl Kendra G (100.3 THE BEAT PHILLY)

was scheduled to host The newest member of Grand Hustle  Meek Mills signing party to T.I’s label but come to find out Meek

Mills may be in jail! It seems like he had a felony case he has been

batttling for 3 years and was locked up this past Tuesday! According to

the rumor, T.I is upset because he had no idea about the felony charge.

Kendra G has confrimed the rumor and she said that she doesn’t know all

the details but she did confirm that Meek Mills signing party has been official changed to “Free Meek Mills Party!” Damn!

I don’t know if T.I. gave him a signing

bonus or advance. Just another grand hustle, eh?

Here is T.I. actually making the GRAND introduction of MEEK back in the summer. Damn, dude. This actually SUCKS!



LL finally gets political as Pres. Bush leaves office. I

have to say, “What took so long?”


“Mr. President,

are you aware/our flesh and blood is dying over there/when the coffins come

back, do you care/when only the poor kids die, is it fair/Don’t get me wrong I

respect the flag/but it hurts to see a kid in a body bag/he fought for his

country with all he had/now we have a family without a dad…”


Bush is on the way out so I think the letter should be to

Obama or McCain and how we have to work through things going forward. The song

is called “Mr. President” and not “Mr. Bush,” as once reported. Still the song

will drop when Bush is in office so I am going to figure that’s who he is

talking to.





I was told that in New

York City there is a show called Round Table and it that

broadcasts live. I never heard of it until I started to write this rumor. Well I

heard that there was a recent  ode to women

in Hip-Hop that included Lady Luck, Rocsi from 106 & Park, Heather Hunter,

Rah Digga and Ed Lover (I think he is affiliated with female movement called

FEM). Allegedly, in the green room with the girls, Queen Pen allegedly called

Rocsi a B-Word! Now, if this happened, it definitely goes against everything

that the day was for. But, why did she say that. I even heard that Rocsi was

extremely nice, cordial and pleasant and QP was just bugging. Rocsi didn’t

flinch at Pen’s words and kept it moving. One thing is for sure, Rocsi jetted

after the talk portion ended, aborting the performance piece.





Now, I don’t know a lot about Kim Osorio, but I have heard a

few things. Most of this stems from her stint/bid/time at The Source magazine. In

her new book, she says that Benzino would trade the magazine covers at the last

possible second in exchange for beats and guest appearances on his various rap

projects. She also said that he would rather have street cred than journalistic

integrity. She also charges that he would randomly fire employees! I also hear

that she admits that she had relationships with Nas and 50 Cent? Now, I am not

one to yap, but I am suddenly interested in reading Straight “To The Source: An

Expose From The Former Editor-In-Chief Of The Hip-Hop Bible.” Damn, that’s a

long title.





My boy told me he heard Bugsy on the local radio yesterday

morning and he was heated at The Game and Bow Wow about the mere mention of her

being the “prize” over a Madden Tourney. He was mainly threatening Bow Wow, I heard

though. And he said, Bow Wow better leave Ciara along or else. He said that he

knows a few “things” about Bow Wow and that he would reveal them if he had to.

He also allegedly said that they all must have self-esteem issues to even

include a girl in that mess.I have to admit, I feel BugMug on this one. Ciara

isn’t bothering a fly!



This Bugsy guy has to be the most popular dude with no songs

on the radio! I have to give him credit. He keeps the people talking. Recently,

Yung Berg dissed Bugsy for trying to use his household name to get “on.”

Several people said that Yung Berg referenced AllHipHop’s rumor page and then

slayed Bugsy in a televised freestyle.





I’m telling you. I told you before, I told you the other

day. The Game is going to diss Jay-Z outright and overtly. No sublimes! I heard

that he’s fully equipped too. Now in a recent interview with Complex, The Game

said – right now – there are no disses to Jay-Z on a mixtape that is about to

drop. OK, fair enough. He also said that he’s “baiting” Jay to diss him. I

don’t see that happening personally, because Jay is too smart. The Game said,

“You’re going to bleed all over Manhattan

if you beef with me. I won’t stop until one of us is dead, period. And that’s

lyrically.” Then Gam said that “Jay would be a piece of cake. A piece of

strawberry shortcake. My favorite.”


Game is crazy! All I can think of is “Carlito’s Way” or “No

Country For Old Men.” I don’t want to see this one.




When asked how many homes he owned, John McCain didn’t know

the answer. [He owns seven.]


Mike Vick is reportedly hemoraging about $12,000 while

sitting in jail. What a big hole that is. Dude now makes under $280 per month.




