BIG BOI THE DETECTIVE? Big Boi’s (of OutKast) wife owns a clothing line called P. Valentine. Well, over the weekend, somebody stole the company’s entire collection of jeans. You know, Big is not the one to be played like a poohbutt so he took it to the airwaves. He went on V-103’s “Ryan Cameron Show” […]

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Big Boi’s (of OutKast) wife owns a clothing line called P. Valentine. Well, over the weekend, somebody stole the company’s entire collection of jeans. You know, Big is not the one to be played like a poohbutt so he took it to the airwaves. He went on V-103’s “Ryan Cameron Show” and offered $50,000 to whoever calls the store and lets him know who did it. “It is not a good day when your wife calls and says, ‘Babe, they got us,’ ” Patton told Buzz at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “So you know, I’ve got to see about this personally. You don’t even have to call the police folk. Just call me … I’ll get this handled.” Hey, Big Boi…my car got stolen in the 90’s…can you help? I loved that car.


I got the official word and Nas is definitely NOT leaving Def Jam. In fact, he is in the earliest stages of working on his second album on the label. YEP! Take that to the bank.

Here is the false rumor for the sake of history:

When I don’t believe rumors, I still have to recognize them. So, the latest rumor is that Nas is ensnared by a five-album deal with Def Jam and he’s trying to get off to start his own venture. Now, last year Nas supposedly had a joint venture with Def Jam called the Jones Experience. Now he supposedly wants to get off…hmmmmmmm…. I’m not sure where this came from, but it just rings of falseness.


There have been rumors that JD and Wow Bow were beefin‘ back in the day. Nowadays, the rumors are rearing its ugly head again like a Bernard Hopkins head butt (I had to!). According to a source, JD and Wow Bow have been working on Face Off, a collaborative album with Omarion. Well, I heard they got into an argument an Bow Weeezy bolted from the studio, in a Bentley no less. Now over the past weekend, it was So So Def Weekend in Atlanta. I heard Wow Bow skipped everything! I did a lil‘ research and didn’t find any pics of the pup either. I have to admit, I heard that Wow Bow’s new album is pretty darn good, so we’ll see.


I won’t even leave you waiting like that. Who remembers Candyman, the rapper from back in the days? Well, these days – in addition to doing shows – he does these stripper parties. Candy and his boy Terrance hooked it up for ol‘ Ray-J to boogie and get his lil‘ swerve on. From what I understand, there were about 20 skrippers (not a typo) and they got down.

Lastly Candyman is in the studio making a diss record for DJ Drama, because the Aphilliate had some remarks in the Vibe with monster-looking 50 on the cover. I guess Candyman tried to hire Dram for a Gangsta Grillz and, uh…it didn’t work out. So, Drama kind of aired him out saying that just anybody can’t get on a GG…here we go.


I’m not giving this a lot of “ink“ because I just don’t believe it! You’ve heard by now that The Game and 50 Might get back together. This is just crazy. Now, my homey in Delaware hit me asking me about it. When I got the initial email, I was like it, “No way, man.“ But in the world of WWE Rap, who knows.

I heard Yung Joc is hinting to people on the radio that he had sex with Rihanna and Mariah Carey – HUH?  I heard he exact words were, “Been there, done that.” He gave some hints that included the words “Charm Bracelet” an “Umbrella.” You tell me.

I heard BET’s ““Hot Ghetto Mess“ has been rebranded and repackaged as “We’ve Got To Do Better.” Hopefully, the advertisers will let this one live so we can see the debauchery of being Black – again!

Silly, Young Buck is riding tough with Sha Money. I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday putting that rumor up. Some bad info from a rumor newbie.

Kanye isn’t moving his album release date so it looks like rap’s titans are going to clash on September 11.

Rumor has is, Kim Porter has been approached by several publishers to “superhead“ Sean “Diddy“ Combs.

Brandy’s ex-fake husband had a new gal pal, who is in a certain R&B group.

Not a rumor! Drew Carey will be the new host of “The Price Is Right.“



OK, today at 3:30 PM EST, there will be a LIVE online press conference with Freekey Zeekey! This is a once in a lifetime chance to ask Zeke all the questions you want! I want to personally ask him about that boxing ring the Dips supposedly have in the basement where they scrap it out. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INFO!

There is a new Skee Tv on AllHipHop. Check it out! He’s talking to Snoop Dogg and David Banner on the set of “9MM“ with Lil‘ Wayne & Akon.

Wanna know what’s the latest with Remy? Click here, because Superstar Jay did her mixtape and he comments on all that’s going on with her. Oh, I forgot to mention, he talks about himself too.

Common, Common is a strong contender for a Top 10 rapper OF ALL TIME with the near release of his latest CD.

Remember Laz-D, the rapper with Down’s Syndrome? We interviewed dude. He’s doing shows in NYC now – big things, big things.

Philly rappers have the greatest beards. Check out Jakk Frost, one of the realest in the City of Brotherly Love.

Phonte is doing the darn thing even though Little Brother is fragmented.

How did Joe Clair fall off and not even know it? LOL. Check it out here.

This one isn’t new, but I love this editorial so much that I want to share it with you again. The era when the Lyricist had one shot to make it pop…and then it all went pop.


There are no signs today and that is a sign in itself.


I heard Claudette Ortiz and her husband, that dude from City High, were chillin‘ down in Atlantic City over the weekend. They were coming out of the AC 40/40 club. They were just having fun with friends.

Pharrell was seen around Cipriani Restaurant in London, England, while Dame Dash was spotted in West Hollywood at Winston’s.


I know you saw this already, but Serena is posing semi-nude in Jane Magazine’s “Off Our Backs” promo. This is Jane’s last issue. What a way to go out!

In the mag, she said, “I’ll take off my shirt in a second – locker room girls don’t have much shame. Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner – who is my best friend and, like, Greek God handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out. I told him we had to get married.”


Stack Bundles last video? Damn, this song and beat is really tight. Arrrrrrrrghhh – why can’t people chill?


50 CENT FREESTYLE (When he was a lil chubby!)

ONYX! One of my favorite rap groups is Onyx. Check out this rare song, “Judgment Night,” with Biohazard. Sticky dumbs out, as usual.

OH, what the heck…peep “The Worst” – Onyx and Wu!

Hey..I’m on a roll! Here is “Shiftee“ by Onyx! (RIP Big DS!)


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