Game is willing to smoke crack rocks with Amy Winehouse. Click here to see the



Terrence Howard isn’t getting remarried. The Iron Man co-star

is saying that a singing session went to far and they got the wrong impression.


Kelly Rowland has made Julie Grbac’s dreams come true by

wearing the Aussie fashion designer’s clothing to a concert. Kelly can make my

dreams come true in a rather different way.


I just don’t believe that Mariah Carey is going to change

her name to Mariah Cannon. It doesn’t sound bad.






Man, these two need to be a group. They were so ill last

year during AHH Week! Damn, what I wrong with people. Somebody even mentioned

AllHipHop in the video!





David Banner bragging

about his money. (Click

here for the video)


“I got more money than 87% of these rappers.” (How did he

come up with that percentage.)



Kim Kardashian has

lost her mind. If she loses that booty, nobody is going to much care. She’s the

one that made us care.


“I love that I’m curvy, but I’m on this major kick to try

and lose weight, especially in my butt,” she tells Radar magazine. “I’m just so

over it! When you’re posing on the red carpet and the paparazzi shout, ‘Turn

around! Turn around!’ — it gets a little offensive.”


Budden talks about

how he found out he was released from Def Jam (Read

the story here):


“When I got released from Def Jam, well first off, I found

out the same way the fans found out. I didn’t get a phone call or my lawyer

didn’t tell me. I had to read that s**t online.”


Michael Phelps and

Young Jeezy are fans of each other. I can see why too. One deals with water and

the other deals with snow. They are like super heroes – Aqua Man and Snow Man.


“I’m a big fan of Michael Phelps! He’s a great success. I

like what he’s doing. He’s like the Young Jeezy of the swim world. I love it!”





Damn, girl. It just wasn’t worth it. Tyree Monique Tate and

her sister shoplifted $500 worth of children’s clothing from a TJ Maxx store in

a mall. They ran and even sprayed a security cop with pepper spray. They ran so

fast, so far. They ran to the local Goodwill store. Tyree climbed inside a

large green trash compactor, ignoring the many signs that said “Keep Out.”

Cops found her sister and her sister refused to snitch on Tyree and claimed

that she didn’t hardly even know her. Well, a Goodwill employee decides to use

the trash compactor. Tyree was crushed to death and died from wound sustained

after being compacted. She was only 26. If her sister had told the cops where

she was she probably would have been arrested…but alive. Choices!


Signs The

World Is Ending Part 2: Go to illseed.com to learn all about D##### DAY in the

UK. I don’t know that I want to visit the United Kingdom if this is what it is.




Do you remember Mia X from Master P’s No Limit? Check it

out. She’s Back and she’s got a song with Monica!






Here is a crazy interview / conversation with Big Daddy Kane

and his assistant. LMAO. Jay-Z might have made an album called the Blueprint,

but Kane is The Blueprint.







I requested that you send me what’s going on with rappers in

your area. What I got was a lot. Now, I wanted to show you a particular letter

that goes to a place close to me – Baltimore. B-more reminds me of Delaware from a Hip-Hop

point of view, because it is a hub for Rap, but nobody has blown up. Check the



I’m very annoyed with

the industry.. Because my city can’t get a brake. There are a lot of artists

here who are hot. I just think we get looked at for hustling and nothing else.

Please check out Skarr Akbar, Ogun, P-Bodi, Hulio Shallone, Flames-O-Fire, and

The Arabz to name a few. They all have Myspace accounts. I mean why haven’t we

heard anyone from Baltimore

but Dru-Hill and weak ass B-Rich. I mean I rather hear snoop from the wire

album than a whole s### load of weezy f. Whoppi.

Thanx.. I love the

site by the way… Keep up the good work.





I am sure you all remember the dude that was standing up

dead for his 3-day wake in his mother’s house. According to sources, he was

shot 11 times, but there is no definitive motive for the slaying. Anyway,

somebody says it might be something stupid over a girl or something else like

corrupt coppers. I have been told that it is hard on a Puerto Rican brother out

there and that people don’t expect to live very long. I suppose that would

explain why he made the request to be standing at his wake in the first place.

Seriously, that is an odd request for anybody, especially a young person. Anyway,

the whole point of him standing up is actually quite deep and its rooted in

pride and being a man – standing up.


Here are the ill pics if you didn’t see it yesterday.



Man…I still can’t get over this one. WHEW!SHO NUFF, WE LOVE YOU!


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